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Television Choice.

Brass Eye Special Channel Four, 10.35pm

Few comedy shows caused as much fuss as Chris Morris's Brass Eye in 1996.

With many media stunts incurring the wrath of celebs, it's little wonder Morris earned himself the tag 'media terrorist'.

This special programme, which is bound to offend and delight, comes before a repeat run of the series.

It features the talents of Doon Mackichan (right, of Smack The Pony fame), Amelia Bullimore, Julia Davis and Kevin Eldon, amongst others.

Campaign Confessions BBC2, 11.20pm

Martin Bell said of his inability to gain the sixth safest Tory seat in Britain from sitting MP Eric Pickles: 'There's a place in politics for a romantic failure.' The Man in the White Suit, above, took on all three party political machines to try to unseat an MP sitting on a massive majority, without attacking anyone. John Sweeney follows the inside story of Bell's electoral challenge.

Hell in the Pacific Channel Four, 9pm

The Allies' capture of tiny islands like Iwo Jima in their slow crawl towards Japan took them into campaigns so brutal.

'It was like going through the gates of hell,' according to one former soldier.

The war, already appalling with the building of the Burma railway and the suffering of the PoWs, took another turn for the worse with Japan's use of kamikaze attacks on US ships, destroying 30 of them.

But a further descent into hell awaited as America prepared its secret weapon.

This is the concluding part of the powerful and excellent documentary.

Leading Edge Radio 4, 9pm

Ice cream is more than just enjoyment on a stick or in a cone; complicated calculations and physics lie behind our favourite summer refreshment.

Claudia Hammond looks at the hidden world of ice cream and hears about scientific research into the ice cream headache.

There are other mysteries to be unravelled too - such as why do savoury ice creams taste sweet, despite containing no sugar?
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jul 5, 2001
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