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Terrorism: Radiological Weapons--a new training video.

Emergency Film Group (EFG) has produced Terrorism: Radiological Weapons, a new video- and DVD-based training program that helps law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and emergency management personnel prepare for "dirty-bomb" and other types of radiological attacks.

The training provided by Terrorism: Radiological Weapons will help emergency responders understand the true nature of radiological events, an important step toward helping the community as a whole respond safely and productively to potential incidents. Filmed on location during actual training exercises, the program uses extensive archival footage of Hiroshima, Chernobyl, and nuclear tests and takes the viewer up close as real emergency personnel initiate actions to aid civilians who have been contaminated during a mock terrorist event. Three scenarios involving radioactive weapons are examined: detonation of an improvised nuclear device, attack on a nuclear power plant, and--the most credible threat--use of a dirty bomb.

Animation clearly describes the concept of ionizing radiation. Responders learn how to keep themselves protected as they size up the incident scene, use survey instruments to locate and measure sources of radiation, and conduct search and rescue. The program depicts the triage, treatment, and decontamination of victims as well as the steps responders must take to prevent the spread of contamination. An accompanying Leader's Guide outlines a complete training seminar, including pre- and post-seminar tests, ideas for classroom and field exercises, a copy of the script for reference, and additional information that will be of interest to the seminar leader and participants. The DVD version includes bonus materials, interactive self-tests, chapter points for quick search, technical-committee biographies, and clips from other EFG programs.

Terrorism: Radiological Weapons is part of EFG's Terrorism Response Series, a comprehensive series of video-based training that offers in-depth training for emergency responders on the many issues involved as they prepare to protect their communities against the realities of terrorism.

A short preview of this program is available online at All program descriptions are available online at
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