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Tenbusch introduces new Lubricant System.

Tenbusch Inc. has introduced the new L-220 Lubricant System. The L-220 can be used in any application where bentonite and/or polymer are used as a lubricant.

The L220 lube system was developed for use with the Tenbusch line of trenchless pipe replacement equipment.

The L220 is compact so that it can be used on small or congested job sites. The system allows for the rapid mixing of lubrication products such as bentonite and polymer.

This lube system was designed to allow a crew to quickly mix a batch of lubricant so that the work at hand can continue without delay. This is accomplished with mo hydraulically powered pumps that can be operated independently of each other.

The system has two tanks so that another batch can be mixed while a crew is using the first batch. This is important when different materials are used together. Those who use a concoction of different lubricant materials can attest to the problem--a batch cannot be simply added to. The different materials are mixed into a batch and, if more is needed, then another batch is mixed. With a two tank system, delays can be eliminated and the crew can continue with their work.

The Tenbusch design allows for mixing with a hydraulically-driven centrifugal pump (fitted with appropriate seals to stand up to bentonite) from one tank while the hydraulically driven pressure pump delivers lubricant to the work from the other tank. These circuits can be changed from one tank to the other by the simple operation of three way valves.

For jobs that require a standby flow, the system is designed with a return circuit. The return flow can be directed to either tank by simply using a selector valve.

When a larger volume is required, the L220 can be fitted with outlets to easily accommodate the use of an auxiliary tank.

Tenbusch can custom design larger or smaller units for specific work site needs. Ph: 972.221.2304 Circle no. 248

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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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