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Ten years a long time in IT industry.

Two West Midland companies are celebrating a ten-year business relationship - one of the longest stand-ing collaborations in internet IT.

The Coventry-based Harry Shaw Group first utilised the services of CWN Design in 1996 as was one of the first local busi-nesses to develop a website.

Originally it was Harry Shaw City Cruiser - the firm's travel arm - that adopted a website for customers to search through its database of holidays.

But over the past five years, CWN Design, also based in Coventry, has worked with Harry Shaw Business Computers and the two companies now have several mutual clients.

John Shaw, of Harry Shaw, said: "Our first domain name is now something of an antique.

"It's astounding to think that just ten years ago so few businesses had websites.

"Now it's taken for granted and is almost taken as a read that everybody from small one-man businesses up to large multi-nationals have a site."

He added: "We realised early on that this was going to be the future for searching for and booking holidays and wanted to get in early."

CWN Design has developed websites for a number of city businesses and organisations including intranets and extranets.

It was also an early pioneer of the idea of bringing old school friends together via the internet.

It now shares many clients with Harry Shaw Business Computers.


Neil Renwick (left) and Phil Edis of Harry Shaw Business Computers
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Date:Jun 20, 2006
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