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The President's Challenge physical fitness test will help you find out what kind of shape you're really in. Read up on the tests below, and come to the Fitness Farm for our Tulip Time Scholarship Games on April 21, 2001 to measure yourself at our President's Challenge Fitness Stations.

Sponsored by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the challenge measures how fast and how far you can run, how strong you are, and how far you can stretch. Then you can measure your scores against what the experts say a person of your age should be able to do. If you can match or beat the standards, great! If not, just keep working out; you'll get there eventually.

Here are the tests.

Shuttle Run

You'll run from the starting line to another line 30 feet away, grab a small block and run with it back to the starting line. Without stopping, the second line, where you'll pick up a second block and run with it back across the starting line How fast can you make it?


How many times can you pull yourself up and get your chin above the crossbar using an overhand grip (palms facing away from the body).

You can earn a Presidential Physical Fitness Award by performing in the country's top 15 percent in these events

The NATIONAL Physical Fitness Award is a step on the path to achieving physical fitness. If you work hard, make a commitment, and give 100 percent, you will build up the skills necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the highest honor--the Presidential Physical Fitness award. For more details, check out

The National Physical Fitness Award recognizes youth who score in the top 50 percent on five tests. Earn the award by reaching the scores listed below.

The Presidential Physical Fitness Award Qualifying Standards
 (number/ RUN REACH (minutes/ PULL-UPS
AGE minute) (seconds) (inches) seconds) (number)


 7 36 11.5 +3.5 9.22 4
 8 40 11.1 +3 8.48 5
 9 41 10.9 +3 8:31 5
10 45 10.3 +4 7:57 6


 7 34 12.1 +5 10.36 2
 8 38 11.8 +4.5 10.02 2
 9 39 11.1 +5.5 9:30 2
10 40 10.8 +6.0 9:19 3

The National Physical Fitness Award Qualifying Standards
 (number/ RUN REACH (minutes/ PULLS-UPS
AGE minute) (seconds) (inches) seconds) (number)


 7 28 12.8 +1 11.40 1
 8 31 12.2 +1 11.05 1
 9 32 11.9 +1 10:30 2
10 35 11.5 +1 9:48 2


 7 25 13.2 +2 12.56 1
 8 29 12.9 +2 12.30 1
 9 30 12.5 +2 11:52 1
10 30 12.1 +3 11:22 1

V-Sit Reach

Sit on the floor with your heels eight to twelve inches apart, and then lean forward with your legs straight to see how far past your heels you can touch.

One-Mile Run

Can you complete a mile run within the official time? It takes practice.


How many curl-ups you can do in one minute?
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