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Telling it like it is, internet style.

Your East African correspondent Wyc-liffe Muga's (African Business, April 2009 issue) experience in journalism must have given him a very wide understanding of the media but perhaps it has sheltered him from the reality of the ordinary person. We look forward to the day when the internet is as widely available in Africa as he foresees.

East Africa itself is the last region in the world to be connected to the global internet grid. Perhaps he is also shielded from the high cost of internet access for the ordinary person and it is time the cost of it is brought down. It is not so much a question of the cost of an internet service provider such as our mobile phone operators who all sell dongles to plug into computers to provide wireless connectivity, but it is the cost of the hardware itself which is such a daunting challenge. Getting hold of a PC or a laptop computer will set you back thousands of shillings, so you really must have a job that makes it pay--like being a journalist.

We Africans are ready for the internet revolution and without progress and development in Africa, the whole world is a poorer place. We welcome the initiatives outlined in your article, such as laying undersea cables to bring us international connectivity, but until our economy picks up, most ordinary people will be only be able to make use of internet cafes to access the worldwide web.

Justin N'gong

Nairobi, Kenya

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Title Annotation:internet in Africa
Comment:Telling it like it is, internet style.(internet in Africa)
Author:N'gong, Justin
Publication:African Business
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jun 1, 2009
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