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Telstra Corp. Ltd. Selects ObjectStore For Nationwide Call Routing And Delivery Application.

BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 13, 1995--Telstra Corp. Ltd., (traded publicly in Australia as Australia Telecom), one of the world's leading telecommunications services providers, has expanded its intelligent network application, One3, with ObjectStore, the industry-leading object database from Object Design Inc. One3 is an innovative, nationwide telephone service that enables large corporate and government organizations such as Pizza Hut, Qantas Airlines and Australia Department of Social Services to meet the specific requirements of their customers by delivering unique mission-critical call routing and delivery services.

"As information processing requirements of our customers have grown and become increasingly sophisticated, Telstra required a robust and reliable database that was suitable for the data storage and management requirements of our large customers," said Satya Anupindi, manager, IN (Intelligent Network) Development Group, Network Products, Telstra Corp. Ltd. "Telstra has developed several object- oriented applications and had a critical need for efficient data storage. We examined several object databases and chose ObjectStore for the One3 application. ObjectStore has the data management performance and system reliability we required."

One3 is used by more than 200 major corporations, including airlines, banks, government agencies, insurance companies, home delivery and restaurant chains. Similar to 1-800 services in the U.S., One3 provides a single, nationally advertised, six- digit number with a two-digit prefix for customers to order products or services.

Unlike 1-800 services, One3 can automatically direct all incoming calls to multiple designated answer points, depending on the geographic source of the call, time of day and other criteria. By routing calls to local franchises or offices, One3 enables significantly improved delivery times and more reliable service, providing a competitive advantage for Telstra customers.

With ObjectStore, Telstra can now store millions of records, such as maps and graphics, as objects, rather than in a tabular format required by a file-based system or relational database. ObjectStore also enables instant access to the geographic location of a particular telephone call and helps the One3 service to automatically re-direct calls.

Additional benefits provided by ObjectStore include an improved interface, high- performance data management capabilities, the ability to scale to support large databases and reduced memory requirements for storing object-based information.

"Telstra's One3 application demonstrates the performance and reliability of ObjectStore, and its ability to support enterprise-wide applications," said Kenneth E. Marshall, president and CEO of Object Design. "Our close working relationship with Telstra and their use of ObjectStore within One3 is another example of ObjectStore's unparalleled ability to meet the mission-critical requirements of large customers in the telecommunications industry."

"Intelligent" Network Services

One3 supports new "intelligent" services such as redirection of calls when initial calls are busy; distribution of incoming calls to several locations; the ability to change call destinations to multiple locations throughout the day; and "disaster rerouting" when one answering location becomes unavailable. One3 also provides substantial cost-savings to Telstra customers by minimizing the distance between calls. It also simplifies service usage by providing a single number for customers to contact the company regardless of geographic location.

Object Design derived more than 30 percent of its 1994 worldwide sales from the multi-billion dollar telecommunications industry. Additional telecommunications customers include AT&T, Ameritech, MCI, Siemens Telecom Public Networks, Telefonica de Espana and the Regional Bell Operating Companies.

Object Design is the leader in the object database market, according to International Data Corp., and was recently ranked number one in Inc. Magazine's annual Inc. 500 listing of the nation's fastest growing private companies.

ObjectStore features distribution and transaction management for concurrent access to objects and offers state-of-the-art database functions such as data integrity, version control, query processing and a complete client/multi-server architecture.

Object Design, Inc., the leader in bringing objects to the database market, delivers real world solutions to organizations in the telecommunications, manufacturing and financial service industries. Its products support C, C++ and Smalltalk. Headquartered in Burlington, Mass., Object Design maintains a development facility in San Mateo, Calif., sales offices throughout the U.S. and sells directly to end users, as well as through a worldwide network of distributors. International subsidiaries include the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and Japan.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 13, 1995
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