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Temperature sensors, monitors, controls.


Custom temperature monitoring and control instruments with custom packaging, control sequencing, and data-communication capability.


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Model DT-130 temperature-measuring instrument has range from -100 F to +1999 F, fast response, standard industrial type-K thermocouple probes, resolution of 0.1 or 1[degrees]; F, and LCD display. Optional probes include universal, surface, air-gas, and hypodermic. Also available is model DT-136, a dual input version of the DT-130.

Model AM-50 is an LCD industrial multi-meter with direct temperature reading capability of-40 F to 800 E Features over-range indication, low-battery indication, auto-zeros on all ranges, reversed-polarity indication, and diode-test range. TPK-59 type K thermocouple is supplied with models AM-52, 57, and 59. Optional on AM-50, 53, and 56 models.


Model AN2402 1/8-D1N panel-mounted temperature controller has front-panel selectable setup, calibration, and operation. Wide range of thermocouple inputs, 1[degrees] or 0.1[degrees] resolution, degree C or F scale, and programmable filter. Options include RS232 serial interface, dual-relay setpoints, and analog output with independent scaling. Also Model AN2406 1/8-DIN controller with 1[degrees], 0.1[degrees] and 0.01[degrees] C resolution for 2-, 3- and 4-wire RTD measurements has same options as AN2402.


UDC 700 digital controller delivers reliable control of less complex processes in a space-saving 1/32-DIN size. Unit features universal power and inputs, two local setpoints, and NEMA-4/IP66 front-panel protection. Options include RS485 Modbus communications or a second alarm relay. Unit can be used to control temperature and other process variables in applications like ovens, molding and extrusion, dryers, packaging machinery and more.

Micro-processor-based low-cost UDC 1000 and UDC 1500 digital controllers are fully dedicated to monitor and control temperatures and pressures in a wide range of applications and come in 1/16- and 1/8-DIN sizes. Large and easy-to-read dual four-digit display and tactile keypad enable easy configuration. Features include universal inputs and power, NEMA-3/IP65 front-panel protection, auto/manual mode, and self-tuning software. RS-485 Modbus communications and up to two additional outputs are optional.


Series C temperature controllers available in four DIN sizes, as well as a sub-panel nonindicating model. The 1/16-DIN and larger models offer built-in 8-level ramp/soak control and standard options that include Modbus communications and a DIN-rail-mounted gateway for use within a DeviceNet control network. Features include signal inputs from J, K, N, R, S, B, C, E, NNM and Platinel II thermocouples, 2- or 3-wire RTDs and linear sources; large LED displays capable of decimal readouts of 0.1[degrees], dual output/alarms, field-configurable process and deviation alarms, and bumpless auto/manual transfer.

Tudor temperature sensors include a full range of high- and low-temperature thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, temperature transmitters, probe heads, and accessories. PH series solid-state power relays provide back-to-back scr output for resistive heating applications with false turn-on immunity and positive turn-off at high dV/dt. SH series solid-state controls come in single-phase, three-phase, three-leg; or three-phase, two-leg versions. Can be DIN rail or panel mounted.

Also offers turnkey custom design and manufacturing of embedded controls.


Line of hand-held digital thermocouple thermometers and over 150 different probes for sensing melt, mold, barrel, platen, and other temperatures. Series 396 allows wide temperature range, is F/C switchable, and accurate to [+ or -] 1%. Sealed membrane switches. Runs on one to three 9-v batteries with 500 hr of continuous operation per battery. All instruments come in thermocouple types J, K, and T.

Probes include 1/8-in, diam., 4-in.-long needle probe for insertion/immersion; micro-needle probe with 3/16-in.-long tip for elastomeric molds; and surface probes with ceramic-encased tips and straight or 90[degrees] shafts for molds, barrels, and platens.


Temperature monitors include non-contact infrared units and Atkins hand-held thermocouple probes. Recording model available. Temperature controls include nonindicating closed-loop, Fuji PYZ series, and PYX fuzzy-logic series.


Line of 1/32 and 1/16 DIN temperature controllers for extruders and mold-temperature controllers that require PID control for both heating and cooling.

Company also offers its CALogix modular system where multiloop temperature and process control is integrated with logic functionality in a compact sub-panel mount package. PID module input configurations include sensor (thermocouples, RTD 2/3 wire, 0-50mV), 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V. Three outputs on the PID module (combination of SSR driver, 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V). I/O modules have three inputs selectable as 0-5V, 0-10V or 0-24 VDC. I/O modules have relay or SSR 12 VDC driver output options. Touchscreen or keypad operator interface options available, which can be integrated as a user interface for CALogix. Panels can be configured to monitor system data, adjust parameters and setpoints, perform control functions or run selected profiles.


Flexible temperature, process and time/ temperature stand-alone controls can be fully configured by a temporary computer link-up. Also line of thermocouple sensors compatible with controls.


Stock or custom control products include 1600 series compact, reliable 1/16-DIN field-configurable controls that are easily installed, have Smart self-tuning fuzzy logic capability, and incorporate heat/cool control features.

The 1/4-DIN 2104 temperature/process controller is a high-performance single-loop unit for temperature, flow, pressure, and level control applications. Features include NEMA 4X front panel, self-tuning PID control (single output or heat/cool), and control-loop alarm.

Optional five-control outputs, alarm or event outputs, and RS232 or RS422/485 digital communications.

The 1/4-DIN 3101 high/low limit controller is compact, and fully programmable. Supplied with user programmable inputs, outputs, and high/low limit features such as total time over/under temperature display and peak process variable display. Flexible to fit in most limit control applications and UL and CUL listed.

The 4115 solid-state power controller is a single-pole, normally open-switching device that accepts any 3-32 VDC control input signal and provides on/off zero-crossover switching of 120 to 480 VAC loads for 40 to 90 amps. Has reliable noise-immune drive circuitry for longer life and higher load capacity than triacs.


Temperature controls range from simple nonindicating types to digitals with PID autotuning.


Mark R noncontact temperature sensor for slim objects is used primarily to measure metal conductor temperature in extrusion of wire insulation. Generates millivolt output.


See Hot-Runner Components.


Digital thermistor units range from handheld to panel-mounted meters with alarm capabilities and accuracies of [+ or -] 2[degrees]F. Full complement of probes can be extended to 1000 ft.

Hand-held and panel-mounted digital thermocouple units read temperatures from -40 F to 2200 F. Probes can be extended to 50 ft.

A range of 1- and 2-in. stainless-steel bimetal thermometers in different stem lengths, and 2-, 2.5- and 3.5-in. vapor-tension remote-reading thermometers.


Line of electrical heater monitoring products includes Current Ring indicators that monitor the operation of electrical heater elements in molding machines. Attached to a wire leading to a heater element, they provide a visual LED illumination when electrical current is present. Indicator works directly at the current-carrying wire or at a remote location.


Temperature controllers with patented dual-thermocouple design maintain precise control in critical processes. With one thermocouple located in the heater/cooler and the other at the deepest point of barrel, corrective heating or cooling action can be taken to bring inner barrel surface temperature to stability quickly and automatically. Recipe features reduce the amount of scrap manufactured during startups and grade changes.


See Hot-Runner Components.


Complete line of temperature sensors. Standard and custom designs available in all thermocouple types and platinum RTDs. Also standard designs for European and Japanese equipment. Large stock for immediate shipment.


Thermocouples in all ANSI calibrations (J, K, T, E types) in grounded/ungrounded and exposed junctions available in various probe configurations, using stainless steel and Inconel sheath materials.


Temperature-indicating, controlling, and recording instrumentation includes handheld digital and analog pyrometers, infrared thermometers, thermocouple sensors, scanners and controllers. Multiple input models with RS-232 USB and Ethernet connectivity available in all thermocouple types. Thermocouple sensors available for measuring mold surfaces, subsurfaces, liquids, melts, and air shots. Instrument temperature ranges from -270 C up to 2300 C with quick response and accuracies as close as 0.5 C. Portable high-accuracy calibrators for surface, immersion and infrared sensors. Full line of metrology products including stirred liquid and salt baths plus cryogenic comparators.

Noncontact, hand-held infrared thermometers measure from 0-1600 F/C with quick readings displayed to 0.1 F resolution on LCD. Display shows minimum, maximum, difference, and average temperature. High/ low audible alarms are given. Emissivity is adjustable.


Complete family of temperature controllers, monitors, sensors and solid-state relays. Controllers include single-loop, multiloop and total machine units for blow molding, injection molding and extrusion. Also thermocouples and RTDs along with plugs and jacks, extension wire and thermowells.

New Maco SRS (small rack system) injection molding control system offers the advantages of integrated, total machine control in a compact package. It is a low-cost, expandable system that meets baseline injection control needs and can be equipped with options. Unit supports open- or closed-loop (Impact II) injection process control. Impact II software eliminates time-consuming setup of tuning parameters and creates a theoretical model of the process, which is used along with hundreds of rules to automatically optimize the process to compensate for short- and long-term deviations. The controller chassis is designed for lower system cost without sacrificing high-tech performance. Chassis, which consists of four control card slots, is open in design. Adaptive automatic tuning is included for 6-12 zones of temperature control. All SPC calculations and charts can be viewed. Maco SRS is compatible with Eurotherm's entire line of OPtima, OPtima PC or Lite Operator stations.

Newest temperature controllers, Models 3508 (1/8-DIN) and 3504 (1/4-DIN), are specifically designed for demanding, high-accuracy, single-loop applications. Units are easy to use and include a text message display, which shows the exact name of parameters and alarms, saving time during commissioning and operating. Text can be displayed in English, French and German.

Company's iTools PC configuration and maintenance software has been enhanced for the new 3000 series controllers. It now includes a graphical editor for models 3508 and 3504 with drag and drop configuration. Controllers interface to iTools using a built-in hardware port or an infrared port located in from of controller. Software will save and reproduce complete configuration, set up profile recipes, maintain "clone" files for documentation and provide diagnostics. Advanced programming facilities for control of complex processes include storage for up to 50 setpoint programs and control function blocks for logical and mathematical operations, which allow for the elimination of a number of other process control components such as times, counters and programmable controllers.

Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet and Device Net digital communications are available options for 3508 and 3504 for connection to supervisory computers or programmable logic controllers. Both models are labeled "ArchestrA Ready" ensuring they will operate with the new Invensys plant automation ArchestrA.


Series 3800 infrared temperature sensors provide precision temperature readings in two different ranges: low-temperature ranges from -40 F to 221 F and high-temperature ranges from -40F to 2000 E Response time is as low as 0.015 sec. Sensor housed in stainless-steel cases that are 0.625 in. diam. by 2.25 in. long. Optics are of aerospace-quality, highly durable, double-coated zinc selenide.

Instruments can withstand operating up to 200 F up to 95% relative humidity. Standard output is 4-20 mA. Optional 0-5 volt, mV and type J or K thermocouple outputs also available.


See Hot-Runner Components.


Noncontact infrared temperature sensors includes IRt/c sensors, which require no power and have no moving parts. Can operate in the rugged/harsh environments with no maintenance. Units are designed to meet any and with more than 300 models available can fit any form or shape.

New microprocessor-controlled Smart-IRt/c sensor offers a complete, compact, cost-effective, general-purpose alternative to temperature measurement. Unit acts as a complete system over a wide target and ambient temperatures providing several choices of linear outputs.

DX-Series of handheld IR thermometers are a family of NIST traceable, affordable, high-precision, emissivity-free microscanners. Designed with a patented automatic emissivity compensation system (AECS) that creates its own blackbody that provides emissivity-free temperature readings.


Temperature/process controllers and indicators include VT series of 1/16-DIN (48VT) and 1/4-D1N (96VT) autotuning PID controllers. Dual four-digit LED displays for setpoint and process variables. Inputs include thermocouple, RTD, current, and voltage. One-touch autotune function automatically computes optimum PID values. Also can be used for on/off control. Control action either a 5A relay, 4-20 mA current, or pulsed 24-VDC to drive a solid-state relay. User-selectable heating or cooling. Five-amp alarm relay outputs standard on both models, with two on the 96VT.

Other units include 1/16-, 1/8- and 1/4-DIN temperature controllers with analog or digital setpoints and on/off or proportional control.

Temperature indicators include subminiature and 1/8-DIN and temperature indicators and controllers with digital setpoints. Indicators include units with up to 4-in. displays, 1/8-DIN, and miniature versions for thermocouple and RTD inputs. Options include mV or 4-20 mA current outputs. Switch boxes and multipoint scanners monitor up to 10 locations.


Conductor series microprocessor-based temperature controllers available with field interchangeable 15- and 30-amp modules. Standard mainframes include single, five, nine and twelve zones. Up to 128 zones can be configured by combining mainframes or custom free-standing control systems. Features include three-function LED display, dual-function digital set-point, full diagnostics for each individual zone, and auto-soft as-needed warm-up mode, which detects the amount of ground fault present on each heater zone. Electrical configurations include standard 240 VAC (optional 120), single- or three-phase, and 50 or 60 Hz.

Full line of thermocouples including all common ISA types such as J, K and T, as well as special alloys for applications that require up to 4200 F.


Temperature controls include electronic or electromechanical (differential-expansion, snap discs or liquid-expansion) types; non-indicating or indicating with digital (LCD/ LED) or analog displays; miniature or standard sizes; surface-mount or probe styles; and models for normal or hostile environments. Sensors include thermistors for local or remote sensing. Microprocessor-based DIN controllers with autotuning and fuzzy logic. Circuit board analog and microprocessor-based temperature and limit controls. ISO 9001 certified.


Thermoprofile SLS "smart" infrared line-scanning systems for real-time inspection, monitoring, and control of moving web and rotating elements in continuous processes. Designed for continuous operation in hostile environments, units can function as stand-alone monitor or part of closed-loop process-control system.

Thermovision infrared imaging and thermal analysis systems is for plant maintenance, R&D, product design, and quality assurance.


See Hot-Runner Components.


In-stock line of thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors. Melt-bolt and spring-loaded designs, along with lead wires, fittings, and connectors.


Three-mode electronic temperature controls include plug-in, single-channel, microprocessor-based models, plus line of multizone units in compact, panel-mounted, 16- and 32-zone modules. Capacity can be extended to any number of zones using remotely mounted, 30-channel auxiliary modules that operate under supervision of panel-mounted unit.

For extrusion, both single- and multizone models can use patented Duosense system, which uses a deep- and a shallow-well temperature sensor for faster response and longer life without sacrificing accuracy of deep-well sensing.

Also line of adjustable RTD temperature sensors for extrusion and injection machines.


Manufactures digital, analog and PID temperature controllers, limit controllers, thermocouple temperature recorders, temperature transmitters, relays, thermocouples and RTDs.


Temperature and pressure instruments include full line of 3.5-, 4.5-, 6-, and 8.5-in. gauges with exclusive cam and roller movement, and optional grease fitting for extruder applications. Also digital gauges in several sizes. Complete line of 3- and 5-in. bimetallic thermometers. Tonnage dials available for injection applications.


See Hot-Runner Components.


Digital temperature indicators, controllers, and alarms include portable digital thermometers and permanently mounted monitors. Rugged portable line includes large selection of general-purpose and specialty probes. Permanently mounted instruments include microprocessor-based digital panel meters, wide range of digital temperature indicators, and industrial temperature-alarm panels. Also line of temperature alarm/controllers with optional digital indication of temperature, setpoints, and differentials.


Closed-loop modular temperature controls rated at 15 amps and 120 or 240 v with time-proportioned power, automatic soft-start, and digital display. Stand-alone closed-loop temperature controllers rated at 15 amps and 240 v, and stocked in 1-, 2- and 4-zone models. Stand-alone open-loop voltage controllers rated at 5 or 15 amps and 120 or 240 v.

Equipment for directly reading hot-melt temperature includes Model 6010 temperature indicator with LED display and 1/8-DIN housing, and retrofit hot-melt thermocouple.

High-low temperature alarm and monitor has adjustable high and low setpoints, indicates temperature from any type-J thermocouple, and triggers visual and audio alarms if temperature goes above or below setpoint. Panel-mount adaptive, self-tuning PID controllers in 1/4-, 1/8- and 1/16-DIN also stocked.

Hand-held surface pyrometers read temperatures up to 600 F without touching heat source. Also low-cost type K digital unit for temperatures to 1999 F.


See Hot-Runner Components.


Noncontact infrared thermometers operate in harsh environments from -50 to 6500 E On-line thermometers, line-scanning thermal-imaging systems, portable noncontact thermometers, and low-cost two-wire transmitters. Sensors "see" objects as small as 0.012 in. and respond in as little as 25 millisec. Series 43 and 48, operating at 3.43 microns and 7.95 microns respectively, are best suited for polyethylene and polyester films.


Analog panel instruments for temperature monitoring and control. Model 400 indicating temperature controller has dual setpoints, 4.5-in. mirrored scale, and relay outputs. Can be used as direct replacement in most equipment. Options allow customization.


Custom-designed thermocouples and RTDs include bayonet, plastic melt-bolt, flex-armor adjustable, and spring-adjustable depth thermocouples. Also calibration equipment and services, interface hardware related to sensor applications, and signal transmitters or integrated combinations of sensors with transmitters.


Supplies MCS temperature-control systems ranging from 1 to 240 zones with touchscreen monitors.


Over 60 analog and digital temperature meters include thermometers with stainless-steel and upright stems; panel-mount meters and transmitters with type J, K, T, and E thermocouple probes; strip-chart and circular temperature recorders; infrared meters for noncontact measurement (portable and remote models with 4-20 mA output); and multichannel, 4-20 mA or 0-5 VDC temperature monitors with alarm systems.


Temperature control units for heating or cooling of tools and machine components. Closed-loop design.



Minolta/Land portable Cyclops 343 and Cyclops 379 hand-held infrared thermometers make precise spot-temperature measurements on thin-film plastics over measurement range of 30 to 700 F. Features include focusable optics and digital display of temperature; choice of peak hold, valley hold or continuous operation; and built-in calculating for maximum, minimum, or mean of a series of readings.

Portable and on-line noncontact infrared thermometers feature a narrow waveband spectral response suitable for noncontact temperature measurement of hydrocarbon polymers. New System 4 M7 on-line thermometers measure ultra-thin film with high-speed response from 75 to 700 F.


Noncontact infrared sensors provide continuous temperature measurement of moving, fragile, or unsafe targets without product contamination. Fixed and portable units have measurement ranges from -70 F to 3000 F.

MX-series fixed units offer high-resolution optics for readings as precise as [+ or -]1% every 300 millisec. MX-HT is for extremely harsh industrial applications at temperatures up to 3000 E Field of view ratio can be either 50:1 or 75:1. MX and MX-HT available with Type R, S, and B thermocouples, one mv/[degrees], 0-5 v, 4-20 and 0-20 mA, and RS-232 and RS-485 serial outputs.

Portable LTL-100 offers laser sighting for precise, noncontact temperature measurement. Features include 1-see response time, peak hold, and 8-14 micron spectral filter with temperature range of-20 F to 2000 E C-1000 portable self-contained, battery-operated devices consist of probe and display unit.


Temperature controls, sensors, and output devices include full families of controls in the four most common sizes: 1/32-DIN, 1/16-DIN, 1/8-DIN, and t/4-DIN. Each is plug compatible and offers features ranging from simple control to auto/manual, self-tune, ramp/soak, computer communications, and fuzzy logic. Most controls have an IP66 (NEMA 4X) front panel rating, and are UL, CE, and CSA approved.

Model 4151 and Model 4130 transmitter modules offer user-programmable input and isolated linear process output (0-10 VDC or 4-20 mADC). Model 4380 Iso/ Verter II accepts any standard process signal, isolates it, and retransmits as the same or any other standard process output. New 1090, 1290, and 1490 alarms accept process, thermocouple, or RTD inputs. All modules are UL recognized. Standard and custom thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistor probes.

Output devices include mercury displacement contactors, solid-state relays, solid-state contactors, and scr power controls. Capacities from 10 to 150 amps. SCR controls available in zero-crossover or phase-angle fire configurations.


Luxtron fiber-optic temperature sensors and instruments enable measurement in difficult locations and offer intrinsically safe electromagnetic immunity.

MARLIN MANUFACTURING Sensors include adjustable bayonet-mounted melt and nozzle thermocouples. Specialty thermocouples for surface-temperature and band-heater sensing available. Will custom design.


See Hot-Runner Components.


Low-cost compact model M7 portable, handheld and battery-operated noncontact infrared thermometer features LCD temperature display with dual laser sighting for pinpointing small target areas. Used for maintenance applications for measuring temperature on motors, bearings, steam traps and insulation voids.


See Hot-Runner Components.


See Hot-Runner Components.


Patented ribbon-type temperature sensors for measurements in molding and extrusion include series A6A spring-loaded, bayonet-style ribbon thermocouples that measure in-wall temperatures of barrels. True local temperatures in the metal wall can be measured, free of conduction errors caused by external air drafts, mounting fixtures, and metallic protection tubes.

Series C4 thermocouples measure temperature inside mold cavity with millisecond response times. One type measures part temperature as it is being formed. Another type measures inside surface temperature of wall. Both fit into existing ejector pin holes, serving as thermocouple and ejector pin.

Series C8 thermocouples measure temperature as material flows through extruder nozzle. Millisecond response time. Operates continuous or cyclically.

Also conventional temperature sensors, controllers and indicators.


SP series melt-temperature transducers have low-volume capillary system to ensure thermal stability while minimizing risk of melt contamination. Fast response make units less susceptible to flow erosion.

Models 500 1/16-DIN and 1000 1/8-DIN single-loop temperature controllers feature dual LED display for simultaneous viewing of process and setpoint values. Units provide relay, logic, or trine control output.

Models 3300 1/8-DIN and 4300 1/4-DIN controllers have backlit, multifunction LCD display; data-acquisition rates of six samples/ sec; and digital communications capability. Relay, logic, analog, or motorized actuator control outputs available.

Model 1020 1/8-DIN two-loop temperature controller with NEMA-3 splashproof faceplate accepts two independent inputs.

Models 100, 200, 201 panel meter/alarm units, 1/16- and 1/8-DIN, are fully configurable. Model 201 features 3.5-digit, 14-mm display; Model 100, a 3-digit, 14-mm display; and Model 200, a 3-digit, 20-mm display. Four operational software levels accessible only by entry codes.


Complete line of thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistor probes. Specialty is custom manufacturing and application problem-solving. Patented probes include "retractable" melt thermocouple, which allows immersion and withdrawal from plastic melt stream during operation. Also bayonet-style, nozzle-type and compression-fitting versions for injection and extrusion machines. Two and three-pin thermocouple connectors, mounting adapters, and fittings also available.


New ETR-4300 1/4-DIN and ETR-8300 1/8-DIN temperature controllers revolve around an 18-bit A/D converter for high-resolution measurement. Inputs feature a field-programmable selection of nine thermocouple sensors, two standard RTD curves and six linear process inputs.

Four independent programmable outputs offer flexibility when heating, cooling and/or using alarms. Output options feature standard modules plus three optional auxiliary power suppliers for powering external transmitters, various sensors or small devices. A safety function, bumpless transfer, when employed is able to proportion the main output upon error mode or sensor break conditions.

Digital communications utilize a standard Modbus RTU protocol, which offers flexibility when implementing units into a supervisory system or Human Machine Interface (HMI) software package. Using SpecView communications package, RS-232 or RS-485 option offers remote historical trending, control, recipe loads and complete monitoring capabilities. Both units offer the latest in control and safety features with few limitations in a single zone controller. Using the heater break alarm feature, the controller can also monitor heater current with CT-94-1 current transformer accessory. Unit are in stock and available for next day delivery.

ETR-3200 1/32-DIN temperature controller with Smarter Logic can make control decisions based on vague or incomplete information. Initial overshoot and deviations from setpoint due to process disturbances are said to be virtually eliminated. ETR-3200 can be configured as a PID autotuning control with a variety of output selections. The second output can be selected from optional functions, including alarm. With universal input, ETR-3200 can accept a variety of sensors or other input source. Parameters are front-panel selectable for easy setup. RS-485 output allows remote networking of multiple controls with a PC.

ETR-9200 1/16-DIN microprocessor-based temperature controller has automatic tuning of PID parameters with Smarter Logic. As a process disturbance is detected, Smarter Logic's decision-making function quickly returns process value to setpoint. Menu-driven program provides configurable process parameters such as Universal Input feature and C or F display. NEMA 4X front panel, dual display, ramp-to-setpoint, two selectable-function secondary outputs, and RS-485 communications output are features.

ETR-4220 1/4-DIN microprocessor-based temperature controller also has automatic tuning with Smarter Logic. Menu-driven program provides configurable parameters such as Universal Input and C or F display. Process and setpoint temperatures are visible at all times on dual, four-digit display. Nonvolatile memory retains process parameters when power is off. Two selectable-function secondary outputs allow both high and low limits or alarms. ETR-4230 has an additional proportional output for processes that require cooling. RS-485 communications available.

ETR-8120 1/8-DIN microprocessor-based autotuning temperature controller has front-panel configurable control parameters. The 1/2-in. dual display makes process and setpoint visible at all times. Selectable parameters include type of input, C or F display, control mode, and heating or cooling. Two secondary outputs provide selectable functions or limits. ETR-8130 has an additional proportional output for cooling.


Temperature controllers and monitors, including thermocouple, RTD, and infrared sensors. Controllers can be selected with simple on/off or PID control, autotuning, event-signal generation, and ramp/soak programming. Single- and multiloop controllers are stand-alone or panel-mounted. Extended warranty and custom engineering available.


Electronic process/temperature controllers feature autotuning, PID, and communications. Sizes include 1/4-, 1/8-, 1/16- and 1/32-DIN. New Eb-N series digital temperature controls incorporate communications and advanced self-tuning capabilities into compact housings. Flexible E5-K series offers seven security levels and several ways to manipulate variables for safety considerations, including error and alarms. All options, which include transfer output (420mA) and event input, are interchangeable and easily field-replaceable.


See Hot-Runner Components.


Electronic temperature controls and sensors for a variety of process applications. Controls range from simple on/off and proportional types, to complex microcontroller-based proportional-integral-derivative versions. Specializes in customized controllers.


SCR-based power controls and contactors control a-c and d-c power to regulate electric heating. Model 11 series a-c contactors, an alternative to electromechanical contactors and mercury relays, available in single-phase or three-phase versions at all standard voltages to 600 VAC in sizes from 10 to 1200 amps/phase. All units tested for up to 600 operations/min, and for over 200 million continuous operations without component failure. Used with on/off temperature controllers.

Single- and three-phase a-c variable-voltage controls for proportional control of electric heat available from 10 to 1200 amps/phase at all standard voltages to 600 VAC. The 18 series controls come in either phase-angle or zero-fired versions. May be operated manually or equipped to follow an analog milli-amp or d-c voltage signal from a temperature controller or PLC.

The 36 series d-c power controls accept single- or three-phase a-c voltage input and have variable d-c output. Available at all standard voltages to 600 VAC. Sizes from 10 to 1200 amps/phase.

Series 18A thermocouple temperature controllers interface with 18 or 36 series proportional controls to provide closed-loop control. Either full-scale indication or temperature-deviation versions. Can be set up for a variety of temperature ranges and thermocouple types.


See Hot-Runner Components.


Thermocouples, RTDs, temperature indicators, calibrators, and controls. Thermocouples include both J and K types of adjustable depth, OEM replacements, washer type, spade type, melt-bolt, hose-clamp, and hot-melt.

Indicators include panel-mount and handheld portable models. Full line of probes for hand-held models. Controls include openloop, solid-state power controls from 8A to 20A.


See Hot-Runner Components.


Digital process controllers, process monitors, process programmers, and auto/manual stations. Single-loop controllers and monitors control independent loop or entire plant. Instruments come in 1/8- and 1/4-DIN sizes.


Thermocouples and RTD temperature sensors include fixed and adjustable immersion, ring, nozzle, melt-bolt types, and special constructions. Also connectors, temperature indicators, sensor selector switches, bayonet adapters, thermocouple wire, connecting heads, and transmitters.


Sub-panel or panel-mount electronic thermostats and indicators include potentiometers and scales calibrated to specifications. Various input voltages, output devices, and control modes. Microprocessor-based digital thermostats provide digital setpoint and indication, and programmable upper and lower setpoint and indication. Thermistors, RTDs, and thermocouples come standard and custom made.


Noncontact infrared temperature-measurement sensors include online point sensors and line scanners to monitor temperature in continuous web processes. Also portable infrared thermometers.

Thermalert MP50 IR process imager provides cross-machine temperature measurement. DataTemp MP Windows 95 and NT software displays temperature profiles and graphs for real-time monitoring and control. The 3.43 linescanner is specially designed to measure thin polyethylene, while the 7.9 is for acrylic, acetate, nylon, PVC, and polyester.

Thermalert MI and GP models feature separate point sensing head and electronics. Thermalert CI and TX models combine sensor and output electronics in a single integrated package. CI is a suitable thermocouple replacement and TX is a smart sensor with easy two-wire installation and two-way communications.

Two introduced systems are designed specifically for online analysis of extrusion processes. The ES100 systems analyzes diebolt temperatures by scanning cast-film and sheet webs. The EC100 system scans the melt curtain surface temperature in extrusion coating and laminating.

The TF100 system allows thermoformers to visualize temperature distribution across the sheet.


Micro Foil heat-flow sensor has nominal sensitivity of 0.02 to 11 microvolts/Btu/[ft.sup.2]-hr with maximum heat-flux rating of 20 to 30 Btu/[ft.sup.2]-sec. Sensors available with integral thermocouple. Hypodermic-needle thermocouple sensor Model HN, measures temperatures inside soft or semi-solid objects with minimal puncture area. Diam. of needle can be as small 0.020 in.

Model 2900 two-wire RTD temperature transmitter is accurate to [+ or -] 0.1% of span or [+ or -] 0.1[degrees]C, whichever is greater.

Designed for rugged industrial applications where operating temperature permits transmitter to be mounted directly to sensor connection head.


Complete line of easy-to-use temperature and process controllers. Discrete controllers feature active-tuning with advanced PID algorithms that suppress and eliminate overshoot on start-up, process upsets or setpoint change; digital communications, field programmable heater and loop break alarms. Ramp/soak programmers in three DIN sizes can be programmed for 16 to 256 steps. Multiloop control varies from dual-loop panel-mounted control to multizone modular controllers, which can control up to 320 temperature zones per operator interface. Digital communications include mini-SCADA programs and software tools for custom-designed operator screens, Profibus, Modbus, or DeviceNet protocol, as well as an RKC software program allowing interface with PLCs without additional programming.

Products lines are suitable for processing temperature control loops in conjunction with a PLC system or as a stand-alone control system.

Related products include power controllers, sensors, LED SSR relays, high limit controllers and indicators. Instruments have three-year warranty, UL recognition, CSA, CE Mark, CC-Link, and C-Tick approvals. ISO 9001 certification.


Pyrometers and sensors for temperature measurement include analog and digital pyrometers in temperature ranges from -150 to 2000 F. Sensors are for surface, melt and immersion, and oven and free air applications.


See Hot-Runner Components.


Complete line of temperature controls cover all requirements from simple analog controllers to complex microprocessor-based units with multiple programmable outputs and universal input. Sizes include 1/32-, 1/16-, 1/8-, 3/16- and 1/4-DIN controls. Most controls have UL, cUL, CSA, or CE approvals.

Models TEC-4300, TEC-8300, TEC-9300 and TEC-2500 feature universal sensor input, fast sample rate, fuzzy logic PID autotuning control, 2-4 independently programmable outputs/alarms, universal power input, heater break alarm, bumpless transfer to manual mode, analog retransmission and NEMA 4X/IP65 front faces.

Model TEC-4100, TEC7100, TEC-8100 and TEC-9100 feature universal sensor input, fast sample rate, fuzzy logic PID autotuning control, 6 different outputs, universal power input, bumpless transfer to manual mode and NEMA 4X/IP65 front faces.

Models TEC-920, TEC-910 and TEC-220 feature universal sensor input, fast sample rate, fuzzy logic PID autotuning control, six different outputs, universal power input, manual mode and NEMA 4X/IP65 front faces.

Economical analog controls TEC-905,902, 901,805,704, 405,404, 402 and 401 feature digital displays, deviation meters, thermocouple and RTD sensor inputs, pushbutton and potentiometer setpoints, multiple outputs and alarms, and PID or on/off control.

Also a full line of in-house manufactured sensors that include standard thermocouple and RTD assemblies. Thermocouple types include full range of Ansi calibrations. (J, K, etc.) and RTDs include standard DIN and JIS 100 and 1000 ohm standard curves. Assembly styles include adjustable and fixed bayonet, nozzle, ring, various fixed and adjustable melt bolt and mineral insulated with connection heads.

Accessories include jacks, plugs, thermocouple wire, jack panels, connection heads and more.


Temperature-measuring instruments from basic digital pocket thermometers to handheld multi functional units. Variety of probes for surface, immersion, air, infrared, or penetration applications. Instruments use type K, J, NTC, or RTD sensors for -300 F to 2490 F.

Quartz-sensor thermometer with accuracy of [+ or -] 0.2 F. Dual-temperature inputs allow differential temperature readings with precision of [+ or -] 0.06 D.

Professional Class Instruments offer split display, analog outputs, dual probe inputs, max/min/hold, and optional logger module for recording and printing. PC interface allows real time data transfer.


Offers 1/16-, 1/8- and ]/4-DIN temperature controllers with RS232C and RS485 serial interfaces, multiloop KR4 units, and companion RTD and thermocouple indicators.


Thermocouples, RTDs and temperature controllers for all types of extrusion and molding. Broad range of standard bayonet and melt-flow thermocouple and RTD assemblies and hardware. Also custom-made systems. Temperature controller models available in 1/4-, 1/8- and ]/16-DIN cut-out sizes with thermocouple, RTD, and process input. Optional features include RS-232 communication, analog output, and alarms.


Hand-held and panel-mount thermometers and probes. Thermocouple types are for penetration, liquid melts, and fast surface measurements. Also precision RTD thermometers for critical applications and for checking other meters and controls. Several miniature (1/32- and 1/16-DIN) panel controls have microprocessors. Infrared noncontact thermometers also available.



Line of high-temperature-sensing instruments, including custom-made thermocouples for heavy- and light-duty applications. Type K, J, or T hand-held thermocouples available for use with any temperature meter, as well as digital and analog panel pyrometers. Analog instruments available in single- and multiple-circuit designs.


New Fuji Electric PXR series of process and temperature controllers comes in 1/32-, 1/16-, l/s- and 1/4-DIN. Controllers have all Fuji standard features. In addition to autotuning and fuzzy control, PXR comes with self-tuning, which automatically retunes the controller under certain conditions without the need to revert to autotuning. Standard 8-segment ramp/soak feature has been expanded to include two patterns that can be linked to create a 16-step profile.

Fuzzy-logic temperature controllers include PYX series controllers in 1/16-, 1/8-and 1/4-DIN sizes with little or no overshoot on start-up. Available with RS-485 communications, supervisory software, loop-break alarm, heater-break alarm, analog re-transmission, and eight-segment programmer for ramp/soak.

PX series features as standard NEMA-4X rated faceplate. Accepts a wide variety of inputs and eight-segment ramp/soak programming. Advanced security options prevent unauthorized use and all parameters are display-maskable. Standard power supply of 85 to 264 vac with 24 vac/dc optional. Two outputs and programmable alarms available. Comes in 1/4- to 1/32-DIN sizes with eight-or three-button programming keys on the faceplate.

PVX high-performance programmable controller with free Windows-based loader software can store nine patterns of up to 20 segments each with its own recipe. Features include guaranteed soak function, 100 milli-sec sampling rate, triple simultaneous display, wide variety of input and output choices, auto/manual control, four external command input points, and pattern select inputs.


Indicating and recording temperature controls, thermocouples, and RTDs. Explosion-proof and general-purpose temperature and pressure switches, heat trace/freeze protection thermostats, and pressure transmitters.


Model 473 thermocouple digital calibrator/indicator simulates and measures thermocouples, ohms, milli-amps, and milli-volts. Calibrates temperature controllers indicators, recorders, and transmitters. Long battery life, hand-held versatility, high/low memory, and large touch-type switches. Models 460 and 461 measure and display temperature. Input types are selectable from front panel.


Temperature controls, control panels, and sensors include programmable controllers as well as bulb and capillary models. Control panels are UL listed. Sensor products include thermocouples and RTDs. In-stock and custom products.


Multiloop PID controllers from four to 48 channels in 1/4- and 1/8-DIN through-panel and sub-panel mount configurations. Systems include temperature controllers with ModBus and DeviceNet and with user-programmable logic and high-level software.


Offers family of standard, custom, temperature and multi-loop controllers in 1/2-, 1/4-, 1/8- and 1/16-DIN, open-board, sealed, potted, and NEMA-4 versions. Thermocouple, RTD, process inputs, solid-state, switched d-c, mechanical relay, and process outputs also available. Also infrared sensors, solid-state power controllers, machine-control products and computer-based control software. Communication varies from RS422/423 and EIA-485 serial-communication to interconnectivity solutions including gateways and integrated DeviceNet, Ethernet and Palm for supporting applications from a remote location.

New series SD controllers provide accurate, cost-effective and reliable temperature control. Optional Infosense technology improves accuracy by a minimum of 50%. High-performance series PD temperature and process controllers utilize embedded Ethernet technology to provide a convenient means for setting up and viewing key process variables.

Company offers advanced serial interface for computer supervision and data logging. PID control is optimized by Expert System autotune that evaluates a machine's operating capacity. Anawin Windows-based software package allows users to configure, monitor and maintain critical processes. A 32-bit operating system brings a high degree of stability for various Watlow controllers.

New EZ-Zone ST integrated temperature-control loop packages (normally comprised of six separate components of the control loop) available as five snap-together modules that communicate digitally with each other. This brand-new control architecture reduces wiring, saves space, and improves diagnostics.


Distributes infrared heater controls for thermoforming and other uses from Multiba GmbH of Germany. Also supplies thermocouples and RTDs.


On-line infrared thermometers provide noncontact temperature measurement of thin plastic films, other plastic extrudates, coatings, and molded parts.

Difficult temperature measurements, such as on tenter frames for extremely thin films, use thermometers employing precise narrowband infrared filters. This technique enables the device to measure the surface temperature of film without looking through the film or being influenced by the background.

Monitoring and controlling temperatures during heating in infrared or hot-air ovens is possible by measuring product temperature itself, rather than measuring air or heater temperatures.


New Green series universal single-loop controls offer 1/8- or 1/4-DIN sizes in single or heat/cool universal versions. Units feature programmable input and output types, heater-break alarms, full PID set for each heating and cooling output, and autotuning.

New UT2000 multizone controls in four-or eight-loop modules feature programmable input and output types, autotuning quick connection to a touchscreen, two-line display, and PC or PLC.

All controllers feature Super Control Algorithm that uses fuzzy logic to mimic manipulations of an expert operator. *****
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