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Telly: Soapweek.

Coronation Street

Vik catches Peter with Lucy, giving him just the ammunition he needs to get him off his back. The scheming cab firm owner warns the bookie he'll tell Shelley about the affair unless he cancels the debt. Gail bans Audrey from seeing her grandchildren.


After being revealed as the poison-pen letter writer, Steven goes to stay with Pat and announces he wants to see his real father, leaving Ian with a difficult decision. Laura reveals she's pregnant, while Phil is visited by the police again.


Cain wrestles with his conscience as the police inform Marc and Ollie of their mother's death and finds he can't bring himself to comfort them. Eric comes to Gloria's rescue and puts aside his own feelings in a bid to help her win the election.


Debbie proves to be a bad influence on Dan after she phones in sick to spend some time with him. Norman reaches an important decision, and Ben struggles to come to terms with the potholing accident, but Becca decides to stay positive.


Toadie and Dee decide to share a bedroom as their relationship progresses, while Susan plans to return to university and goes on a date with Karl. Harold confronts Lou about his feelings for Rosie.

Family Affairs

Geri breaks down under cross-examination and Cat decides to lie under oath, but makes an unfortunate slip of the tongue. Robert is furious when old flame Jennifer Ross accuses him of raping her 10 years ago, little suspecting villainous Pete has bribed her to testify against him,

Home and AwayKirsty drops a bombshell on her parents, who are already reeling from the shock of a surprise visit from Rhys's brother, and Noah's approval sets alarm bells ringing for Charlotte. Leah plans a special meal for Vinnie to cheer him up.

A potentially explosive situation arises when Duncan discovers an old hand grenade in the graveyard - and, when Steph and Josh find him with it, he accidentally pulls the pin. Roxanne has second thoughts as she prepares for her secret wedding to Alex.

Night and Day
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 23, 2002
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