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Testimonials of educator and artists.

"Olympians around the world could not be more proud of the young talent involved in the International Child Art Foundation events. These talented young souls hold great promise for a tomorrow filled with "Higher, Swifter, and Stronger" leadership. No matter where life leads them we all know that success awaits their arrival with open arms!"

--Dr. Liston D. Bochette III, Olympian, artist, and educator

"I was so overwhelmed when Dr. Ishaq personally invited all of our children, from across the globe, onto the stage to just be themselves and come up with something of their own. While the children were innocently mingling and creatively performing, I thought to myself what a peaceful world we would have if humans were to ascend into adulthood as children."

--Ambassador James Kur Muorwel, Republic of South Sudan

"The WCF is one of those uplifting experiences my students and I will never forget. My students left feeling encouraged to share their knowledge and creativity with the world. I thank the ICAF for making that happen."

--Wook Choi, Founder of Oogie Haus, and Wook Choi Gallery, New York City.

"The WCF gives children from around the world an opportunity to participate with and get to know many others of various nationalities, races and religions, and to join together in a growing friendship which manifests a model for World Peace."

--Professor Fred Jeremy Seligson, Founder of the Children's Peace Train

"It was a joy to attend the WCF, see familiar faces, make new friends, view the cultural performances from around the world and meet the young artists. I have attended the WCF from its inception in 1999 and found it to be culturally enriching, because of the variety of art styles on display, as well as the innovative ideas it encourages in the students. The WCF succeeded in the celebration of diversity, by sharing love and togetherness, while building friendship, self-esteem and creativity."

--Judy Layne-Banks, Artist, Art Teacher, Louisville, Kentucky

"I want to congratulate the ICAF for a successful festival. It was awesome! It is a very big inspiration for me and I am more determined to do more in areas of children art, peace and friendship. Nigeria will be well represented in the next Olympiad and WCF."

--Ngozi Akande, Deputy Director, National Council for Arts & Culture, Abuja, Nigeria

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Date:Oct 1, 2015
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