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Tell your kid to jam it.

"You see all these little itty-bitty kids try to shoot a basketball at 10 feet," says Robert Minniear, an owner of Basketball USA. "So we came up with a system that the backboard could be raised and lowered."

The Kokomo company has been making adjustable goals for 10 years to accommodate those across the country who are still growing into the game.

This goal can be lowered to 6 feet or raised up to the standard height of 10 feet. Even better, "adjustable" doesn't require five pairs of hands or mean hours of messing with tools to get it to the proper height. Just a simple turn of a crank allows younger children to play, then turn the court over to the older children and adults within minutes.

It took more than a few minutes for the first adjustable goal to be developed, though. Actually, quite a few years were needed to work the system out. It wasn't until after the first adjustable-goal installation that the product was named, Minniear says. The mother of a young boy, who was trying out the new goal, yelled, "Jam it!" Thus, the name.

The company's products, especially the Jam-It adjustable goal, can withstand years of jamming. They are made of strong, durable steel, wood or unbreakable Lexan backboards, and sturdy or breakaway rims. With such durability, Jam-It goals and other products will last longer than you and your kids' playing days.

"They'll be there for your grandchildren," Minniear says.

Basketball USA's business really picked up when the NBA changed the regulation size of the backboard. The old size was 4 feet by 6 feet. The new size is 3 1/2 feet by 6 feet. That half a foot was taken away because of head and shoulder injuries suffered by players. Basketball USA knew the change was coming and made sure its products were consistent with the new regulations.

But the biggest reason Jam-It goals caught on was that they allowed junior players to make shots and have them go through the hoop rather than just up in the air. Basketball games using the adjustable goals are higher scoring as a result.

Basketball USA's other products include the Wall Jam-It goal, a manually adjustable goal, the Standard Goal, ceiling-mounted backboards, wall-mounted backboards, the Pool Goal and the Tennis Court Goal. For those who want to take their game on the road, or just need a hoop temporarily for a company picnic, family reunion or basketball camp, Basketball USA also makes the Trailer Jam-It for purchase or rental. Other movable goals are the Pedestal Jam-It and the Traveling Goal.

Some notable Hoosiers who own Jam-It goals are singer Janet Jackson, Indiana Pacers Coach Bob Hill and Ball State University men's basketball Coach Dick Hunsaker.

Whether you're 4-foot-2 or 6-foot-8, there's a basketball goal that's just your size. Now you can make those free throws, layups, jump shots, or just Jam-It.
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Title Annotation:Basketball USA's adjustable basketball goal
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Date:Feb 1, 1993
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