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Temujin restaurant takes an exotic twist; 'You'll find no menacing warriors here - it's chefs armed with nothing more sinister than a few woks.'.

Byline: Food Andy Hirst

T'S 10 years since Temujin opened in Milnsbridge and a full quarter of a century since its sister restaurant was set up in Sowerby Bridge.

IA few weeks ago the Milnsbridge restaurant had a change of ownership so has anything really changed? In a word, no - apart from it's going more and more exotic. If you've been to Temujin before it's stayed loyal to its roots as place where you can concoct your own DIY stir fry dishes and then watch as they're being cooked. Don't stand too close though as they give off quite flame when the cooking oil goes in at first.

But you may be surprised at some of the meat on offer these days.

We tried the kangaroo - yes, you read right, kangaroo - which is one for those who like a really earthy, strong flavour. In fact, Temujin is getting exotic as a notice revealed that it sells the likes of python steaks, crocodile fillets, zebra and octopus through to kangaroo burgers and sausages in its online shop and they also make guest appearances in the restaurant. And this week they've stocked up on a load of buffalo.

New owners Mark Ellis and his partner Hayley Wilson are very welcoming and eager to please.

The restaurant is on the first floor of an impressive stone-built old building next to Huddersfield Canal in Milnsbridge. But that's not a concern as there is a lift and a spacious disabled toilet.

As you go in there's a roomy lounge and immediately you come face-to-face with a Mongolian warrior for the roots of what's to come stretch back in that country's history where fighters cooked their meals on upturned shields.

You'll find no menacing warriors here - it's chefs armed with nothing more sinister than a few woks.

There are starters on the menu which we had but in hindsight would have given them a miss in favour of a pud. For PS6.99 for two they included Mozzarella melts, vegetable spring rolls, duck spring rolls, sweet corn fritters and a chilli dip. OK, but nothing special.

The main course comes as an all-inclusive price. The cost is PS9.99 for lunch while evening meals range from PS13.99 to PS15.99 for as many visits as you want to the stir fry. Desserts and starters are extra.

So the set up is this. Choose your raw ingredients which when we were there included quite a range from kangaroo to pork, beef, chicken and, for our veggie chums, tofu. There was also seafood such as mussels and calamari.

Then move along to vegetables ranging from beansprouts to cabbage, onion, mangetout and peppers.

And then it's to the cooking area. Give the chef the ingredients but your choices aren't over even then - not by any means. Then select one cooking oil from sesame, garlic, ginger, chilli and herb and then one or, if you're feeling particularly adventurous two sauces from a list that includes curry, oyster, char sui, white or red wine, chilli, blackbean and garlic, thai green or red curry, sweet and sour, lemon and lime or, finally, hoisin.

And you're still not done as you've then a garnish to go which could be coriander, basil, parsley, spring onions, coconut, chillies, sultanas, fresh ginger, rosemary, fresh garlic or cashew nuts.

There. Done at last. Eat it up and start again as many times as you want.

I had ginger oil with chilli along with chicken and found it had quite a heavy tomato bias. Next up was pork, noodles, onions, peppers and green chilli which had a cheeky kick and was a drier dish than you'd expect. Favourite for me had to be the garlic with oyster sauce and beef with lots of the onions, peppers and mushrooms. The mushrooms seem to soak in the full stir fry flavour. It was a saucy dish yet with all that fresh veg it has to be healthy.

If your find your dish isn't working for you as well as you'd like then simply go back and try again.

Sadly we had neither the room nor the time for desserts but there's plenty of them to go at such as luxury flavour ice-creams including tangerine or whisky cream and the others included vanilla honeypot - honey with walnuts, ice-cream and butter.

Others were lime, Malibu and coconut parfait (PS4.75), chocolate fudge cake (also PS4.75) or for those with, let's be kind and say a hearty appetite, there is the ultimate Mongolian dessert (PS13.99 for two) that's a combination of banoffee pie, chocolate fudge cake, homemade cheese cake and sticky toffee pudding served with cream and ice cream.

Can't see warriors doing much fighting after gorging themselves on all that.

The bill Temujin Market Street, Milnsbridge, HD3 4ND Tel: 01484 461111 Website: Opening hours: Monday, closed; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5.30pm until late (last booking 8.30pm); Friday and Saturday 5.30pm until late; Sunday 1pm until late (last booking 8pm). There are cheaper early bird deals.

Children: Definitely Disabled access Yes, there's a lift and disabled toilet The bill: PS56.27 including a bottle of wine and a soft drink Would you go back? The children would probably enjoy choosing their meal and seeing it being cooked. Kids prices are cheaper.


Sizzle and stir at Temujin, Market Street, Milnsbridge 170615DTEMUJIN_13 SIMON MORLEY

Raw ingredients at Temujin

| Starter of mozzarella melts, vegetable |spring rolls, duck spring rolls, sweet corn fritters and a chilli dip

Stir fry featuring noodles, steak and |green curry
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