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Testing Tortillas.

Stable Micro Systems Ltd, the suppliers of computer-controlled texture analysis equipment, tell us they have now developed a testing rig for the tortilla industry.

Their new Burst Rig is an attachment to the TA.XT2i texture analyzer. They tell us it allows accurate and reliable testing of tortilla stickiness and tensile strength, which are parameters that play a pivotal role in processabiity and end-product quality.

Firmness and elastic properties are measured by clamping the tortilla within flat circular plates and driving a 2.5cm spherical probe through the centre. The force and 'distance to break' are measured by their Texture Expert Exceed software and used as indicators of tensile strength and ultimate failure properties.

For measuring tortilla dough stickiness, the Chen-Hoseney Dough Stickiness Cell is used. This cell provides a suitable sample constraining solution to allow measurement of dough stickiness by fast withdrawal of a cylinder probe from the testing surface, without causing the dough to flow.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Feb 1, 2000
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