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Test Blanket Module Program.

The eleventh meeting of the ITER Council Test Blanket Module (TBM) Program Committee took place on 21-23 of May in the Council Chamber of ITER Headquarters. The TBM Program Committee meets twice a year to review the implementation of the TBM program, including the ITER Members' Test Blanket Program and the ITER Organization's TBM integration activities. Typical items at each meeting include the status of the TBM-related activities within the ITER Organization, TBM design and R&D progress within the ITER Members, and the status of corresponding milestones.

During the eleventh meeting, good progress was reported by the TBM Leaders, who hold the responsibility for specific Test Blanket Systems. Design development is progressing in view of upcoming conceptual design reviews for each system.

The first component delivery associated with the TBM Program is expected in 2017 and will concern Test Blanket System connection pipes, which will connect the components located in the TBM equatorial port cell to the components located in other rooms of the Tokamak Complex via the corresponding shaft and/or corridor. With the conceptual design review planned for September 2014, the eleventh TBM Program Committee assessed the readiness of the design.

The Committee also took note of the status of the activities of the Test Blanket Program Working Group on Radwaste Management. This working group is charged with the elaboration of a potential strategy for the management of TBS radwaste and for the shipping of irradiated TBMs to Members' facilities for post-irradiation examinations. The TBM Program Committee has assessed the data on radwaste furnished by the ITER Members and on the radwaste management proposals of Agence Iter France. One of the major issues identified to date is the need for an assessment of the amount of tritium remaining in the waste and of the outgassing.

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Title Annotation:ITER Update
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Date:Jul 1, 2014
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