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Training in temporal bone surgery: A review of current practices. Wasif, Muhammad; Vardag, Abdul Basit Shah; Mughal, Ainulakbar; Abbas, Sayed Akbar; Ghaloo, Shayan Kh Report Jan 31, 2021 2504
Data Set for the Reporting of Ear and Temporal Bone Tumors: Explanations and Recommendations of the Guidelines From the International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting. Gupta, Ruta; Sandison, Ann; Wenig, Bruce M.; Thompson, Lester D.R. Report May 1, 2019 5942
The Predictability Precision of Superior Semicircular Canal Through Radiological Assessment and Microanatomical Dissection. Kara, Engin; Ozturk, Kubra; Oktay, Ezgi; Hamzaoglu, Vural; Uzmansel, Deniz; Vayisoglu, Yusuf; Ozalp, Aug 1, 2018 2632
Traumatic Facial and Vestibulocochlear Nerve Injury in The Internal Acoustic Canal in The Absence of A Temporal Bone Fracture. Pamuk, Ahmet Erim; Pamuk, Gozde; Bajin, Munir Demir; Yildiz, F.Gokcem; Sennaroglu, Levent Aug 1, 2018 1710
Prevalence of Pneumatized Articular Eminence of the Temporal Bone and Its Importance in Maxillofacial Surgery/Temporal Kemikte Pnomatize Artikuler Eminens Prevelansi ve Maksillofasiyal Cerrahideki Onemi. Akyol, Utkan Kamil; Orug, Berrin Ors Apr 1, 2018 2148
Otitis Media with Effusion Revealing Underlying Meningioma. Evrard, Diane; Daval, Mary; Ayache, Denis Apr 1, 2018 1139
Retroauricular Approach for Targeted Cochlear Therapy Experiments in Wistar Albino Rats. Mulazimoglul, Selcuk; Ocak, Emre; Kaygusuz, Gulsah; Gokcan, Mustafa Kursat Report May 1, 2017 3111
Morphological study of the styloid process of temporal bone in the population of North-East India. Borah, Bijoy Kumar; Saikia, Rubi; Bhuyan, Jyotsna Report Apr 3, 2017 2351
Bilateral Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma of the Temporal Bone: A Rare and Unusual Presentation. Vaid, Sanjay; Jadhav, Jyoti; Chandorkar, Aparna; Vaid, Neelam Case study Jan 1, 2017 2308
Clinical Challenges in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Temporal Bone Osteomyelitis. Kornilenko, Liubov; Rocka, Saulius; Balseris, Svajunas; Arechvo, Irina Case study Jan 1, 2017 4443
The jugular foramen: compartmentalisation. Arora, Sandeep Report Jul 4, 2016 1407
Foramen tympanicum or foramen of Huschke: a bioarchaeological study on human skeletons from an iron age cemetery at Tabriz Kabud mosque zone. Rezaian, Jafar; Namavar, Mohammad Reza; Nasab, Hamed Vahdati; Nobari, Ali Reza Hojabri; Abedollahi, Report Jul 1, 2015 1878
General E.N.T. evaluation in head injury cases with special reference to temporal bone injury. Parmar, Vikramjit Singh; Golhar, S.V.; Deshmukh, P.; Pathania, Poonam Report Apr 13, 2015 985
A comparative study of plain x-ray mastoids with HRCT temporal bone in patients with chronic suppurative otitis media. Sunitha, M.; Asokan, L.; Sambandan, A.P. Report Apr 13, 2015 2807
Osteoradionecrosis of the temporal bone. Lee, Edmund W.; Jyung, Robert W. Case study Jan 1, 2015 670
Temporal bone chondrosarcoma: presentation of 4 cases and review of the literature. Tao, Duoduo; Hoffman, Matthew R.; Chen, Bing Clinical report Dec 1, 2014 2492
Role of HRCT temporal bone in preoperative evaluation of cholesteatoma. Shah, Chintan; Shah, Pinal; Shah, Satish Report Jan 1, 2014 2442
Temporal bone osteomyelitis: the relationship with malignant otitis externa, the diagnostic dilemma, and changing trends. Chen, Jia-Cheng; Yeh, Chien-Fu; Shiao, An-Suey; Tu, Tzong-Yang Report Jan 1, 2014 5251
Effects of Change in Altitude on the Auditory Bulla of Midday Gerbil,Meriones meridianus n l g. Zhao, Liming; Wang, Ying; Liu, Naifa; Liao, Jicheng Report Jun 30, 2013 3915
Conservative treatment of Gradenigo's syndrome triggered by acute otitis media. Ulkumen, Burak; Kaplan, Yunus Sep 30, 2012 1398
A rare case of petrous apex osteoma. Cece, Hasan; Yildiz, Sema; Iynen, Ismail; Karakas, Omer; Karakas, Ekrem; Dogan, Ferit Jun 30, 2012 863
Cochlear implantation following temporal bone fracture. Iacovou, E.; Chrysovergis, A.; Kontopoulos, P.; Xenelis, J. Case study Dec 1, 2011 1201
Characteristics of osteoma of the temporal bone in young adolescents. Viswanatha, Borlingegowda Clinical report Feb 1, 2011 2610
The role of angiography in managing patients with temporal bone fractures: a retrospective study of 64 cases. Ahmed, K. Asif; Mison, David; Whatley, Wesley S.; Chandra, Rakesh K. Report May 1, 2009 2351
Human temporal bones versus mechanical model to evaluate three middle ear transducers. Stieger, Christof; Bernhard, Hans; Waeckerlin, Daniela; Kompis, Martin; Burger, Juergen; Haeusler, R Report May 1, 2007 4209
Temporal bone fracture with hemotympanum. Pulec, Jack L. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 198
Plasmacytoma of the petrous temporal bone. Palacios, Enrique Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 258
Obscure temporal bone fracture with conductive hearing loss. (Otoscopic Clinic). Pulec, Jack L. Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 135
Incidental petrous apex findings on magnetic resonance imaging. Marzo, Sam J. Apr 1, 2001 1645
'Don't touch me' lesions of the petrous apex. D'Antonio, Michael Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 183
Xanthoma of the temporal bone: A unique case of this rare condition. Keane, William M. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 1632
Yolk sac tumor of the temporal bone: Report of a case. Subramony, Charu Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 2336

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