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Tell us what you are spraying as I fear for our long-term health; VIEWPOINTS.

AS a resident of Cardiff I am concerned about the apparent widespread use of chemicals and pesticides in the area, particularly as numerous animals were taken ill shortly after the last spraying, which suggests there may be a significant health risk.

I have yet to see a warning sign displayed when these chemicals have been used. I have sent the following letter to Cardiff Council, but perhaps they might like to respond through these Viewpoints pages as well... "With regard to the maintenance of local parks in Cardiff, particularly the perimeters of the grass-covered areas where it appears to be common place to use chemicals to control the edges of these areas, I am assuming for reasons of economy? "As regular users of these areas this is a cause of concern for myself and many other local people. We would like to know what these chemicals are so as to safeguard our health, particularly in the event that they should they prove to be carcinogenic.

"I assume that you have evidence and research regarding the toxicity and potential long-term effects of these chemicals? "Small children are using these areas and older children play football, and so on, this is worrying as many dogs have been taken seriously ill recent, since the last spraying indeed several fatally so.

"Photographs taken several months after the use of these spray chemicals clearly show the longevity of their effects and suggest they are very potent indeed.

"It appears the long-term consequences of using these strong chemicals may be potentially devastating, particularly with cancer rates already so high in younger and younger people.

"I would therefore like to know exactly what these substances are and what safety tests they have passed prior to their use in my area to protect us all."

Bev Higgins Court Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff


Pictures of the aftermath of spraying. Bev Higgins asks the council to reveal the chemical content of the spray used
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 3, 2009
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