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Telemetry and terminal equipment.

Contract award: supply and installation of telemetric monitoring and automatic control system of hydraulic parameters agia marina water supply d. kropias

Supply and installation of seven (7) Local Stations Water (TSY) at key points of the distribution network in the Water areas of Agia Marina. These stations relating to execute remote control of press pumping station (Boosters), execute remote control the three valves hubs zones transient phenomena associated with the operation of the pumping stations, as well as those required equipment.

Supply and installation of three (3) Local Stations Water (TSY) at key points in the distribution network interconnections of Water areas of Agia Marina and the required equipment where these automatically adjust the pressure of the network (PRV), benefits and pressure measured in Focal points of the zones of transient phenomena.

Supply and installation (4) Local Stations Data Collection (NPT) at key points of the distribution network in the zones. Water of Agia Marina and the required equipment where these benefits are measured and pressure involved in the automatic mode seasonal adjustment of the overall network.

Supply and installation (4) portable flowmeters and pressure (ultrasound) at nodal points of water entry zones of the inner aqueduct downstream of network inlets, with the possibility of repositioning in different wells of the network, as well as those required equipment.

The preparation and implementation of a suitable hydraulic strategic simulation model, a detailed mathematical solving new power zones and leakage control in order to improve the power of DD Agia Marina with a rational water supply system. Including: a. Interface with TSY or NPT (Stations Network Measurement) where benefits are measured and pressure at key points of entry internal aqueducts. b. interface with spatial mapping system of internal aqueduct available in the Office c. interface with the Information system for recording and billing consumers available in the Office.

Total final value of contract(s): 528 484 EUR Excluding VAT

Date of contract award decision: 18.11.2014

(NOTE: Other contractors detail is available in attached document)


Contractor address : Position Kokkinara Koropiou

194 00 Koropi


Agency : Dimos Kropias

Bas. Konstantinoy 47

For the attention of: Moraiti Aikaterini

194 00 Koropi


Telephone: +30 2106623628

Fax: +30 2106624963

Internet address (es):

country :Greece

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Nov 26, 2014
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