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Tennis, anyone?

Have you ever watched anyone play tennis? It is an exciting and fun sport that you can play, too. To start the game, you serve the tennis ball from your end of the court across the net to your opponent.


How to Serve

Stand at one end of the court behind the baseline. (The baseline is at the farthest end of the court.) You should be just to the right or left side of the center mark. Hold the tennis racquet in your dominant, or writing, hand. Lightly hold the tennis ball in the fingertips of your other hand.

Swing your racquet up behind your back and gently toss the ball in the air. Hit the ball when it's at the highest point of the toss. Don't step across the baseline until after you've hit the ball.

The ball should land on the other side of the net in the opposite square. If it doesn't, it's called a fault. Your opponent will try to hit the ball back. Now the ball can go anywhere on the court between the singles sidelines. You are on your way to a fun game of tennis!
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