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Tesco gets a bit cheeky with its assorted fudge.

Philip Clarke might have given up the tweets (for now) to spend more time with his customers, but that didn't stop Tesco lighting up the Twittersphere last week as shoppers got behind the supermarket's cracking new range of confectionery (right).

So popular was the delicious-sounding Welsh Lady Ass Fudge that even Bogof, which is rarely quickest off the mark when it comes to this sort of thing, got to hear of it-via several bemused emails. Apparently there's some kind of lavatorial double entendre.

Either way, with all the comings and goings in the boardroom of late, it's not the only embarrassing Tesco fudge that's raised a few laughs in the industry.

Then again, with offers as tempting as this for shoppers to sink their teeth into, you wonder how on earth recent sales can have been so slow.

Bottoms up!


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Date:Mar 24, 2012
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