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Telemann: Complete Horn Concertos for horns, strings, and basso continuo.

Telemann: Complete Horn Concertos for horns, strings, and basso continuo. Palisades Baroque, Richard Dunn, conductor, R.J. Kelley, baroque horn. Alexandra Cook, John Aubrey, baroque horns; Krista Bennion Feeney, violin. Centaur Records, Inc. CRC 3380

Georg Philipp Telemann, TWV 54:D2 Concerto for Three Horns and Violin; TWV 52:D1 Concerto for Two Horns; TWV 52:D2 Concerto for Two Horns; TWV 43:D8 "Quartet Concerto" with One Horn; TWV 51:D8 Concerto for solo Horn; TWV 52:Es1 Concerto for Two Horns; TWV 54:Es1 Concerto for Two Horns and Two Violins; TWV 52:F4 Concerto for Two Horns; TWV 52:F3 Concerto for Two Horns

The incredibly versatile New York City early horn specialist R.J. Kelley performs natural horn throughout the world and teaches at the Juilliard School. This complete recording of all of the Telemann horn works showcases the horns as they would have been performed in Telemann's time, with the bells held in the air and without any right hand muting or changing of pitches, using replicas of baroque horns and mouthpieces. Kelley and his compatriots, Alexandra Cook and John Aubrey, perform these works with tremendous elan, somehow making it sound "easy."

The recording was conducted by hornist and conductor Richard Dunn, who had premiered most of these concertos in the twentieth century. Dunn writes extensive liner notes for the recording, describing Telemann's fame as a composer in his era, and his prolific oeuvre. Dunn explains, "while nine concertos were recorded on this album, there are several other works called 'concerto' which nevertheless belong to other genres, particularly chamber music and wind quintets. The term 'concerto' can be understood as differentiating a work from a 'suite,' the former being more abstract and the latter a series of dances or character pieces. Several of Telemann's works show elements of both chamber and orchestral music or suite and concerto; indeed two of the works recorded here are such 'hybrids,' and some of the works called 'concerto' are 'Gruppenkonzerte' (concerti grossi) or suites concertante. These were excluded from this set."

Parts for all the works are available from, and this collection is a must-have for any hornist interested in music of the baroque era.

Lydia Van Dreel, Editor

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Author:Van Dreel, Lydia
Publication:The Horn Call
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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