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Could Terpenes Be The Next Big Thing in Supplements? Although volatile and hard to manage, terpenes offer botanic properties popular with today's consumers without the regulatory hassles of CBD. Odette, Derek May 1, 2021 1051
Sage Extract Formula Shown to Benefit Memory, Concentration: The sage plant contains a host of terpenes and phenolics, which interact with mechanisms pertinent to brain function and improve aspects of cognitive performance. Mar 1, 2021 1441
KushCo Holdings renews Abstrax Tech partnership to bring its customers "unique terpene innovations". Feb 18, 2021 467
eSense-Lab continues development momentum into 2021. Jan 13, 2021 611
eSense-Lab set to commercialise alcohol-free sanitiser comprising terpenes after encouraging research results. Nov 28, 2020 468
eSense-Lab makes strong progress in R&D into anti-viral qualities of terpenes; to release test results next week. Nov 5, 2020 851
Ibrexafungerp: A Novel Oral Triterpenoid Antifungal in Development for the Treatment of Candida auris Infections. Ghannoum, Mahmoud; Arendrup, Maiken Cavling; Chaturvedi, Vishnu P.; Lockhart, Shawn R.; McCormick, T Report Sep 1, 2020 6911
UCLA Researcher Studies Cannabis Chemicals for Pain Relief. Aug 26, 2020 227
eSense-Lab achieves key milestones that validate commercialisation model for terpenes. Jul 16, 2020 875
eSense-Lab teams with Wise Winery to produce ethanol sanitisers infused with terpenes. Jun 19, 2020 485
eSense-Lab in binding JV for new range of skincare, hair care and hand sanitisers using terpenes. Jun 16, 2020 710
eSense-Lab eyes new commercialisation opportunities for unique plant-profiling technology. Jun 5, 2020 394
eSense-Lab and SeaLaria to develop terpene-infused hand sanitisers. Jun 4, 2020 454
The Revaluation of Plant-Derived Terpenes to Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Infections. Cappiello, Floriana; Loffredo, Maria Rosa; Del Plato, Cristina; Cammarone, Silvia; Casciaro, Bruno; Report Jun 1, 2020 13699
THC Global establishes presence in growing cannabidol medicine market. May 30, 2020 434
THC Global rises with medicinal cannabis product now available via prescription in Australia. May 22, 2020 501
The Effects of Fungal Feed Additives in Animals: A Review. Chuang, Wen Yang; Hsieh, Yun Chen; Lee, Tzu-Tai May 1, 2020 8375
Inhibition of Glucosyltransferase Activity and Glucan Production as an Antibiofilm Mechanism of Lemongrass Essential Oil against Escherichia coli O157:H7. Ortega-Ramirez, Luis A.; Gutierrez-Pacheco, M. Melissa; Vargas-Arispuro, Irasema; Gonzalez-Aguila, G Report Mar 1, 2020 5816
Azalla Launches Smokable CBD Flower. Dec 10, 2019 427
Comparative In Vitro Assessment of the Methanol Extracts of the Leaf, Stem, and Root Barks of Cnidoscolus aconitifolius on Lung and Breast Cancer Cell Lines/Cnidoscolus aconitifolius'un Yaprak, Govde ve Kok Kabuklarinin Metanol Ekstrelerinin Akciger ve Meme Kanseri Hucre Hatlarinda Karsilastirmali In Vitro Degerlendirilmesi. Ikpefan, Emmanuel Oise; Ayinde, Buniyamin Adesina; Mudassir, Azhar; Farooq, Ahsana Dar Dec 1, 2019 3137
Aspectos quimicos y morfo-funcionales de la interaccion entre un chinche neotropical de resina y una planta pegajosa. Jimenez-Pomarico, Alejandra; Avila-Nunez, Jorge Luis; Oliveros-Bastidas, Alberto; Rojas Marquez, Foc Jun 1, 2019 5617
Protective Effect of the Total Triterpenes of Euscaphis konishii Hayata Pericarp on Bacillus Calmette-Guerin Plus Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Liver Injury. Huang, Wei; Ding, Hui; Chen, Lu-Yao; Ni, Lin; Ruan, Yi-Fang; Zou, Xiao-Xing; Ye, Min; Zou, Shuang-Qu Apr 30, 2019 8706
Fagodisuasion de extractos de Brugmansia candida (Solanaceae) en larvas de Hypsipyla grandetta (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Arguedas, Maricruz; Hilje, Luko; Cartin, Victor; Calvo, Marco A.; Borbon, Henry Mar 1, 2018 6081
SHORT COMMUNICATION - Bioassay Directed Isolation Studies on Hypericum oblongifolium. Report Feb 28, 2018 3286
Isolation and Identification of Compounds from Bioactive Extracts of Taraxacum officinale Weber ex F. H. Wigg. (Dandelion) as a Potential Source of Antibacterial Agents. Diaz, Katy; Espinoza, Luis; Madrid, Alejandro; Pizarro, Leonardo; Chamy, Rolando Jan 1, 2018 5987
Plant-Derived Products for Treatment of Vascular Intima Hyperplasia Selectively Inhibit Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Functions. Xu, Kang; ani, Mohanad Kh Al-; Pan, Xin; Chi, Qingjia; Dong, Nianguo; Qiu, Xuefeng Jan 1, 2018 10796
A Review on Ethnopharmacological Applications, Pharmacological Activities, and Bioactive Compounds of Mangifera indica (Mango). Ediriweera, Meran Keshawa; Tennekoon, Kamani Hemamala; Samarakoon, Sameera Ranganath Jan 1, 2018 20008
Anticancer Properties of Essential Oils and Other Natural Products. Blowman, K.; Magalhaes, M.; Lemos, M.F.L.; Cabral, C.; Pires, I.M. Jan 1, 2018 8843
Natural sparkling guava wine: volatile and physicochemical characterization/Espumante natural de goiaba: caracterizacao volatil e fisico-quimica. Bertagnolli, Silvana Maria Michelin; Bernardi, Gabrieli; Donadel, Jossie Zamperetti; de Oliveira Fog Sep 1, 2017 4551
Sweet triterpenoids in oak for cooperage: uncovering the difference between sessile and pedunculate oak. Marchai, Axel; Waffo-Teguo, Pierre; Prida, Andrei; Dubourdieu, Denis Apr 1, 2017 3390
Catalytic Synthesis and Antifungal Activity of New Polychlorinated Natural Terpenes. Ighachane, Hana; Boualy, Brahim; Ali, Mustapha Ait; Sedra, My.H.; El Firdoussi, Larbi; Lazrek, Hassa Jan 1, 2017 5390
Quantification of Barbatusin and 3[beta]-Hydroxy-3-deoxybarbatusin in Plectranthus Species by HPLC-DAD. de Vasconcelos Silva, Maria Goretti; Lima, Leandro Bezerra; de Oliveira, Maria da Conceicao Ferreira Report Jan 1, 2017 2443
Hepatoprotective Effect of Citral on Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Toxicity in Mice. Uchida, Nancy Sayuri; Silva-Filho, Saulo Euclides; Cardia, Gabriel Fernando Esteves; Cremer, Edivald Report Jan 1, 2017 5294
Antimicrobial Properties of Plant Essential Oils against Human Pathogens and Their Mode of Action: An Updated Review. Swamy, Mallappa Kumara; Akhtar, Mohd Sayeed; Sinniah, Uma Rani Report Jan 1, 2017 16531
Helicteric Acid, Oleanic Acid, and Betulinic Acid, Three Triterpenes from Helicteres angustifolia L., Inhibit Proliferation and Induce Apoptosis in HT-29 Colorectal Cancer Cells via Suppressing NF-[kappa]B and STAT3 Signaling. Su, Dan; Gao, Yu-qiao; Dai, Wei-bo; Hu, Ying; Wu, Yan-fen; Mei, Quan-xi Report Jan 1, 2017 4644
Gas Chromatography-Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Analysis and Vasorelaxant Effect of Essential Oil from Protium heptaphyllum (Aubl.) March. Mobin, Mitra; de Lima, Sidney G.; Almeida, Lorena T.G.; Filho, Jose C. Silva; Rocha, Marcio S.; Oliv Report Jan 1, 2017 4542
Polyketide-Terpene Hybrid Metabolites from an Endolichenic Fungus Pestalotiopsis sp. Yuan, Chao; Ding, Gang; Wang, Hai-Ying; Guo, Yu-Hua; Shang, Hai; Ma, Xiao-Jun; Zou, Zhong-Mei Report Jan 1, 2017 6113
Target molecules in 3T3-L1 adipocytes differentiation are regulated by maslinic acid, a natural triterpene from Olea europaea. Perez-Jimenez, Amalia; Rufino-Palomares, Eva E.; Fernandez-Gallego, Nieves; Ortuno-Costela, M. Carme Report Nov 15, 2016 6887
Terpene compounds in nature: a review of their potential antioxidant activity. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 186
Association of terpinolene and diclofenac presents antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory synergistic effects in a model of chronic inflammation. Macedo, E.M.A.; Santos, W.C.; Neto, B.P. Sousa; Lopes, E.M.; Piauilino, C.A.; Cunha, F.V.M.; Sousa, Report Jul 1, 2016 5387
Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Triterpenes Isolated from Protium paniculatum Oil-Resins. de Almeida, Patricia D.O.; de A. Boleti, Ana Paula; Rudiger, Andre Luis; Lourenco, Geane A.; da Veig Jan 1, 2016 6939
Antileishmanial activity and trypanothione reductase effects of terpenes from the Amazonian species Croton cajucara Benth (Euphorbiaceae). Lima, Gerson S.; Castro-Pinto, Denise B.; Machado, Gerzia C.; Maciel, Maria A.M.; Echevarria, Aurea Report Nov 15, 2015 4032
Chemotaxis of Adults of the Asiatic Citrus Psyllid Diaphorina citri Kuwayama to Volatile Terpenes Detected from Guava Leaves. Report Feb 28, 2015 3965
Raddeanin A, a triterpenoid saponin isolated from Anemone raddeana, suppresses the angiogenesis and growth of human colorectal tumor by inhibiting VEGFR2 signaling. Guan, Ying-Yun; Liu, Hai-Jun; Luan, Xin; Xu, Jian-Rong; Lu, Qin; Liu, Ya-Rong; Gao, Yun-Ge; Zhao, Me Report Jan 15, 2015 4933
Characterisation and identification of taraxerol and taraxer-14-en-3-one from Jatropha tanjorensis (Ellis and Saroja) leaves. Oladoye, Sunday Olusegun; Ayodele, Ezekiel Temidayo; Abdul-Hammed, Misbaudeen; Idowu, Olajumoke Tolu Report Jan 1, 2015 2629
In vitro effects of triterpenic acids from olive leaf extracts on the mitochondrial membrane potential of promastigote stage of Leishmania spp. Sifaoui, Ines; Lopez-Arencibia, Atteneri; Martin-Navarro, Carmen Ma; Ticona, Juan Carlos; Reyes-Batl Report Oct 15, 2014 4074
Pentacyclic triterpenes in birch bark extract inhibit early step of herpes simplex virus type 1 replication. Navid, M. Heidary; Laszczyk-Lauer, M.N.; Reichling, J.; Schnitzler, P. Report Sep 25, 2014 5284
Activity of cycloartane-type triterpenes and sterols isolated from Musa paradisiaca fruit peel against Leishmania infantum chagasi. Silva, A.A.S.; Morais, S.M.; Falcao, M.J.C.; Vieira, I.G.P.; Ribeiro, L.M.; Viana, S.M.; Teixeira, M Report Sep 25, 2014 3955
Inhibitory effect of paeoniflorin on methylglyoxal-mediated oxidative stress in osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells. Choi, Eun Mi; Suh, Kwang Sik; Rhee, Sang Youl; Kim, Young Seol Report Sep 15, 2014 6327
A comparative study of two clerodane diterpenes from Baccharis trimera (Less.) DC. on the influx and mobilization of intracellular calcium in rat cardiomyocytes. Garcia, Francisca Adilfa de Oliveira; Tanae, Mirtes Midori; Torres, Luce Maria Brandao; Lapa, Antoni Report Jul 15, 2014 4204
Gastroprotective effect of epoxy clerodane diterpene isolated from Tinospora cordifolia miers (guduchi) on indomethacin-induced gastric ulcer in rats. Antonisamy, Paulrayer; Dhanasekaran, Muniyappan; Ignacimuthu, Savarimuthu; Duraipandiyan, Veeramuthu Report Jun 15, 2014 2686
The oral administration of trans-caryophyllene attenuates acute and chronic pain in mice. Paula-Freire, L.I.G.; Andersen, M.L.; Gama, V.S.; Molska, G.R.; Carlini, E.L.A. Report Feb 15, 2014 4831
Microbial biotransformation of (R)-(+)-limonene by using two novel Pseudomonas sp. Abolghasemi, Zeynab; Heshmatipour, Zoheir; Meldstad, Fataneh Report Feb 14, 2014 3560
Functional characterization of sesquiterpene synthase from Polygonum minus. Ee, Su-Fang; Mohamed-Hussein, Zeti-Azura; Othman, Roohaida; Shaharuddin, Noor Azmi; Ismail, Ismaniza Report Jan 1, 2014 4670
An Update on Secondary Metabolites from Haloxylon Species. Dec 31, 2013 4517
Promising effects on ameliorating mitochondrial function and enhancing Akt signaling in SH-SY5Y cells by (M)-bicelaphanol A, a novel dimeric podocarpane type trinorditerpene isolated from Celastrus orbiculatus. Wang, Xu Jie; Wang, Luo Yi; Fu, Yan; Wu, Jian; Tang, Xi Can; Zhao, Wei Min; Zhang, Hai Yan Report Sep 15, 2013 5096
Ursolic acid: a novel anti-muscle-wasting, anticancer, and antidiabetic compound. Brudnak, Mark A.; Baer, Eric J. Aug 1, 2013 1486
Oligocephlate, a new a-Glucosidase inhibitory Neohopane Triterpene from Vernonia oligocephala. Riaz, Naheed; Feroze, Kanwal; Saleem, Muhammad; Misaddiq, Sara; Ashraf, Muhammad; Alam, Umber; Musta Report Jun 30, 2013 1698
Toward a global equilibrium constant for pinene-based hydroxy radical-water: complexes: 1. Determining the average radical energy. Mumford, Glenn; Gienger, Kathleen; Holden, Lauren; Buchmiller, Elizabeth; DaBell, Ryan S.; Hansen, J Abstract Jun 1, 2013 185
Antihyperglycemic and sub-chronic antidiabetic actions of morolic and moronic acids, in vitro and in silico inhibition of 11[beta]-HSD 1. Ramirez-Espinosaa, Juan Jose; Garcia-Jimeneza, Sara; Rios, Maria Yolanda; Medina-Francoc, Jose L.; L Report May 15, 2013 3778
Reversal of dexamethasone induced insulin resistance in 3T3L1 adipocytes by 3[beta]-taraxerol of Mangifera indica. Sangeetha, K.N.; Shilpa, K.; Kumari, Jyothi P.; Lakshmi, B.S. Report Feb 15, 2013 6236
Efficacy of asiatic acid, a pentacyclic triterpene on attenuating the key enzymes activities of carbohydrate metabolism in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Ramachandran, Vinayagam; Saravanan, Ramalingam Report Feb 15, 2013 5299
How Reishi combats aging. Steiner, Emily Report Feb 1, 2013 2228
Selective cholinesterase inhibition by lanostane triterpenes from fruiting bodies of Ganoderma lucidum. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 174
Suppression of the inflammatory response by triterpenes isolated from the mushroom Ganoderma lucidum. Author abstract Feb 1, 2013 264
Determinacao da estrutura de diferentes alcoois terpenicos: um estudo teorico e experimental. Marana, Naiara Leticia; Ducati, Lucas C.; Filho, Luiz Carlos da Silva Report Jan 1, 2013 3348
Parthenolide is neuroprotective in rat experimental stroke model: downregulating NF-[kappa]B, phospho-p38MAPK, and caspase-1 and ameliorating BBB permeability. Dong, Lipeng; Qiao, Huimin; Zhang, Xiangjian; Zhang, Xiaolin; Wang, Chaohui; Wang, Lina; Cui, Lili; Report Jan 1, 2013 5459
Transfer of orally administered terpenes in goat milk and cheese. Poulopoulou, I.; Zoidis, E.; Massouras, T.; Hadjigeorgiou, I. Report Oct 1, 2012 4813
[beta]-Amyrin acetate and [beta]-Amyrin palmitate as antidyslipidemic agents from Wrightia tomentosa leaves. Maurya, Ranjani; Srivastava, Anuj; Shah, Priyanka; Siddiqi, Mohammad Imran; Rajendran, S.M.; Puri, A Report Jun 15, 2012 2309
Antileukemia component, dehydroeburicoic acid from Antrodia camphorata induces DNA damage and apoptosis in vitro and in vivo models. Du, Ying-Chi; Chang, Fang-Bong; Wu, Tung-Ying; Hsu, Yu-Ming; El-Shazly, Mohamed; Chen, Chieh-Fu; Sun Report Jun 15, 2012 4722
Cimicifuga racemosa and its triterpene-saponins prevent the Metabolic Syndrome and deterioration of cartilage in the knee joint of ovariectomized rats by similar mechanisms. Seidlova-Wuttke, Dana; Eder, Nicole; Stahnke, Vera; Kammann, Markus; Stecher, Gunter; Haunschild, Ju Report Jun 15, 2012 5185
Snap-N-Shoot reference standards. May 1, 2012 146
Inhibitory effect of asiatic acid on acetylcholinesterase, excitatory post synapticpotential and locomotor activity. Nasira, M.N.; Abdullah, J.; Habsahc, M.; Ghani, R.I.; Rammes, G. Report Mar 1, 2012 4706
Preparation of SO42-/ Fe2O3-TiO2-Nd2O3 Solid Acid and its Activity for the Synthesis of Menthyl Acetate. Chunhua Yang; Meiqing Fan; Gang Chen; Long Zhang Report Feb 29, 2012 1627
Proteomic analysis of the molecular response of Raji cells to maslinic acid treatment. Yap, W.H.; Khoo, K.S.; Limb, S.H.; Yeo, C.C.; Lim, Y.M. Report Feb 15, 2012 6424
Amplification of anti-melanoma activity of mistletoe extracts by enrichment with solubilized triterpene acids. Struh, C.M.; Jager, S.; Kersten, A.; Schempp, C.M.; Scheffler, A.; Martin, S.F. Report Oct 15, 2011 317
Cyclodextrin solubilised triterpene extracts show antitumorigenic effects on B16.F10 melanoma cells in vitro. Jager, S.; Struh, C.M.; Schempp, C.M.; Scheffler, A.; Martin, S.F. Report Oct 15, 2011 276
Ursolic acid and oleanolic acid, members of pentacyclic triterpenoid acids, suppress TNF-[alpha]-induced E-selectin expression by cultured umbilical vein endothelial cells. Takada, K.; T.; Nakane; K.; Masuda; Ishii, H. Report Dec 1, 2010 4381
Phenolic compounds and terpenes in the green parts of Glycine hispida. Kyslychenko, V.; Karpiuk, U.; Diakonova Ia.; Abu-Darwish, Mohammad S. Report Sep 1, 2010 2615
Effects of triterpenes from Ganoderma lucidum on protein expression profile of HeLa cells. Yue, Q.-X.; Song, X.-Y.; Ma, C.; Feng, L.-X.; Guan, S.-H.; Wu, W.-Y.; Yang, M.; Jiang, B.-H.; Liu, X Report Jul 1, 2010 5963
Effects of inhaled Linalool in anxiety, social interaction and aggressive behavior in mice. Linck, V.M.; da Silva, A.L.; Figueiro, M.; Caramao, E.B.; Moreno, P.R.H.; Elisabetsky, E. Report Jul 1, 2010 4063
Fagodisuasion de un extracto de ruda (Ruta chalepensis, Rutaceae) y sus particiones sobre larvas de Hypsipyla grandella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Barboza, Javier; Hilje, Luko; Duron, Julio; Cartin, Victor; Calvo, Marco Report Mar 1, 2010 6998
Topical anti-inflammatory effect of tirucallol, a triterpene isolated from Euphorbia lactea latex. Fernandez-Arche, A.; Saenz, M.T.; Arroyo, M.; Puerta, R. de la; Garcia Report Feb 1, 2010 3003
Ashland Inc finalises sale of wood rosin and terpenes business. Jan 29, 2010 143
Antimalarial, antimycobacterial and cytotoxic limonoids from Chisocheton siamensis. Maneerat, W.; Laphookhieo, S.; Koysomboon, A.; Chantrapromman, K. Report Dec 1, 2008 2676
Centella asiatica water extract inhibits [iPLA.sub.2] and [cPLA.sub.2] activities in rat cerebellum. Barbosa, N.R.; Pittella, F.; Gattaz, W.F. Report Oct 1, 2008 2818
Wound healing activity and docking of glycogen-synthase-kinase-3-[beta]-protein with isolated triterpenoid lupeol in rats. Harish, B.G.; Krishna, V.; Kumar, H.S. Santosh; Ahamed, B.M. Khadeer; Sharath, R.; Swamy, H.M. Kumar Report Sep 1, 2008 2468
Antiproliferative activity of triterpenoids from Eclipta prostrata on Hepatic stellate cells. Lee, Mi Kyeong; Ha, Na Ry; Yang, Hyekyung; Sung, Sang Hyun; Kim, Gun Hee; Kim, Young Choong Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 3177
Antinoceptive effect of triterpenoid [alpha],[beta]-amyrin in rats on orofacial pain induced by formalin and capsaicin. Pinto, S.A. Holanda; Pinto, L.M.S.; Guedes, M.A.; Cunha, G.M.A.; Chaves, M.H.; Santos, F.A.; Rao, V. Report Aug 1, 2008 2401
Biodegradation of polyterpenes by microorganisms. Lowe, Michelle C.; Ballal, S.K. Report Jul 1, 2008 252
17. Aqueous mistletoe preparations with a high content of oleanolic acid and betulinic acid. Jager, S.; Beffert, M.; Hoppe, K.; Scheffler, A. Oct 1, 2007 362
18. Inhibitory effects of solubilized triterpene acids from Viscum album L. on murine and human skin cell lines. Struh, C.M.; Jager, S.; Schempp, C.M.; Scheffler, A.; Martin, S.F. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 277
Anti-malarial drug targets: screening for inhibitors of 2C-methyl-D-erythritol 4-phosphate synthase (IspC protein) in Mediterranean plants. Kaiser, J.; Yassin, M.; Prakash, S.; Safi, N.; Agami, M.; Lauw, S.; Ostrozhenkova, E.; Bacher, A.; R Apr 1, 2007 3984
Distribution of terpenes in heartwood and sapwood of loblolly pine. Thompson, Ashile; Cooper, Jerome; Ingram, Leonard L., Jr. Jul 1, 2006 2296
Anti-inflammatory activity of alkanoids and triterpenoids from Trichodesma amplexicaule Roth. Singh, B.; Sahu, P.M.; Lohiya, R.K.; Sharma, M.K.; Singh, H.L.; Singh, S. Feb 1, 2006 4465

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