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ChildLife achieves 100,000 telemedicine consultations milestone. May 25, 2022 479
Pink power. Sison, Carla Paras May 13, 2022 754
UHS to open Telemedicine Dept at SIMS. May 11, 2022 422
UHS to open Telemedicine Dept at SIMS. May 10, 2022 425
Telemedicine reaching rural Kenya but barriers abound. May 3, 2022 2056
Uganda's telemedicine startup aims at pan-African market: Ugandan telemedicine startup Rocket Health, which raised $5m in March, has big regional plans to scale in a market that has mushroomed during the pandemic. Collins, Tom Report May 1, 2022 1171
DrGo launches new Chinese telemedicine service for long-COVID patients. Apr 29, 2022 2370
Telehealth Gives Virginia Community College Students Mental Health Supports. Herder, Liann Apr 28, 2022 824
Obaseki explores telemedicine to tackle brain drain in healthcare system. Apr 27, 2022 379
Health Institutions Enter Partnership To Take Telemedicine Beyond Video Consultations. Apr 21, 2022 274
Translation and Validation of the Questionnaire on Acceptance to Telemedicine from the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) for Use in Malaysia. Husin, Masliyana; Rahman, Norazida Ab; Bujang, Mohamad Adam; Ng, Sock Wen; Juval, Kawselyah; Hwong, Report Apr 20, 2022 5953
LaFiya Telehealth, Tyto Care Partner to Advance Telemedicine to Homes in Nigeria. Apr 15, 2022 498
LaFiya Telehealth Partners Tyto Care To Accelerate Nigeria's Telemedicine, Digital Patients' Diagnosis. Apr 14, 2022 610
RoK's KT group to launch telemedicine service in Vietnam. Apr 14, 2022 175
Edo partners American physicians on telemedicine, free medical outreach in 18 LGAs, others. Apr 10, 2022 285
Teledentistry in the Management of Patients with Dental and Temporomandibular Disorders. Minervini, Giuseppe; Russo, Diana; Herford, Alan Scott; Gorassini, Francesca; Meto, Aida; D'Amico, C Report Apr 9, 2022 5519
KEMU telemedicine centre upgraded to permanent dept. Apr 4, 2022 526
Telehealth opportunities for South Africa have been brought into focus by the COVID-19 pandemic. Paruk, Fathima; Pillay, Unben; Rech, Dino; Maimela, Gloria; Matsebula, Thulani; Harris, Roseanne Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2022 540
Smart Wearable Internet of Medical Things Technologies, Artificial Intelligence-based Diagnostic Algorithms, and Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring Systems in COVID-19 Detection and Treatment. Crowell, Barbara; Cug, Juraj; Michalikova, Katarina Frajtova Report Apr 1, 2022 4353
Networked Wearable Devices, Machine Learning-based Real-Time Data Sensing and Processing, and Internet of Medical Things in COVID-19 Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment. Balica, Raluca-Stefania Report Apr 1, 2022 4382
Tele-clinics in palliative care during the COVID-19 outbreak: Tertiary care cancer center experience. Almouaalamy, Nabil A.; Jafari, Amal A.; Althubaiti, Alaa M. Report Apr 1, 2022 4751
Internet of Medical Things-driven Remote Monitoring Systems, Big Healthcare Data Analytics, and Wireless Body Area Networks in COVID-19 Detection and Diagnosis. Hudson, John Report Apr 1, 2022 4344
Machine and Deep Learning Techniques, Body Sensor Networks, and Internet of Things-based Smart Healthcare Systems in COVID-19 Remote Patient Monitoring. Stone, Diana; Michalkova, Lucia; Machova, Veronika Report Apr 1, 2022 4280
Machine and Deep Learning Algorithms, Computer Vision Technologies, and Internet of Things-based Healthcare Monitoring Systems in COVID-19 Prevention, Testing, Detection, and Treatment. Zvarikova, Katarina; Horak, Jakub; Bradley, Peter Report Apr 1, 2022 4253
Pilot trial of telemedicine in urology: Video vs. telephone consultations. Nguyen, David-Dan; Nguyen, Anne Xuan-Lan; Bouhadana, David; Bensaadi, Kahina; Peloquin, Francois; La Report Apr 1, 2022 6041
Telemedicine picks up in South Korea amid surge in COVID-19 cases. Mar 22, 2022 280
Telemedicine picks up in South Korea amid surge in COVID-19 cases. Mar 22, 2022 281
Can telemedicine applications be regarded as a priority way to treat cardiac patients? CM Guest Columnist Mar 16, 2022 1781
Telemedicine service effective in remote areas. Mar 16, 2022 264
Telemedicine Service Effective In Remote Areas. Mar 16, 2022 264
Assessment of Saudi Women's Adherence and Experience with Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis after Cesarean Section Delivery Using Telemedicine Technology. Elmaghraby, Dalia Ahmed; Al-Bassri, Zakiah Khalid; AlTuraiki, Zainab Ahmed; Alsaleh, Jinan Adnan; Al Clinical report Mar 14, 2022 5021
COMSTECH, WHO eager to work on telemedicine. Mar 12, 2022 399
COMSTECH, WHO eager to work on telemedicine. Mar 12, 2022 399
Advancing telemedicine. Mar 9, 2022 327
English Government Ending Abortions by Mail. O'Bannon, Randall K. Mar 1, 2022 1052
NEWS BRIEFS. Mar 1, 2022 684
Government to expand COVID-19 telemedicine services outside Java-Bali. Feb 16, 2022 310
Some 364,850 COVID-19 patients accessed telemedicine services. Feb 16, 2022 292
Some 364,850 COVID-19 patients accessed telemedicine services. Feb 16, 2022 287
Government to expand COVID-19 telemedicine services outside Java-Bali. Feb 16, 2022 305
Government to create adaptive legal basis for telemedicine sector: KSP. Feb 14, 2022 378
COVID patients can get free telemedicine services using test results. Feb 10, 2022 305
COVID patients can get free telemedicine services using test results. Feb 10, 2022 310
Government broadens telemedicine services for COVID-19 patients. Feb 7, 2022 360
Gov't intensifies vaccination, telemedicine to handle Omicron surge. Feb 7, 2022 337
Government broadens telemedicine services for COVID-19 patients. Feb 7, 2022 355
Gov't intensifies vaccination, telemedicine to handle Omicron surge. Feb 7, 2022 332
Facilitating remote access to specialist medical expertise through the scaled up adoption of a smartphone application: A South African case. Blanckenberg, N.; Motala, T. Report Feb 1, 2022 4426
New Fact Sheet Spotlights Abortion Pill's Safety, Efficacy Issues, Risks for Telemedicine. O'Bannon, Randall K. Feb 1, 2022 825
Role of tele-rehabilitation in patients following total hip replacement: Systematic review of clinical trials. Sadiq, Samreen; Ahmad, Ashfaq; Ahmed, Ashfaq; Khan, Iqra; Asim, Hafiz Muhammad; Aziz, Amer Report Jan 31, 2022 4046
SLMC boosts telemedicine, COVID-19 testing. Jan 30, 2022 189
Governor inaugurates Telemedicine, Hepatitis centres at NMU. Jan 28, 2022 260
Punjab governor inaugurates Telemedicine , Hepatitis centres at NMU. Jan 28, 2022 431
DOH should increase its telemedicine capacity--Hontiveros. Jan 11, 2022 347
Gov't focusing more on telemedicine services amid latest COVID-19 surge. Jan 10, 2022 306
Expert asks patients with flu-like symptoms to avail of telemedicine consultations. Jan 4, 2022 202
Rapid implementation of telemedicine in Neurology during the COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges in King Abdulaziz Medical City-Jeddah. Algahtani, Hussein A.; Shirah, Bader H. Jan 1, 2022 3492
AMHCA Supports Several Legislative Bills That Would Benefit LCMHCs. Smith, Beverly Jan 1, 2022 296
Telemedicine in neonatal care-Saving lives with technology! Ahmed, Shahamah Report Dec 31, 2021 505
Huawei-based 5G Telemedicine Solution Wins COVID-19 Innovation Award. Dec 23, 2021 713
Examining Ease and Challenges in Tele-Assessment of Children Using Slosson Intelligence Test. Jaffar, Rabia; Ali, Amena Zehra Report Dec 22, 2021 5837
Patient Communication and Consultation Experience with Tele-medicine in Patients with Movement Disorders in COVID-19 Pandemic: Its Usability, Benefits and Problems/COVID-19 Pandemisinde Hareket Bozukluklari Hastalarinda Tele-tip ile Hasta Iletisimi ve Danismanlik Deneyimi: Kullanilabilirligi, Kazandirdiklari ve Sorunlari. Çelik, Nazli Durmaz; Kumcu, Müge Kuzu; Aydemir, Sabiha Tezcan; Özkan, Serhat Report Dec 15, 2021 4470
Vital Cover now includes free telemedicine services. Dec 13, 2021 2888
Teleconsultation: How to deal with health problems without going to the doctor's clinic. Dec 6, 2021 1172
Lamu launches first telemedicine clinic for children. Dec 3, 2021 569
Virtual Integrated Primary Care Teams: Recommendations for Team-Based Care. Mitzel, Luke D.; Funderburk, Jennifer S.; Buckheit, Katherine A.; Gass, Julie C.; Shepardson, Robyn Report Dec 1, 2021 3054
Video Calls During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Bridge for Patients, Families, and Respiratory Therapists. Maffoni, Marina; Torlaschi, Valeria; Pierobon, Antonia; Zanatta, Francesco; Grasso, Roberta; Baglian Report Dec 1, 2021 4792
From Challenge to Opportunity: COVID-19 and the Evolution of Virtual Mental Health Care. Ainsworth, Nicholas J.; Husain, M. Ishrat; Mulsant, Benoit H. Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2021 1692
The Value of Telemedicine for the Follow-up of Patients with New Onset Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus During COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey: A Report of Eight Cases. Evin, Ferda; Er, Eren; Ata, Aysun; Jalilova, Arzu; Demir, Gunay; Altinok, Yasemin Atik; Ozen, Samim; Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 3405
The Telemedicine Revolution: Healthcare's Brave New World: By all measures, telemedicine has been the big winner in the COVID economy. Goldman, Erik Dec 1, 2021 2945
How Bliss Healthcare using telemedicine to bridge health gap. Nov 26, 2021 666
Oman's unsung heroes: how telemedicine helped provide treatment to patients during the pandemic. By: Times News Service Nov 24, 2021 646
How celebrity moms ease their health concerns during pandemic. Nov 11, 2021 971
Moms' go-to health app offers big savings on telemedicine. Nov 8, 2021 908
Structured Telephonic Consultation to Decrease COPD 30-Day Readmissions. Sutton, Kendra; Phelps, Patricia Report Nov 1, 2021 3271
Telemedicine facilitates successful home care for COVID-19 high-risk patients. Oct 24, 2021 388
PA body approves telemedicine bill. Oct 23, 2021 428
Sindh Assembly body approves telemedicine bill. Oct 23, 2021 427
Sindh govt to introduce Telemedicine Bill soon. Oct 23, 2021 483
Is Telemedicine our cup of tea? A nationwide cross-sectional survey regarding doctors' experience and perceptions. Laima Alam, Mafaza Alam, Amina Mannan Malik and Varqa Faraid Survey Oct 22, 2021 2546
Charting The Future Of Hospitals. Turner, Lance Oct 4, 2021 758
First telemedicine screening program for diabetic retinopathy eyed to be established in PH. Oct 4, 2021 457
24/7 Telehealth accessible with KonsultaMD on GLife. Oct 4, 2021 615
Digital Epidemiological Surveillance, Smart Telemedicine Diagnosis Systems, and Machine Learning-based Real-Time Data Sensing and Processing in COVID-19 Remote Patient Monitoring. Woods, Mark; Miklencicova, Renata Oct 1, 2021 4554
Risk Management Considerations in Telehealth and Telemedicine. Oct 1, 2021 2164
Questions Remain About Virtual Care. Oct 1, 2021 297
Providing real-time resources in support of LGBTQ+ and HIV+ populations as information experts on the ECHO hub team: a case report. Menard, Laura; Misquith, Chelsea Report Oct 1, 2021 3478
Harnessing telehealth to beat cardiovascular disease. Sep 28, 2021 777
COVID-19 drives up use of digital health to access cardiovascular care in Uganda. Sep 28, 2021 632
Need to adopt telehealth and telemedicine. Sep 27, 2021 453
African Health Professionals Campaign Benefits Of Telemedicine Technology. Sep 24, 2021 473
Digital first experiences to pave the way to the future of connected healthcare in Southeast Asia. Sep 24, 2021 996
Teledentistry as a Supportive Tool for Dentists in Pakistan. Subhan, Rootab; Ismail, Waleed A.; Musharraf, Sadia; Khan, Mylla; Hafeez, Resham; Alam, Mohammad Khu Report Sep 8, 2021 4503
Various aspects reviewed for setting up of telemedicine centers for Balochistan prisoners: Dr.Rubaba. Sep 6, 2021 398
WHO, Balochistan Health Dept. agree to setup telemedicine centers. Sep 6, 2021 357
Qatar's healthcare sees diversified, expanded telehealth and telemedicine services: ValuStrat. Sep 5, 2021 302
Smartlink Health Chosen As Integration Partner for Medpod's Telemedicine Solution. Sep 3, 2021 213
Smartlink Health Chosen As Integration Partner for Medpod's Telemedicine Solution. Sep 3, 2021 201
Smartlink Health Chosen As Integration Partner for Medpod's Telemedicine Solution. Sep 3, 2021 212
Assessment of dermatologists' perception of utilizing teledermatology during COVID-19 pandemic in Saudi Arabia. Almaziad, Hatoun M.; Alfawzan, Abdulrahman I.; Alkhayal, Norah K.; Alkhodair, Rayan A. Report Sep 1, 2021 3874
Psychopathological Dynamics during COVID-19 Social Distancing and Stay-at-home Policies: Telepsychological Support as a Bridge to the Enhancement of Psychological Well-being. Caponnetto, Pasquale; Maglia, Marilena; Benfatto, Francesca; Pirrone, Concetta; Platania, Silvia; To Report Sep 1, 2021 3664
Expanding Access to Psychosocial Research Studies During the COVID-19 Pandemic Through Virtual Modalities. Johnson, Emily M.; Hampton, Brittany; Barrie, Kimberly; Possemato, Kyle Report Sep 1, 2021 2625
HOPE Telecare seeks volunteer doctors to join telemedicine task force, Offering free virtual medical. Aug 26, 2021 381
ZipDoctor executes telemedicine services agreement with Texas pharmacy. Aug 26, 2021 156
We must promote use of Telemedicine and use Artificial Intelligence to analyze the data-Dr. Arif Alvi. Aug 25, 2021 980
Health Minister inaugurates Telemedicine Control Room for children. Aug 21, 2021 235
Pechuho inaugurates Telemedicine Control Room for children. Aug 21, 2021 236
Doctor Recommendation Model Based on Ontology Characteristics and Disease Text Mining Perspective. Ju, Chunhua; Zhang, Shuangzhu Report Aug 9, 2021 6151
DOH: Hospital command center also offering telemedicine services. Aug 2, 2021 329
Telemedicine Firm Seeing Robust Demand. Campbell-Miller, Sarah Aug 2, 2021 697
Telemedicine Here to Stay. Campbell-Miller, Sarah Aug 2, 2021 566
Telerheumatology in the era of COVID-19 in South Africa. Ntshalintshali, S.D.; Zwane, T.; du Toit, R. Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2021 1366
TELEMEDICINE: Pandemic jump-starts use by patients with T2D, up 100-fold. Zoler, Mitchel L. Aug 1, 2021 891
Guidance provided for telepsychiatry in tardive dyskinesia. Bosworth, Ted Aug 1, 2021 758
Medicare proposes direct payments to PAs, expansion of telehealth services. Young, Kerry Dooley Aug 1, 2021 605
E-health and price cap under the pandemic times. Jul 31, 2021 736
Five technological advances that have recast retail. Wendland, Dave Jul 5, 2021 819
SpartanNash offering telemedicine services. Jul 5, 2021 215
Indonesia to offer free telemedicine services for COVID-19 patients. Jul 5, 2021 169
Indonesia to offer free telemedicine services for COVID-19 patients. Jul 5, 2021 168
Telepathology Practice in Cancer Diagnosis in Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital--Tanguieta, Benin. Azakpa, Assogba Leopold; Priuli, Friar Florent; Ndayake, Essodina; Ganhouingnon, Eric; Gonzalez-Rodi Report Jul 1, 2021 4443
TSR guidelines for the practice of tele radio logy: 2021 update (*). Ozmen, Mustafa N.; Dicle, Oguz; Senol, Utku; Aydingoz, Ostun Jul 1, 2021 6385
TRANSITIONING 2.0. Kalish, Lil Jul 1, 2021 1518
Behavioral Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Overview and Issues for Congress. Duff, Johnathan H.; Sarata, Amanda K.; Romero, Paul D. Report Jul 1, 2021 15808
Virtual Mental Health Visits are WAY UP. Jul 1, 2021 189
Exploring digital health care: eHealth, mHealth, and librarian opportunities. Chan, Janet Report Jul 1, 2021 4480
Dr. Rubaba inaugurates three Telemedicine Clinics in Balochistan. Jun 30, 2021 663
BHD,WHO set up 3 telemedicine clinics. Jun 29, 2021 484
County launches telemedicine initiative for cancer treatment. Jun 25, 2021 501
Knowledge, Applicability, and Barriers of Telemedicine in Egypt: A National Survey. Alboraie, Mohamed; Allam, Mahmoud Abdelrashed; Youssef, Naglaa; Abdalgaber, Mohammad; El-Raey, Fathi Survey Jun 10, 2021 4958
Telemedicine and Home-Based Treatment of COVID-19 in Resource-Limited Countries. Report of 3 Cases. Briones-Claudett, Killen H.; Briones-Claudett, Monica H.; Briones-Zamora, Killen H.; Briones-Marquez Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 1650
Can YouTube Video on Urological Problems Be Used As An Additional Resource in Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Selvi, Ismail; Baydilli, Numan Report Jun 1, 2021 9114
Mediclinic Middle East launches online booking app and telemedicine portal. Reach by Gulf News Jun 1, 2021 529
oDoc HUTCH Suwa Sarana to support the pandemic response by providing free telemedicine services to all Sri Lankans. May 31, 2021 345
Winds Of Change. Editorial May 31, 2021 301
President Alvi underlines need for establishing primary healthcare telemedicine clinics. May 29, 2021 243
UHS unveils telemedicine service for Palestinians. May 21, 2021 411
57th Anniversary: NAF To Induct New Aircraft, Launch Telemedicine Facility. May 14, 2021 397
Telemedicine: The new need of the hour. May 11, 2021 759
Victory Square trumpets US expansion of portfilio telemedicine comapny IV Hydreight Inc. May 11, 2021 480
Some insurers push for virtual-first primary care Telemedicine: Half of visits may be done remotely. TOM MURPHY Associated Press Health Writer May 10, 2021 967
Alvi for telemedicine clinics in country. May 4, 2021 249
President for establishing telemedicine clinics to improve healthcare in country. May 4, 2021 256
President for establishing telemedicine clinics to improve healthcare. May 3, 2021 255
Telemedicine to Save Healthcare Industry $21 Billion Globally by 2025. May 1, 2021 307
Global telepsychiatry guidelines focus on collaboration. Davenport, Liam May 1, 2021 1063
HealthLynked launches DocLynk telemedicine service and taps Lisa Adamczyk as director of telemedicine. May 1, 2021 543
These telehealth startups became global powerhouses overnight: How the pandemic supercharged Utah's telemedicine sector. Alsever, Jennifer May 1, 2021 1659
Optimizing Pediatric Telephone Triage and Telehealth to Decrease Surge during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Moran, Molly; Dionne-Quiros, Karyn; Mortimore, Kristine Report May 1, 2021 1207
Rx For Change: Telehealth at a feminist clinic. What works? What needs to change? Pearson, Cindy A. Interview May 1, 2021 985
Remote cardio visits expand access for underserved during pandemic. Lowry, Fran May 1, 2021 942
Self-directed digital exercise plan improves knee OA. Splete, Heidi May 1, 2021 659
Telemedicine use increases in 2020. Warnick, Aaron May 1, 2021 182
Short Communication - Telemedicine: A New Frontier in Clinical Practice. Munazza Asad, Nooresahar and Saniya R. Sabzwari Apr 30, 2021 1459
How mass vaccination will succeed. Bhagat, Maulik Apr 26, 2021 1089
Retailers are ramping up their digital health care offerings. Singh, Amar Apr 26, 2021 729
Chain debuts in-store telemedicine. Apr 26, 2021 543
FQHC Telehealth Consortium commences Phase II of telemedicine campaign. Apr 22, 2021 191
Multiple accolades winner Sehat Kahani raises pre-series a round of $1 million to expand its telemedicine network in Pakistan. Apr 11, 2021 567
Public urged to avail of gov't's free telemedicine consultation. Apr 10, 2021 314
How to get online medical consultation with OVP's Bayanihan E-Konsulta. Apr 7, 2021 564
AI, apps, telemedicine reshaping healthcare: Study. Report Apr 6, 2021 644
SES and Luxembourg expand reach of SATMED telemedicine project. Staff Reporter Apr 3, 2021 406
New Frontiers for Fairer Breast Cancer Care in a Globalized World. Verhoeven, Didier; Allemani, Claudia; Kaufman, Cary; Siesling, Sabine; Joore, Manuela; Brain, Etienn Report Apr 1, 2021 4617
Smart Internet of Things-enabled Mobile-based Health Monitoring Systems and Medical Big Data in COVID-19 Telemedicine. Carter, Daniel; Kolencik, Juraj; Cug, Juraj Apr 1, 2021 3653
Smart Telemedicine Diagnosis Systems, Biomedical Big Data, and Telehealth Outpatient Monitoring in COVID-19 Screening, Testing, and Treatment. Campbell, Kenneth Apr 1, 2021 3795
Telemedicine sector shines during pandemic. Mar 22, 2021 1635
Health from home: Spurred by the pandemic, virtual doctor visits save time and trouble. Alderton, Matt Mar 22, 2021 2538
Sehat Kahani with who launches first-ever telemedicine clinic in Loralai. Mar 21, 2021 366
Amazon telemedicine program goes nationwide. MATTHEW BARAKAT Associated Press Mar 18, 2021 365
Telemedicine Service Becoming Effective. Mar 9, 2021 182
Need To Develop Telemedicine. Mar 7, 2021 889
Sehat Kahani's launches the first ever telemedicine clinic in Loralai. Mar 7, 2021 369
Telemedicine set for growth surge says healthcare ETF creator. Mar 6, 2021 254
When Telemedicine Works Well: Some veterinary care can be provided remotely. Mar 1, 2021 831
Access to telemedicine services during COVID-19 is yet another area that highlights longstanding problems with a lack of equity in health care delivery. Mar 1, 2021 179
UNCHARTED WATERS. Kanter, Joseph Mar 1, 2021 3149
Loralai gets first telemedicine clinic. Feb 19, 2021 159
Experts provide insights into VTE & telemedicine at WCM-Q talk series. Feb 16, 2021 465
Massachusetts FQHC Telehealth Consortium Gets Grant to Increase Telemedicine Quality. Feb 11, 2021 281
Massachusetts FQHC Telehealth Consortium Gets Grant to Increase Telemedicine Quality. Feb 11, 2021 281
Massachusetts FQHC Telehealth Consortium Gets Grant to Increase Telemedicine Quality. Feb 11, 2021 267
Telemedicine industry in Gulf posts healthy growth. Feb 9, 2021 610
Telemedicine: Is It Here to Stay? Some veterinary care can be provided remotely. Feb 1, 2021 788
VA Telehealth. McWhorter, Raymond Ty Feb 1, 2021 836
Technological Innovations in New Type Coronavirus and Health System/Yeni Tip Koronavirus ve Saglik Sistemindeki Teknolojik Yenilikler. Guner, Yasemin; Kilic Guner, Elif; Cilingir, Dilek Report Feb 1, 2021 3483
Resetting the bar for patient interactions, visits. Wilkoff, William G. Feb 1, 2021 761
Staffing-related challenges were among biggest of 2020. Terry, Kenneth J. Feb 1, 2021 527
The Digital Imperative: Accelerating Digital Service Delivery in Health and Human Services. Fishman, Tiffany Dovey; Arnold, Will; Grippi, Amy; McDonald, Jamia Feb 1, 2021 1531
Telementoring for breast surgeons practicing in remote areas. Mubarik, Fatima; Shahzad, Hania; Abidi, Syeda Sakina; Zeeshan, Sana; Vohra, Lubna; Khan, Sadaf; Satt Report Jan 31, 2021 2538
Telemedicine helplines helped combat coronavirus successfully: governor. Jan 15, 2021 474
HealthLynked expands its women's healthcare services and plans launch of telemedicine service. Jan 7, 2021 581
The Development and Implementation of a Novel Electronic Consult System by a Laboratory Medicine Service: Experience From the First 2 Years of Use. Stendahl, Kristin; Siddon, Alexa J.; Peaper, David R.; Hauser, Ronald G.; Campbell, Sheldon; Tormey, Report Jan 1, 2021 4160
Climate Change and Telemedicine: A Prospective View. Keshvardoost, Sareh; Dehnavieh, Reza; Bahaadinibeigy, Kambiz Jan 1, 2021 1465
Advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic era among physicians in Taif, Saudi Arabia. Mubaraki, Adnan A.; Alrabie, Aeshah D.; Sibyani, Afhan K.; Aljuaid, Raghad S.; Bajaber, Ameerah S.; Report Jan 1, 2021 3886
Telemonitoring Implantable Cardiac Devices in Reducing Heart Failure Complications: An Updated Systematic Review. Chan, T.L.; Ling, Y.P.M.; Liu, A.H.Y.; Lam, Y.T.; Lam, T.C.; Yue, S.R.B. Report Jan 1, 2021 304
The Impact of Technology-Based Interventions on Informal Caregivers of Persons with Dementia: A Systematic Review. Inn, Joelle Tan Hwee; Xinrong, Nicole Han; Victoria, Leong Shi Ying; Rachel, Teo Wei Ling; Kuek, Chr Report Jan 1, 2021 307
COVID-19 drives innovation in addiction treatment. Lowry, Fran Jan 1, 2021 903
SUBSTANCE USE DISORDERS: Virtual recovery programs, telemedicine counseling sessions grow. Lowry, Fran Jan 1, 2021 1442
earoundup. Jan 1, 2021 1695
Leveled Design of Cryptography Algorithms Using Cybernetic Methods for Using in Telemedicine Applications. Norouzzadeh Gil Molk, Ali Mohammad; Aref, Mohammad Reza; Ramazani Khorshiddoust, Reza Jan 1, 2021 8066
Doctor Recommendation Model Based on Ontology Characteristics and Disease Text Mining Perspective. Ju, Chunhua; Zhang, Shuangzhu Report Jan 1, 2021 6152
An Artificial-Intelligence- and Telemedicine-Based Screening Tool to Identify Glaucoma Suspects from Color Fundus Imaging. Bhuiyan, Alauddin; Govindaiah, Arun; Smith, R. Theodore Jan 1, 2021 6730
The Teledentistry, Impact, Current Trends, and Application in Dentistry: A Global Study. Maqsood, Afsheen; Sadiq, Muhammad Shahrukh Khan; Mirza, Daud; Ahmed, Naseer; Lal, Abhishek; Alam, Mo Report Jan 1, 2021 5184
Predicting Obesity Using Facial Pictures during COVID-19 Pandemic. Chanda, Arnab; Chatterjee, Subhodip Report Jan 1, 2021 4285
Expert Consensus on Telemedicine Management of Diabetes (2020 Edition). Zhang, Bo Jan 1, 2021 8035
Telemedicine: An evolving practice in India. Kakar, Udit; Tripathi, Shikhar; Gogia, Atul; Kakar, Atul Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2021 1491
Return on Investment of a Centralized Telephonic Case Management Program in a Commercial Population. Rodriguez, Sara Russell; Pirlot, Steve Report Jan 1, 2021 2391
High acceptability of PrEP teleconsultation and HIV self-testing among PrEP users during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil. Hoagland, Brenda; Torres, Thiago S.; Bezerra, Daniel R.B.; Benedetti, Marcos; Pimenta, Cristina; Vel Report Jan 1, 2021 2722
Federal Universal Service Fund and Other Selected Federal Broadband Programs: A Primer. Figliola, Patricia Moloney; Rachfal, Colby Leigh; Casey, Alyssa R. Jan 1, 2021 1411
Implementing Supported Employment for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury through Remote Counseling During COVID-19. Pogoda, Terri K.; Keleher, Virginia; Marchany, Katelyn; Zogas, Anna; Dillahunt-Aspillaga, Christina Report Jan 1, 2021 5639
Management of Parkinson's Disease during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities. McDaniels, Bradley; Novak, Dan; Braitsch, Michael; Chitnis, Shilpa Report Jan 1, 2021 7259
WCM-Q event discusses telemedicine-related legal issues during pandemic. Dec 21, 2020 483
WCM-Q explores legal issues arising from telemedicine boom during pandemic. Dec 20, 2020 502
WCM-Q explores legal issues arising from boom in telemedicine during pandemic. Dec 20, 2020 457
Five companies licensed to offer telemedicine services. Dec 10, 2020 244
Conveniently and Safely Consult with Doctors from Home. Dec 8, 2020 908
Transforming Healthcare in Rural India by Telemedicine during COVID-19 Pandemic. Srivastava, Isha; Lal, Atil Kumar; Pandey, Mahima; Jaiswal, Ashish; Jaiswal, Ishank Dec 7, 2020 2072
"HOSPITAL AT HOME: COVID-19 patients receive hospital-level acute care via remote monitoring. Terry, Ken Dec 1, 2020 1312
HYBRID CARE IS THE FUTURE: 'Suite of different technologies' poised to thrive in psychiatry after the pandemic. Lubell, Jennifer Report Dec 1, 2020 1759
COVID-19 and Mental Health in America: Crisis and Opportunity? Nielsen, Marci; Levkovich, Natalie Report Dec 1, 2020 2196
Telemedicine--the eye of 2020's perfect storm. Gaina, Marcel-Alexandru; Chirita, Roxana Dec 1, 2020 1961
The economics of poisoning: The role of telemedicine and toxicovigilance. Balme, K.; Stephen, C.; Curling, L.; Mohamed, F.; Plessis, C. du; Marks, C.; Lorente, V. Pillay-Fuen Report Dec 1, 2020 822
Gearing Up for the New Era of Telehealth. Nov 20, 2020 659
Vala Telemedicine Runs On Google Home Devices. Nov 18, 2020 183
Vala Telemedicine Runs On Google Home Devices. Nov 18, 2020 183
DUHS launches telemedicine facility for diabetics. Nov 16, 2020 361
DUHS launches telemedicine facility for diabetics. Nov 15, 2020 791
E-Tibb telemedicine facility launched at Dow varsity. Nov 15, 2020 777
DUHS launches telemedicine facility for diabetics. Nov 15, 2020 236
Rapid Validation of Telepathology by an Academic Neuropathology Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Henriksen, Jonathan; Kolognizak, Teresa; Houghton, Tracy; Cherne, Steve; Zhen, Daisy; Cimino, Patric Report Nov 1, 2020 8098
Pandemic effect: Telemedicine is now a 'must-have' service. Franki, Richard Nov 1, 2020 418
Navigating urology' s new normal and mitigating the effects of a second wave of COVID-19. MacDonald, Landan; Cox, Ashley; Jarvi, Keith; Martin, Paul; French, Christopher; Wang, Yuding; Braga Report Nov 1, 2020 4424
When patients don't get the care they should. Hickner, John Editorial Nov 1, 2020 441
Telemedicine in the COVID-19 Era: A chance to make a better tomorrow. Uzma Zubair Khan Oct 31, 2020 1927
Feasibility of a Telemedicine Urgent Care Program to Address Patient Complaints on First Contact. Lu, Amy D.; Junge, Myla; Garber, Jonathan; Abramson, Anna K.; Whooley, Mary A.; Smith, Janeen E. Oct 29, 2020 1881
Reaching the Unreached: Providing Quality Care to HIV-Infected Children through Telemedicine--An Innovative Pilot Initiative from Maharashtra, India. Manglani, Mamta; Gabhale, Yashwant; Lala, Mamatha Murad; Balakrishnan, Sudha; Bhuyan, Khanindra; Rew Oct 23, 2020 7117
The Importance of Telemedicine during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Focus on Diabetic Retinopathy. Galiero, Raffaele; Pafundi, Pia Clara; Nevola, Riccardo; Rinaldi, Luca; Acierno, Carlo; Caturano, Al Oct 15, 2020 5778
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New study confirms that telehealth is here to stay. Sep 21, 2020 754
AL to launch 'Joy Bangla Telemedicine App' today. Sep 15, 2020 305
Telemedicine app solution to self medication, other challenges in Nigeria's healthcare- Oyo NMA, Chair. Sep 8, 2020 792
Pandemic effect: Telemedicine is now a 'must-have' service. Franki, Richard Sep 1, 2020 492
TELEMEDICINE FOR SENIORS: A checklist for facilitating visits. Remaly, Jake Sep 1, 2020 1231
Pandemic effect: Telemedicine is now a 'must-have' service. Franki, Richard Sep 1, 2020 485
Telemedicine is now deemed a 'must-have' service. Franki, Richard Sep 1, 2020 468
Checklist may ease visits with older adults. Remaly, Jake Sep 1, 2020 944
Prepping your practice for optimal virtual visits. Stephan, Mark Editorial Sep 1, 2020 1039
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QC launches telemedicine system for COVID-19. Aug 27, 2020 258
Telehealth for Remote Barangays. Aug 27, 2020 522
QC launches COVID-19 telemedicine program. Aug 27, 2020 264
Legislation planned to regulate telemedicine, virtual health system. Aug 24, 2020 746
Egypt starts applying telemedicine services in health insurance system. Egypt Today staff Aug 23, 2020 239
Salceda files bill promoting development of telemedicine, e-health system in PH. Aug 19, 2020 695
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Grassroots health stations provideremote care via telemedicine. Jul 16, 2020 635
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MPIC hospital arm ventures into telemedicine. Jul 10, 2020 375
You Mean I Don't Have to Show Up? Jul 6, 2020 519
You mean I don't have to show up? Jul 6, 2020 519
Taguig City launches telemedicine for pets. Jul 6, 2020 158
Metro Pacific hospitals explore telemedicine, remote patient care. Jul 3, 2020 562
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