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Ternary alloys based on II-VI semiconductor compounds.


Ternary alloys based on II-VI semiconductor compounds.

Tomashyk, Vasyl and Petro Feychuk, Larysa Shcherbak.

CRC Press


546 pages




Ternary II-VI-F semiconductors--that is II-VI semiconductors doped with isovalent or hetervalent foreign impurities--allow the control of optical properties, from blue-green up to infrared spectral range, and electronic properties ranging from n-type to p-type. Therefore they are widely used for gamma-ray and X-ray detectors, refractive materials, active element of solar cells, and similar application. Tomashyk, Feychuk, and Shcherbak, who are not further identified, collect and systematize all available data on the II-VI-F ternary systems into a reference for anyone interested in using such materials. The arrangement is by alloy--a partner-switching dance involving zinc, silicon, selenium, tellurium, cadmium, and mercury.

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