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Dear editor,

I was sorry to read that Lawrence Flett (Church that once brought pain now soothes soul of lay student, September Journal) has bad memories of his days at Gordon School in Punnichy, Sask.

He said he was not fed well enough but many former staff say the children were very well fed in the schools. Many children who came to the schools were very thin and sickly when they arrived and staff were always pleased to see them gaining weight.

The tragedy of Mr. Flett's story is that he did not say who punished him by making him kneel on a broomstick. This leaves all former staffopen to suspicion. Canon Norman Pilcher, who was Gordon's principal at one time, had a letter from former students before he died, thanking him for the help he gave them when they attended the school. I do hope Mr. Flett will tell the world who made him kneel on a broomstick.

I wish Mr. Flett well on his spiritual journey. I also hope that at one point in his life, he will have some good memories of Gordon's and of the good staff who worked in the school.

Bernice Logan

Tangier, N.S.
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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Author:Logan, Bernice
Publication:Anglican Journal
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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