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Temperature monitoring.

Industrial and chemical processors are now said to obtain maximum featured temperature and humidity monitoring technology at half the price with the company's TH8 line of 8" temperature/humidity chart recorders and the KT8 line of K-thermocouple remote sensing 8" chart recorders. These TH8 and KT8 chart recorders are said to have a number of added design features for durability and practicality in industrial settings, from high quality metal components to smaller footprint designs to larger charts for readability and more, according to the company. There are three different models of the TH8 8" temperature/humidity chart recorders and five different models of the KT8 K-thermocouple remote sensing chart recorders, each optimized for different humidity and/or temperature ranges. Users are able to interchange 24 hour, seven day or 31 day charts as desired, opt to display temperature or humidity, and specify preferred calibration methods.


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Title Annotation:Instruments
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 22, 2005
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