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Terrorists' inclusion in UNSC!

Byline: M AZAM MINHAS - Larkana

Surprisingly! UN member-countries elected terrorist India for non-permanent seat of UNSC for two years. So; started afresh terrorists era and defeat of purposes; sublime principles equality and right to self-determination delineated in Article 1 of UN Charter!

India is elected at a time when there is a strict curfew all across Kashmi internet and phones are disconnected; elected representatives are either in police detentionunder house arrest; public assemblies are banned and region is (off-limits) for media. Footage recently aired by some international-media-outlets revealed: massive protests; firing; teargas-shelling; clash with China and what not Above all Secretary General United Nations has also raised his voice against barbaric acts of law enforcing agencies in India-occupied Kashmir.

Who does not know that India is not sponsoring terrorism round the world Apart from Kulbhushan who confessed that he was involved in terrorism in Pakistan especially Balochistan. Indian Major Gowaru Arya (R) also confessed 'even' on an Indian TV Channel in May that Handwara was avenged in Balochistan and in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack in Baleda area of Ketch. What more proof is required to UNSC's members for declaring India a terrorist State . So, everyone is compelled to say that: because India is big-importer-of-weapons from West so, it was is a business deal . Historians will prove this true in future. Note it!

The inaction of EU, UN, OIC and especially the US has never censured India for (her) utter disregard to international conventions and UNSC's resolutions. It created another example for other governments for crushing minorities. Due to inclusion of a 'Terrorist-State' in UN and similar bodies like EU... it creates more-hatred in hearts of oppressed: Kashmiris; Palestinians; Sikhs and even low-cost Hindus

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Author:M AZAM MINHAS - Larkana
Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9INDI
Date:Jun 28, 2020
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