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Terrified little girl kidnapped, raped and thrown in car boot by killer paedophile is saved after brave local tracks them down; Sex beast Yury Tiunov was dramatically caught after resident Bulat Bairov tracked him down to a deserted area - his "incredibly scared" 12-year-old victim was discovered inside a car.

Byline: Will Stewart

A terrified little girl kidnapped,rapedand thrown in a car boot by a killer paedophile was rescued after a brave local tracked them down to a deserted spot.

Sex beast Yury Tiunov was dramatically caught after thousands of people flooded onto a city's streets to answer a desperate plea for help from the victim's mum.

Among the volunteers was resident Bulat Bairov, who came face-to-face with the attacker after guessing that he would be lying low with the 12-year-old in a deserted area.

'I thought I should go to places like rubbish dumps," he recalled.

"This is where I noticed a white Lada Granta with no lights on.

"The man rushed at me, screaming something about problems with his car engine."

However, Bulat instinctively knew he had found the paedophile. He alerted other volunteers and, soon after, police arrived at the scene to detain Tiunov.

His "incredibly scared" young victim was found in a car.

The extraordinary citizens' action in snaring Tiunov led directly to the discovery of five other child victims - including a seven-year-old boy he had raped then murdered four years ago.

After his arrest, the paedophile led police to the garden of his parents' country house, where he had buried the boy. He also confessed to a series of paedophile attacks over a six-year period.

This week, the monster was sentenced to life in a strict regime penal colony by a court in Russia's Perm region for seven "grave" crimes including murder and child rape.

During his attack on the 12-year-old girl, Tiunov pushed the youngster into the boot of his car before forcing her to drink vodka to break down her resistance, it was said.

He took her to the suburbs of the Russian city of Orenburg and raped her.

He then threw her back in the boot of his Lada, it was alleged.

The petrified girl, who cannot be legally named, managed to find her mobile in her coat and text and call her mother, explaining how she had been abducted and brutally attacked.

The horrified mum immediately alerted police and went onto social media, calling on people in the city to help find her daughter hidden in a white Lada.

Thousands of volunteers immediately answered her plea and massed onto the streets of Orenburg.

Recalling the moment he tracked Tiunov down and the paedophile rushed at him screaming, Bulat said: "My adrenaline was so high at this point that I retreated, thinking I had to have somebody else with me to fight him, and called my friends who had also volunteered to hunt for the girl. "

He continued: " hey came in minutes, and passed the message to police, who arrived to detain the man. Inside a car was an incredibly scared girl. We wrapped her in a coat, gave her some tea.

"She called her mum, and we all drove to the police station."

He claimed: "The man didn't look aggressive or weird. I didn't smell alcohol.

"But when we asked things like 'Why did you kidnap the girl?" and 'Do you realise the punishment you'll get?', he blurted: 'What's the problem? What have I done?'

'"He seemed to have no understanding whatsoever of the crime he had committed."

Bulat has since been honoured by police for his skill and bravery.

The girl was fortunately returned safely to her mother.

Earlier the same day, Tiunov had allegedly tried and failed to kidnap two other girls aged nine and 11 in the city. Adults heard the children's screams and he fled.

He then went on to seize the 12-year-old, it was said.

In all, Tiunov was convicted of sexual attacks against three girls and three boys.

The earliest attack was in 2011 against two underage boys.

He was also sentenced for murder after leading police to the garden where he had buried the seven-year-old boy, whom he attacked and killed in Krasnokamsk, 535 miles to the north.

The murder took place four years ago and, at the time, hundreds of volunteers had spent weeks seeking to find the missing child, who has not been named.

An identikit picture was released of the suspect, but he was never found.


Credit: east2west news

Sex beast Yury Tiunov has been handed a life sentence for seven "grave" crimes

Credit: east2west news

The terrified 12-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was kidnapped, raped and thrown in a car boot

Credit: east2west news

Brave local Bulat Bairov, pictured, tracked the paedophile and his victim down to a deserted spot in Russia

Credit: east2west news

Tiunov was dramatically caught after thousands of volunteers flooded onto the streets. Above, CCTV footage of his car

Credit: east2west news

The extraordinary citizens' action in snaring Tiunov led directly to the discovery of five other child victims - including a seven-year-old boy he had raped then murdered four years ago. Above, the paedophile is seen behind bars
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Publication:Daily Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 30, 2017
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