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Tender for Provision by the three-year return contracts, in 27 separate lots, prosthesis endoscopy.

AZIENDA OSPEDALIERO UNIVERSITARIA DI MODENA IN QUALIT DI AZIENDA CAPOFILA DELL~UNIONE D~ACQUISTO TRA LE AZIENDE SANITARIE ASSOCIATE ALL~AREA VASTA EMILIA NORD of Italy has invited companies to submit bids for the tender floated for Contract notice: Open procedure launched with provision no. 261 of 28/12/2015 rectified with provision no. 272 of 31.12.2015 for the provision by the three-year return contracts, in 27 separate lots, prosthesis endoscopy necessary digestive health companies associated emilia area great north.

denture-year supply for digestive endoscopy.

Total quantity or scope: three-year total amount can not be overcome, excluding VAT, 4,161,354 as follows

Lot 1 (IGC) Framework 6545626573 amount triennial 118 800 EUR,

Lot 2 (IGC) Framework 6546073653 amount triennial 103 950 EUR,

Lot 3 (IGC) Framework 65460757F9 amount of three-year 59 400,

Item 4 (IGC) Framework 65460768CC amount three year 59 400,

Item 5 (IGC) Framework 6546078A72 amount triennial 193 500 EUR,

Item 6 (IGC) Framework 6546079B45 three year amount 16,200,

Item 7 (IGC) Framework 6546080C18 amount of three-year 81 120,

Item 8 (IGC) Framework 6546083E91 triennial amount 35 640 EUR,

Item 9 (IGC) Framework 654608503C amount triennial 104,400,

Item 10 (IGC) Framework 65460871E2 amount triennial 159 300 EUR,

Item 11 (IGC) Framework 6546114828 amount triennial 201 000 EUR,

Item 12 (IGC) Framework 6546120D1A amount triennial 354 600 EUR,

Item 13 (IGC) Framework 654612406B amount triennial 59,400,

Item 14 (IGC) Framework 65461283B7 amount triennial 129 600 EUR,

Item 15 (IGC) Framework 6546132703 amount triennial 511 500 EUR,

Item 16 (IGC) Framework 65461348A9 triennial amount 99 000 EUR,

lot 17 CIG) Framework 6546139CC8 amount triennial 166 380 EUR,

Item 18 (IGC) Framework 6546143019 triennial amount 31 200 EUR,

Item 19 (IGC) Framework 654614950B amount three years 22 575 EUR,

Item 20 (IGC) Framework 6546153857 triennial amount 14 700 EUR,

Item 21 (IGC) Framework 6546161EEF amount triennial 146 250 EUR,

Item 22 (IGC) Framework 654616309A amount three years 72 600 EUR,

Item 23 (IGC) Framework 654616958C amount three years 39 600 EUR,

Item 24 (IGC) Framework 6546176B51 triennial amount 12 240 EUR,

Item 25 (IGC) Framework 6546179DCA triennial amount 486 000 EUR,

Item 26 (IGC) Framework 654618311B amount triennial 113,400,

Item 27 (IGC) Framework 654618960D three year amount 769,599.

security-related charges amount is 0.

The contract is divided into lots and Estimated value excluding VAT is 4 161 354 EUR. The Deposits and Guarantees are required: provisional and final deposit, procedures indicated in the contract documents. Certain dates are to be noted in regards with this tender are: Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 30.3.2016 - 12:00

Language(s) in which tenders or requests to participate may be drawn up is in Italian.The tender is open for all the International companies to bid for.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 10, 2016
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