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Tenth annual young family reunion included heritage designation of young monument.

The Young Monument and the parcel of land on which it is situated on Highway 54, two kilometres north of Indiana Road, Seneca Township, Haldimand County, Ontario, has been granted heritage designation under the Ontario Heritage Act. A ceremony to recognize this designation was hosted by the Heritage Haldimand Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (LACAC) on 12 July 2008. After an introduction from Bernadine Tompkins, Chair of LACAC, Mayor Marie Trainer gave a message, followed by Dan Young UE, the only member of the Young family currently residing on the Young Tract. Dan is a fourth great grandson of the Loyalist family of Adam Young UE and Catherine Elizabeth Schremling. The Young Tract was granted to Adam Young in 1783 and Dan's portion has had a Young family continuously living on it, being passed from oldest son to oldest son, through the intervening 225 years. Jamie and Nolan Young (grandson and great-grandson of Stewart and Gladie) unveiled the plaque.

That afternoon, eighty-one descendants of Adam Young UE and Catherine Elizabeth Schremling attended the tenth annual Young Family Reunion, held in Blackheath. Family genealogy and photos were on display in the meeting hall. Following the annual potluck luncheon, a moment of silence was held in memory of Ellen Cartwright UE, Pearl Richarz UE, Betty Stroud UE, Stewart Young UE and his late wife, Gladys (nee Moore) Young UE. Local historian, Mary Nelles, then described how the Young and Nelles families, the first two white settlers of Haldimand County, have remained neighbours from the 1780s to the present and that these two families had extensively intermarried in the late 1700s and during most of the 1800s.

The eleventh Annual Young Family Reunion will take place on 11 July 2009 in Blackheath.


The obituary of Stewart Arthur Young UE also appears in this Fall 2008 issue on p. 45. As well, please refer to the article "The 'YOUNG' Ones: Adam, Henry, & William Descendants Have Lived On Young Tract for 214 Consecutive Years" by Robert C. McBride UE, in The Loyalist Gazette, Volume XXXV, Number 1, Spring 1997, pp. 34-44.


Editor's Note: A description of the Palatine Young [Jung] family is included in this Fall 2008 issue on pp. 21-31.
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Date:Sep 22, 2008
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