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Axes--SketchUp uses a 3D coordinate system, similar to AutoCAD, where points in space are identified by position along the drawing axes identifiable by their color: red, green, or blue.

Blue Axis--The blue axis is represented by a solid blue line (for positive numbers or items above ground) or dashed blue line (for negative numbers or items below ground). This refers to height or the Z axis in AutoCAD.

Green Axis--The green axis is represented by a solid green line (for positive numbers) or dashed green line (for negative numbers). This refers to depth or the Y axis in AutoCAD.

Healing--This refers to erasing the thin inside lines that have broken a surface, so that it reads as one entire surface.

Inference Locking--If you want to maintain an inference, like staying on axis, while drawing or moving, hold down the Shift key. This will lock the inference so that, regardless of where you move the cursor, the item you are drawing or moving stays on the selected inference.

Inference Tags--These are small interactive tags that appear at the end of your cursor, which locate axis, points, lines, and surfaces.

Red Axis--The red axis is represented by a solid red line (for positive numbers) or dashed red line (for negative numbers). This refers to width or the X axis in AutoCAD.

Skin or Surface--When a series of line segments are connected and closed or when a shape, such as a circle, is drawn, the inside area receives a surface.

Value Control Box or VCB--This area located within the status bar receives typed information and also reads dimensions of items being drawn.

By Professor Ashley Calabria

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Title Annotation:CHAPTER 2: SketchUp
Author:Calabria, Ashley
Publication:Computer Graphics for Landscape Architects, An Introduction
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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