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Test pattern!

This fall, there's no need to adjust your set.

How can I mix the latest colorful prints?

When you wanna get funky with prints, the trick is to stay within the same color family. Plus, balance scale with color, wearing large prints in softer tones and vice-versa. Or opt for a contrasting pattern in black and white for a guaranteed winner. Even a crisp white shirt sandwiched between two prints blends them nicely. When in doubt, test out a trend in small doses with simple accessories, like little handbags. Keep your animal instincts in check by not mixing species. Forget going head-to-toe with any animal print. Talk about overkill!

I just got my ears pierced. What's the latest trend in earrings?

Hoops are hip again. Everyone from Jessica Simpson to Lauryn Hill sports them. Mandy Moore thinks they "make her feel tough." If you want to feel the power, start with gold or silver hoops in all sizes, the thinner the better. Since you just got your ears pierced, be sure to start out with small, delicate styles. Look for 14K gold posts--and don't forget to take them out at night! Hoops are easy to catch, and a ripped earlobe won't close up on its own. Did somebody say "stitches"?

Be a knit wit

You need 1 skein each pink and orange, G/6 crochet hook, 1 button, yarn needle Directions Row 1: Chain 23 in pink, and single crochet in each chain stitch across. Chain 1 turn. Row 2: Single crochet in each single crochet of row below, chain 1 turn. Rows 3 and 4: With orange, work single crochets in each single crochet of row below. Chain 1, turn. Work 2 rows of each color for 10". Finishing: Fold in half. Single crochet one side closed. Chain strap desired length. Chain into top of opposite side. Single crochet other side closed. Fasten off Button loop: Attach yarn to back center. Chain 10 stitches and loop. Fasten oft Sew on button.
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