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Test your pet IQ; if you can answer these questions about cats and dogs correctly congratulations; you're bow-wow.


A well-informed petowner provides the best TLC for his cat or dog. How much of what you know about your cat or dog is on target? Test it out. The following information is provided by the Pets Are Wonderful (PAW) Council, the American Kennel Society, the American Humane Society, and the American Feline Society.

True or False?

1. No one has ever died froma dog bite.

Answer: False. Dogs put thebite on one million of us a year, the American Medical Journal says, and although it's rare, a dog's bite can be fatal.

2. Cat lovers spend $2 billiona year on cat food.

Answer: True.

3. The average dog is assmart as a three- to four-year-old child.

Answer: True.

4. Hamburger is a good food foradult dogs.

Answer: False--too much fat.

5. It costs $300 to take care of amedium-size dog for one year.

Answer: False. It's closer to $400, theHumane Society says.

6. A neutered cat gets fat, and there'snothing you can do.

Answer: False. Neutering changes themetabolism, but exercise and proper feeding will prevent obesity.

7. The gentlest of the big dogs and theone least likely to bite is the Labrador retriever.

Answer: True.

8. A high-fish diet every day is notgood for cats.

Answer: True. It can cause yellow fatdisease.

9. You can't teach an old dog newtricks.

Answer: False. Older dogs actuallylearn faster.

10. Every U.S. president has ownedeither a cat or a dog.

Answer: False. The six presidentswho never owned anything finny, feathered, or furry were John Adams, James K. Polk, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and Chester Arthur, the Dog Museum of America says.

11. Chocolate and milk give puppiesworms.

Answer: False. Milk's fine, butchocolate can make a puppy sick.

12. You can catch a cold from yourcat.

Answer: False. But cats do transmitstreptococcus bacilli, as well as lice, rabies, and pinworms.

13. Dogs obey men better than theyobey women.

Answer: True. Dogs respond to adeeper tone of voice, but when a woman has an authoritative tone, a dog does just as well.

14. The dog name Fido means "faithful.'

Answer: True.

15. The most popular name for thebulldog in the U.S. is Spot.

Answer: False. It's Winston.

16. Pets should be keptwarmer than people.

Answer: False. An overlywarm house can disturb a cat's or dog's thermostat and cause hyperthermia.

17. A small dog is easier totrain than a large one.

Answer: False. Size is not amajor factor in training a dog.

18. Canine distemper is nolonger a problem in the U.S.

Answer: False. There are stillenough cases to warrant vaccinations.

19. Cats never need people.

Answer: False. They canbecome just as attached to their owners as can dogs.

20. Dogs see everything inblack and white.

Answer: True.

21. Unspayed female dogsoften die of cancer.

Answer: True.

22. Dogs and cats are naturalenemies.

Answer: False. Dogs and catscan live together harmoniously.

23. Purebreds are smarter than mixedbreeds.

Answer: False. There is no difference.

24. There are more pet dogs than catsin the U.S.

Answer: False. For the first time, catsare in the majority.

25. The four most popular "color'names for dogs are Blackie, Midnight, Yellow, and Rusty.

Answer: True.

26. When a cat rubs against you he'sexpressing affection.

Answer: False. He's making you apart of his territory by rubbing his scent on you.

27. Shaving a dog's coat in summerwill keep him cool.

Answer: False. A dog's coat insulateshim against both heat and cold. The coat protects him from sunburn and insects, including mosquitoes, which can carry heartworms.

28. The normal dog needs only one ortwo baths a year.

Answer: True. Frequent baths washvitamins and natural oils from the coat.

29. Cats came to America with thePilgrims in the 1600s.

Answer: True.

30. Dogs don't like living in apartments.

Answer: False. Dogs are happy aslong as they get food, discipline, exercise, and TLC.

31. A dog or puppy best loves the personwho feeds him.

Answer: True.

32. Feline leukemia, a cancer in cats,can now be prevented by vaccination.

Answer: True.

33. All pets need lots of exercise.

Answer: False. Only dogs bred forhunting and herding have high exercise requirements. And cats thrive on moderate activity.

34. A dog should be trained by onlyone member of the family.

Answer: False. Every member of thefamily should help.

35. Cats are the only clawed animalsthat walk on their paws, not their claws.

Answer: True.

36. The Pekingese was regarded assacred by Oriental royalty.

Answer: True.

37. Once a dog has had guard-dogtraining, he can't be untrained.

Answer: True.

38. Dogs and cats are both descendedfrom the same tree-dwelling creature.

Answer: True. It was known as theMiercis, and it lived briefly 40 to 50 million years ago.

39. Cas don't have a sweet tooth, butdogs do.

Answer: True.

40. Guard dogs make the best protectorsof the home.

Answer: False. A guard dog isdangerous, even to the owner.


40-30: Excellent. You're a bow-wow.

29-18: Not bad.

17 or less: Time to bone up.

Photo: How true is the tale that you can't teach old dogs new tricks? You may be surprised at the anwer.
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