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Telemunchen: deal broker that produces and distributes.

"We're a combination of a production company with every form of distribution that's possible in the German-speaking territory compound, which means theatrical distribution, video distribution, distribution to all pay and free TV channels," said Dr. Herbert Kloiber, chairman of the board of Germany's Telemunchen. "It's an integrated company, which also has other bits and pieces attached to it -- like a radio station."

Two years ago, Kloiber sold half of his company to Capital Cities/ABC. "Last October, we brokered a three-year deal between ZDF and ABC, that will generate product flow between Germany and the U.S. They are in part, movies for television, backdoor pilots, series -- a whole gamut of entertainment programming -- which we will be handling as executive producers."

Continued Kloiber, "We recently struck a deal with Italy's RCS that involves a TV movie/series that will also be encompassed in the ZDF/ABC deal. The tentative working title for this project is True Stories. This would involve the making of six TV movies per year over a three-year period -- 18 titles in total. They will be based on real-life stories, but, fictionalized for dramatic purposes. These are big upper-level projects in the $4 million range, featuring international star casts."

"We don't operate a studio in the sense of its facilities," Kloiber went on to explain. "We rely on whatever studio facilities are available where that particular project takes place. For instance, one story about insurance fraud involves locations in Vietnam, Trieste and the Indian Ocean."

Another production in the works is tentatively titled Interpol and will probably be shot in France.

"We have a share in Hamster Film, and we may involve them in the project. We use them as our pivot in France to produce. The same applies to Tesauro in Spain. We use then when we do any production work in Spain, and they rely on us for filming in Germany."

In addition, Kloiber pointed out, "We are one of the largest importers of productions that are made by others. We have an output deal with Morgan Creek, for instance."

"We will handle the new Kevin Costner film, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and eight subsequent pictures that will come along from them."
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Date:Apr 1, 1991
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