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For this issue of Teacher Librarian, instead of the usual editorial, we want to elicit your feedback, as a subscriber, through a short survey. This will help us know where your professional interests lie, which will assist us in seeking out and accepting future articles.

You can link to the survey at or with the QR Code.

Below are the questions you will find on the survey:

1. Why do you subscribe to Teacher Librarian? Choose all that apply:

a. Learn new ideas about school librarianship

b. Information from the field

c. Feature articles

d. Columns

e. Practical application to school library work

e. Professional reviews

f. The editors (please, please)

g. All of the above Other:

2. What is your school library thing (s)

Mark those that apply or pick your favorite flavor:

a. AASL Standards

b. Advocacy

c. Collaboration

d. Curriculum

e. Digital literacy

f. Future Ready Librarians

g. Inquiry, research skills

h. Reading & literature

i. Makerspaces

j. Reading & literature

k. Technology

1. All of the above Other:

3. If you had one wish for Teacher Librarian, what would it be? Come on, be honest!!

4. What is one article you especially liked from this past TL year, Vol. 46 (Sept/Oct 2018-May/June 19), and tell us why?

5. Additional Comments:

We look forward to your feedback.

Deborah Levitov & Christie Kaaland

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Title Annotation:NOTEBOOK
Author:Levitov, Deborah; Kaaland, Christie
Publication:Teacher Librarian
Date:Jun 1, 2019
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