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Terra Sutra.

 Goat crap, sheep dung, chicken poop, shards of limestone, creek
rock, board scrap, bark peel--watch your step; here leaf and wood chip,
grass clip,
 cat fur, fish scale, bone splinter, guts of carcass and stove; I mean
ash, mean good grub, lots of tasks; rust, shingle grit, urine and tears,
whisper, laughter, chat-- all the traffic: dog puke, cockcrow, bleat and
whinny, spilled oats, other grains, seeds, shoots, dust and mud, grease,
blood, slow rolls of the near and distant ridges,
the there and the here in there, spells and meanderings, losses, gains,
shavings from planer, chisel, file; bluebird feather, hawk scream, bug,
grub, sinew, cured ham
drip, dunnage of countless bales: how trust a life less messy, less
loved by spill, all the varieties of sun, shade, rain--for from such
ground now comes good hay. 
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Author:Moeckel, Thorpe
Publication:The Carolina Quarterly
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2010
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