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Testing the quality of packaging seals.

Packaging Technologies Inspection (PTI) is a company focusing on air-coupled ultrasonic seal quality inspection. PTI's Seal-Scan is an Airborne Ultrasonic Technology (ABUS) that inspects and analyzes pouch seals non-destructively offline. Seal-Scan is a deterministic, quantitative, high-resolution method that inspects pouch seals for defects and seal integrity for consistency. The Seal-Scan 520 is a semi-automatic inspection system with x-y drive, used for the detection of seal defects, seal characterization and material analysis. Testing is non-destructive, noninvasive and requires no sample preparation. The Seal-Scan 520 provides advanced digital imaging software tools for process control, which offers in-depth seal quality analysis. Scan-Seal features two scan modes: linear scan (L-Scan) and C-Scan.

Packaging Technologies Inspection,

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Title Annotation:2015 R&D 100 FINALIST: Analytical/Test: IMAGING/MICROSCOPY
Publication:R & D
Date:Sep 1, 2015
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