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Terminal spark won't shock.

Mechanics, a little sparking from an ammo carrier's auxiliary power unit (APU) junction box may make you jump, but it won't shock you.

Even if the ground has been disconnected at the batteries, there may still be a little voltage present at the APU junction box positive terminal. So when you remove the terminal cover for maintenance, you may see a little spark if you accidentally touch the terminal.

Don't worry. That spark isn't enough to injure you or cause damage to your vehicle. In fact, a new note is being added to TM 9-2350-372-20 that reads:


The APU junction box positive terminal may retain voltage when vehicle ground has been disconnected at the batteries. Accidentally touching or grounding the positive and negative terminals together with a metal object may result in small sparking at the APU junction box terminals, which will not cause any harm to personnel or damage to equipment.
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Date:Mar 1, 2007
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