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John Wayne: American icon: Marion Morrison, known as John Wayne, became a symbol of what Americans valued and what they aspired to be: individualistic, self-reliant, and just. Biography Aug 8, 2016 3447
Lessons of the Weimar Republic: the history of Weimar Germany illustrates how the social, political, and cultural destruction caused by hyperinflation so easily leads to the loss of liberty. May 11, 2009 3153
Socialism's broken promise: even in the United States, the Utopian economic and political system known as socialism remains attractive to those who are not familiar with its track record of broken promises. Essay Jan 5, 2009 3508
Nazi counterfeiters: the story of a Nazi counterfeiting scheme during WWII illustrates the clear difference between governments that are free and those that are totalitarian. Aug 18, 2008 2273
Protecting family & country: America can best protect her own people and their freedoms by embracing the noninterventionist foreign policy our Founding Fathers envisioned. Apr 14, 2008 1543
Liberty at home, not crusades abroad: for over 100 years after its founding, the United States avoided foreign aggression, knowing such actions would lead to endless problems. Then we veered off course. Viewpoint essay Mar 17, 2008 2715
Climatic golden age: the weather was warmer than today prior to the advent of the "Little Ice Age" around 1300 A.D., and agriculture and commerce benefited. Feb 18, 2008 2403
Before Roe v. Wade: attitudes against abortion developed slowly in America, but by 1900, every state in the Union had anti-abortion laws. it took a liberal onslaught (and Roe v. Wade) to reverse this. Jan 21, 2008 2352
John Edwards. Dec 10, 2007 790
Barack Obama. Dec 10, 2007 852
Misled into laboring for anarchy: the Haymarket Affair is a classic example of how well-organized agitators cleverly manipulated many well-intentioned laborers into committing acts of social demolition. Nov 26, 2007 3280
Sputnik: the Soviet Union's launch of Sputnik 50 years ago this month shocked America. How did it come about that the United States failed to beat the Soviets, and what is the legacy of Sputnik for us today? Oct 1, 2007 2790
Artist of the revolution: Diego Rivera's artwork reflected his ardent belief in communism and his rejection of God, tradition, and capitalism. Yet his American admirers included the Rockefellers. Sep 17, 2007 2945
The new Chinese take-out: with Chinese imports increasingly made up of foodstuffs, vitamins, and medicine that are proving to be dangerous, America needs to take stock of the situation. Cover story Aug 20, 2007 3883
Unsteady foothold in the new world: four hundred years ago, Jamestown endured hardship and near ruin before succeeding as the first permanent English settlement in America. May 14, 2007 3065
A missed shot at treason: Aaron Burr is known for killing Alexander Hamilton during their infamous duel, but it is not so well known that Burr also aimed to foment a revolution against the United States. Apr 30, 2007 3080
The true cost of "cheap" labor: the costs associated with uncontrolled immigration and flooding the U.S. job market with foreign, low-wage laborers far outweigh any savings to be gained. Cover story Feb 19, 2007 1454
Flying false flags: Clint Eastwood's Flags of Our Fathers is another attempt to rewrite history. It remakes American sacrifice and patriotism during WWII into vulgar excess and ignorance. Nov 27, 2006 2039
Behind the koranic curtain: a look at life under the rigid theocracy ruling Iran's Islamic Republic, where nonconformity to Shari'a law is punishable by imprisonment, beating, amputation, and even death. Oct 16, 2006 1182
Bay of pigs betrayal: the betrayal of the Cuban people by the CIA, State Department, and staff members of the New York Times ranks as one of America's darkest foreign-policy moments. Aug 21, 2006 2347
Trust in God & fear nothing: confederate Gen. Lewis Armistead and Union Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock--like many of their contemporaries--were good friends who found themselves on opposite sides in the Civil War. Jul 10, 2006 2366
What makes a nation? Nations are not simply political communities contained within geographical borders. They are expressions of a shared culture, language, and political principle, that unite citizens in a common bond. Jun 12, 2006 2220
Citizen soldiers: the militia: the story of America's citizen soldiers shows that the militia and the second amendment are not obsolete. The populace at large will always fulfill essential militia functions. May 1, 2006 2890
Latino immigration reformers: ignoring conventional wisdom, Americans of Hispanic descent are at the forefront in the battle against illegal immigration. Mar 20, 2006 1558
Spending away our future: despite modest cuts in some government programs, the Bush administration's proposed budget for 2007 will continue to add to an exploding national debt. Mar 20, 2006 1188
The Peshtigo fire: in 1871, a firestorm struck northeastern Wisconsin, killing more than 1,700 people. With courage and confidence, the survivors forged a new future among the ruins. Mar 6, 2006 3087
The story of immigration in America: though it is not often acknowledged today, immigration policy of the past was designed to ensure that immigrants assimilated quickly and became Americanized. Feb 20, 2006 3482
Bush circumvents torture ban; within hours of signing a bill banning torture, President Bush issued a bill-signing statement that, in effect, reserved the right to authorize torture regardless of the ban. Feb 6, 2006 758
Death barges of Wallabout Bay: during the War for Independence, the British kept many captured American soldiers and privateers in horrid conditions onboard overcrowded prison ships. Jan 23, 2006 2450
The "Old Fox" fools the hounds: General George Washington, referred to as the "Old Fox" by Britain's Lord Cornwallis, employed innovative measures to outsmart the British and win the Battle of Princeton. Dec 26, 2005 2145
Ordinary man, extraordinary hero: the story of Sergeant William Jasper is a reminder that ordinary men of extraordinary courage can shape history and inspire generations. Biography Nov 28, 2005 2482
Eyewitness to the Revolution: David Ramsay's contemporary account of America's War for Independence emphasizes the pivotal role of colonial culture in the conflict. Book Review Dec 3, 2001 1442

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