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Temperature sensors, monitors, controls.


Series C temperature controllers available in four DIN sizes, as well as a sub-panel nonin-dicating model. The 1/[16.sup.-]DIN and larger models offer built-in 8-level ramp/soak control and standard options that include Modbus communications and a DIN-rail-mounted gateway for use within a DeviceNet control network. Features include signal inputs from J, K, N, R, S, B, C, E, NNM and Platinel II thermocouples, 2- or 3-wire RTDs and linear sources; large LED displays capable of decimal readouts of 0.10, dual output/alarms, field-configurable process and deviation alarms, and bumpless auto/manual transfer.

Tudor temperature sensors include a full range of high- and low-temperature thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, temperature transmitters, probe heads, and accessories. PH series solid-state power relays provide back-to-back output for resistive heating applications with false turn-on immunity and positive turn-off at high dV/dt. SH series solid-state controls come in single-phase, three-phase, three-leg; or three-phase, two-leg versions. Can be DIN rail or panel mounted.


Temperature controllers with patented dual-thermocouple design maintain precise control in critical processes. With one thermocouple located in the heater/cooler and the other at the deepest point of barrel, corrective heating or cooling action can be taken to bring inner barrel surface temperature to stability quickly and automatically. Recipe features reduce the amount of scrap manufactured during startups and grade changes.


Integrity hot runner controls provide advanced functionality in a compact design. Each Integrity module is about half the size of DME's Smart Series modules making it the perfect solution for high-cavitation applications. Smart Series temperature controls for hot runner molds include a variety of frame and module sizes and styles for a broad range of applications. Frames accommodate one to 48 zones in 15- and 30-amp capacities. Low-voltage systems also available for molds requiring 240-v control for manifold heaters and 24-V control for nozzle drops. Control modules are microprocessor-based with multifunctional digital displays. Modules feature digital display of setpoint and process temperature, auto/manual mode selection, and heater-dryout function automatically actuated during startup.


Complete line of temperature sensors. Standard and custom designs available in all thermocouple types and platinum RTDs. Also standard designs for European and Japanese equipment.


Provides quality products and service reliable precision temperature measuring sensors, equipment, accessories, and calibrators; customized to customer specifications as needed. EDL offers an extensive line of calibrators, thermocouples, RTD's, thermistors, wire, high temperature bore through compression fittings, bimetals, lab thermometors, recorders, infrared, high temperature insulations, over 10,000 sensors, and a full range of precision handheld pyrometers. EDL also offers a complete calibration service for sensors, instruments and thermometers.


Complete family of temperature controllers, monitors, sensors and solid-state relays. Controllers include single-loop, multiloop and total machine units for blow molding, injection molding and extrusion. Also thermocouples and RTDs along with plugs and jacks, extension wire and thermowells.

Maco SRS (small rack system) injection molding control system offers the advantages of integrated, total machine control in a compact package. It is a low-cost, expandable system that meets baseline injection control needs and can be equipped with options. Unit supports open- or closed-loop (Impact II) injection process control. Impact II software eliminates time-consuming setup of tuning parameters and creates a theoretical model of the process, which is used along with hundreds of rules to automatically optimize the process to compensate for short- and long-term deviations. The controller chassis is designed for lower system cost without sacrificing high-tech performance. Chassis, which consists of four control card slots, is open in design. Adaptive automatic tuning is included for 6-12 zones of temperature control. All SPC calculations and charts can be viewed. Maco SRS is compatible with Eurotherm's entire line of OPtima, OPtima PC or Lite Operator stations.

Models 3508 1/[8.sup.-]DIN) and 3504 (1/[4.sup.-]DIN) are specifically designed for demanding, high-accuracy, single-loop applications. Units are easy to use and include a text message display, which shows the exact name of parameters and alarms, saving time during commissioning and operating.

Company's iTools PC configuration and maintenance software has been enhanced for the 3000 series controllers. It now includes a graphical editor for models 3508 and 3504 with drag and drop configuration. Controllers interface to iTools using a built-in hardware port or an infrared port located in front of controller. Software will save and reproduce complete configuration, set up profile recipes, maintain "clone" files for documentation and provide diagnostics. Advanced programming facilities for control of complex processes include storage for up to 50 setpoint programs and control function blocks for logical and mathematical operations, which allow for the elimination of a number of other process control components such as times, counters and programmable controllers.


Offers its new Model 6000.2 precision infrared temperature measurement sensor that features its Vario-Zooom automatic focus (patent pending) and its TTL/SLR Intra-Optical Light Sighting. Through-The-Lens/Single Lens Reflex (TTL/SLR) features an LED, which passes visible light through the same path as the infrared beam and shows a flashing light on the target. The LED displays the target's location, shape, size and surface texture, taking the guesswork out of knowing where the infrared temperature sensor is looking.


Conductor series microprocessor-based temperature controllers available with field-interchangeable 15- and 30-amp modules. Standard mainframes include single, five, nine and 12 zones. Up to 128 zones can be configured by combining mainframes or custom free-standing control systems. Features include three-function LED display, dual-function digital set-point, full diagnostics for each individual zone, and auto-soft as-needed warm-up mode, which detects the amount of ground fault present on each heater zone. Electrical configurations include standard 240 VAC (optional 120), single- or three-phase, and 50 or 60 Hz.

Full line of thermocouples including all common ISA types such as J, K and T, as well as special alloys for applications that require up to 4,200[degrees]F.


Precise hot runner temperature and sequential valve gate controllers for injection molders.


Geflex modular temperature controls combine a PID controller, power controller, solid-state (SSR), current transformer, and digital communications in one device.


The new Multi-hot runner control unit Z1246/stands out through its fast and accurate control and its easy-to-operate programming. With features like simultaneous display of all control zones and programmable soft start, this innovative control unit sets new standards in efficiency, comfort and reliability.

Z252/ is a pocket temperature measuring device. And the full range Z251/2 Temperaure measuring device kit. Covering all your measuring needs.

Z1295/ is a J-type thermocouple for hot runner systems from manifold to hot nozzles.


Closed-loop modular temperature controls rated at 15 amps and 120 or 240 V with time-proportioned power, automatic soft-start, and digital display. Panel-mount adaptive, self-tuning PID controllers in 1/[4.sup.-], 1/[8.sup.-] and 1/[16.sup.-]DIN, as well as a number of stand-alone open-loop voltage controllers rated at 5 or 15 amps and 120 or 240 V are all in stock.

Equipment for directly reading hot-melt temperature includes Model 6010 temperature indicator with LED display and 1/[8.sup.-]DIN housing, and retrofit hot-melt thermocouple.

High-low temperature alarm and monitor has adjustable high and low setpoints, indicates temperature from any type-J thermocouple, and triggers visual and audio alarms if temperature goes above or below setpoint. Hand-held IR thermometers read temperatures up to 1,832[degrees]F without touching heat source. Also low-cost type K digital unit for temperatures to 1999[degrees]E


M SERIES-16-128 zones; Microcom- 2-48 zones; SoftGate Valve Pin Velocity Contril for Hydraulic Systems J-TECH HOTRUNNER INC.

Supplies MCS temperature-control systems ranging from 1 to 240 zones with touchscreen monitors.


On-line measurement and control systems for film and sheet.


Single or multizone microprocessor-based hot-runner temperature controllers sold individually or with systems. Complete hot-half packages include hot-runner system, manifold plates, and temperature controller, delivered fully assembled, completely wired, and electrically tested.

The MI series of Temperature Controllers maximizes injection molding performance of any hot runner with the advanced features of a touch screen unit but with an optimized, minimum footprint.

The M2 series of Temperature Controllers has leading edge heat control with user-friendly interface. Touch-screen technology and built-in LAN capabilities, is designed for maximum flexibility. Control up to 232 zones using the system's easy-to access graphs, drawings and Tool-Store

The MT series Temperature Controllers for 2 to 18 zones, Mold-Masters TempMaster-Series hot runner temperature controllers are engineered to deliver precise control.


Offers a complete line of modular temperature control systems. Features include: set-point temperature, process temperature, amp reading, "C" or "F" temperature reading, "J" or "K" thermocouple options, 100% power boost button, and bumpless transfer which provides back-up to the automatic temperature control setting. Offers all controller accessories and cable options. Also offers PMS touch screen GUI control systems that are space saving and technologically state of the art for high drop hot runner applications.


Thermocouples, RTDs, temperature indicators, calibrators, and controls. Thermocouples include both J and K types of adjustable depth, OEM replacements, washer type, spade type, melt-bolt, hose-clamp, and hot-melt.

Indicators include panel-mount and handheld portable models. Full line of probes for hand-held models. Controls include open-loop, solid-state power controls from 8A to 20A.


Makes a range of cavity temperature sensors, which detect the arrival of the flow front in the cavity. These can be supplied with control systems that adjust the temperature of individual hot-runner nozzles to balance multicavity filling, or adjust cooling circuits to provide uniform mold cooling.


Infrared noncontact thermometers provide more complete solutions for temperature monitoring needs. Sensors integrate into a wide range of plastics processes and equipment to provide continuous temperature measurement for applications ranging from 50 to 6500[degrees]F.


Complete line of easy-to-use PID temperature and process controllers from discrete controllers to multizone programmable systems. Related products include power controllers, sensors, LED SSR relays, high limit

controllers and indicators. Instruments have three-year warranty, UL recognition, CSA, CE Mark, CC-Link, and C-Tick approvals. ISO 9001 certification.


Complete line of temperature controls cover all requirements from simple analog controllers to complex microprocessor-based units with multiple programmable outputs and universal input. Sizes include 1/18-, 1/8-, 3/16- and t/4-DIN controls. Most controls have UL, cUL, CSA, and CE approvals. Models TEC-4300, TEC-8300, TEC-9300 and TEC-2500 feature universal sensor input, fast sample rate, fuzzy logic PID autotuning control, 2-5 independently programmable outputs/alarms, universal power input, heater break alarm, bumpless transfer to manual mode, analog retransmission and NEMA 4X/ IP65 front faces.

Model TEC-4100, TEC7100, TEC-8100 and TEC-9100 feature universal sensor input, fast sample rate, fuzzy logic PID autotuning control, six different outputs, universal power input, bumpless transfer to manual mode and NEMA 4X/1P65 front faces. Models TEC-920, TEC-910 and TEC-220 feature universal sensor input, fast sample rate, fuzzy logic PID autotuning control, six different outputs, universal power input, manual mode and NEMA 4X/1P65 front faces. Economical analog controls TEC-905, 902, 901, 805, 704, 405, 404, 402 and 401 feature digital displays, deviation meters, thermocouple and RTD sensor inputs, pushbutton and potentiometer setpoints, multiple outputs and alarms, and PID or on/off control. TEC-4500 and 9500 are Ramp and Soak Temperature Programmable Controls.

Also has a full line of in-house manufactured sensors that include standard thermocouple and RTD assemblies. Thermocouple types include full range of ANSI calibrations (J, K, etc.) and RTDs include standard DIN and JIS Pt100 and 1000 ohm standard curves. Assembly styles include adjustable and fixed bayonet, nozzle, ring, various fixed and adjustable melt bolt and mineral insulated with connection heads. Accessories include jacks, plugs, thermocouple wire, jack panels, connection heads and more.


Designs and manufactures thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, and associated components and hardware (such as thermowells and wire/wireless transmitters). Provides responsive solutions for prototype programs with sensor-engineering expertise in new or reverse engineering applications.


Offers family of standard, custom, temperature and multi-loop controllers in 1/[2.sup.-], 1/[4.sup.-], 1/[8.sup.-] and 1/[16.sup.-]DIN, open-board, sealed, potted, and NEMA-4 versions. Thermocouple, RTD, process inputs, solid-state, switched d-c, mechanical relay, and process outputs also available. Also infrared sensors, solid-state power controllers, machine-control products and computer-based control software. Communication varies from RS-422/423 and EIA-485 serial-communication to interconnectivity solutions including gateways and integrated DeviceNet, Ethernet and Palm for supporting applications from a remote location.

Series SD controllers provide accurate, cost-effective and reliable temperature control. Optional Infosense technology improves accuracy by a minimum of 50%. High-performance series PD temperature and process controllers utilize embedded Ethernet technology to provide a convenient means for setting up and viewing key process variables. Company offers advanced serial interface for computer supervision and data logging. PID control is optimized by Expert System autotune that evaluates a machine's operating capacity. Anawin Windows-based software package allows users to configure, monitor and maintain critical processes. A 32-bit operating system brings a high degree of stability for various Watlow controllers.

EZ-Zone ST integrated temperature-control loop packages available as five snap-together modules that communicate digitally with each other. This brand-new control architecture reduces wiring, saves space, and improves diagnostics. The latest addition to this series is EZ-Zone PM, 1/[16.sup.-], and 1/[32.sup.-]DIN panel-mount controllers with optional built-in over/under limit control.
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