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Articles from Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA) (July 6, 2014)

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'Islamic State' leader releases video of Mosul subjugation. Lucas, Ryan; Hadid, Diaa 985
3-alarm blaze destroys vacant home in Webster. Murray, Gary V. 330
4 confirmed dead in Fla. boat collision. 275
8 home insurance shockers. 658
A Porsche to handle Tuscan roads. Harper, Jason H. 537
A summer primer to grilling backyard barbecue ribs. Karmel, Elizabeth Recipe 1257
Abby Epplett; Whitinsville Christian School Senior, Multi-Event. 228
Adja Sackor; Worcester Tech Freshman, Long Jump. 141
Alan Dubrovsky; Westboro High Sophomore, Singles. 132
Alana Wyatt; Doherty High Sophomore, Singles. 132
Alex McLaughlin; Littleton High Senior, Pitcher-Third base. 135
All ages. 241
Altuve, Kinsler enjoyed hot June. 822
Aly Comeau; Gardner High, Senior, Multi-Event. 143
Ama Biney; Holy Name High Senior, Center field. 227
Anna Haynes; Hopedale High, Senior. 112
Anna Ouyang; Westboro, Sophomore. 112
Ariel Wilbekin; Algonquin Regional Sophomore, Triple Jump-Long Jump. 132
Autopsy finds Palestinian teen burned to death. Daraghmeh, Mohammad 821
Balancing your checkbook on the computer. Bob; Schwabach, Joy 944
Ballot question expands the bottle bill; good! 1024
Banana pudding keeps it cool. 381
BBA--BOX-Hou-LAA. Brown, Steve 313
BBA--BOX-KC-Cle. Brown, Steve 256
BBA--BOX-NYY-Min. Brown, Steve 296
BBA--BOX-Sea-ChW. Brown, Steve 336
BBA--BOX-TB-Det. Brown, Steve 259
BBA--EXP-BOX-Bal-Bos I. Brown, Steve 926
BBN--BOX-Ari-Atl. Brown, Steve 300
BBN--BOX-ChC-Was. Brown, Steve 314
BBN--BOX-LAD-Col. Brown, Steve 302
BBN--BOX-LAD-Col. Brown, Steve 370
BBN--BOX-Mia-StL. Brown, Steve 393
BBN--BOX-Mil-Cin. Brown, Steve 231
BBN--BOX-Phi-Pit. Brown, Steve 295
BBO--BOX-Tex-NYM. Brown, Steve 335
BC-BBA--Top Ten. Brown, Steve 720
BC-BBM--Eastern League Glance. Brown, Steve 179
BC-BBM--International League Glance. Brown, Steve 200
BC-BBO--BaseballExpanded. Brown, Steve 910
BC-BBO--ThisDateinBaseba. Brown, Steve 439
BC-BKL--WNBA Glance. Brown, Steve 111
BC-CAR--NASCAR-Nationwid. Brown, Steve 628
BC-CAR--NASCAR-SprintCup. Brown, Steve 319
BC-GLF--FrenchOpenScores. Brown, Steve 106
BC-GLF--TheGreenbrierCla. Brown, Steve 262
BC-TEN--Wimbledon Results,4th Ld-Writethru. Brown, Steve 339
BC-Transactions. Brown, Steve 301
BC-TVSportsWatch. Brown, Steve 264
Ben Czech; Westboro High Senior, Doubles. 142
Benjamin Aho; Wachusett Regional, Senior, Middle hitter. 124
Bentley is sure to start after sitting. 437
Brad Durkin; Wachusett Regional, Senior, Middle hitter. 128
Brianna Greene; Westboro High Senior, Singles. 136
Bridget Schofield; Littleton High, Junior, Midfield. 138
Brittany Joseph; Nashoba Regional Senior, Midfield. 135
Brooke Nadeau; Millbury High Junior, Triple Jump. 137
Brothers bond over distance. 1004
Browns' Josh Gordon charged with drunk driving. 1058
Bryan Hayes; Tahanto Regional Senior, 200. 144
Business people. 813
Businesses are catching the online-only wave; High overhead costs and shoppers' preference are just some of the factors behind the move away from brick-and-mortar Main Street. Arsenault, Charlene 1263
Bye-bye, business cycle? Samuelson, Robert J. 647
Cam Scotia; Shepherd Hill Regional Senior, Pitcher-Second base. 129
Carly Railing; Algonquin Regional Senior, Pole Vault. 138
Catherine French; Shepherd Hill, Sophomore. 108
Chris Gorman; Shrewsbury High, Senior, Goalie. 144
Closer to home, Quinns switch roles. Doyle, Bill 809
Coaxing out Maine home's history from board, beam. Green, Penelope 1405
College project yields award-winning startup. Gonsalves, Susan 689
College Town. Russell, Bonnie 1000
Connor Murphy; St. John's High Senior, 800. 125
Cool and contemporary. 191
Cyrus honors slain Nev. teacher. 141
David Bianculli; Shepherd Hill Regional Senior, Midfield. 140
Delaney Sylvester; Doherty High Senior, Catcher. 140
Dems ride shifting current on Cuba; More Cuban-Americans favor lifting trade embargo. Mishak, Michael J. 1093
Dennis Sneade; Oxford High Senior, Pitcher. 142
Derric Dell'Olio; Shrewsbury High Senior, Midfield. 138
Despite record, Lester deserves All-Star nod. 1403
Devan Michael; Shrewsbury High Senior, Attack. 144
Do you know where this is? 263
Does your home make you feel ill? 637
Doing big things in small spaces. Cook, Kim 738
Domonique Hall; Shrewsbury High, Senior, 200. 146
Drew Smiley; St. John's High Senior, Attack. 250
Early goal does it for Argentina; Stalwart defense lets 8th-minute tally stand. Ritter, Karl 433
Edwin A. Coolbaugh. Spencer, Susan 1279
Elizabeth Navin; Grafton High, Junior, Attack-Midfield. 121
Emily Sargent; Nashoba Regional Senior, Pitcher. 128
Emmanuel Bamgbose; South High Senior, Long Jump-Triple Jump. 144
Eric Lee; Algonquin Regional Junior, Setter. 137
Erik Vega; Milford High Junior, Outside hitter. 118
Erin Gallo; St. Peter-Marian High, Junior, Pitcher. 135
Evan Lexo; Groton-Dunstable Regional Junior, 100. 129
Fake monks nail tourists from New York to Sydney. Goldstein, Joseph; Singer, Jeffrey E. 1086
Fitchburg rocks block party with music, dancing. Klaft, Lynne 581
Foolish Trivia. 208
Friday/11. 417
From metal shop to jewelry; Cape Cod high school program turns out artisans. Myers, K.C. 717
Gaelin Farrell; Narragansett Reg., Senior, Shot Put. 137
Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon. 169
GOP bucking business priorities in DC. Werner, Erica 863
Grass court continues to suit Kvitova. Fendrich, Howard 516
Hometeam: Saturday's Area Results. 884
Hometeam: Sunday's Games. 337
Honorable Mention. 144
Honorable Mention. 142
Hop to it: Gardening for homebrewing. Fosdick, Dean 497
How do you take your coffee? With a college degree, if you don't mind ... Kennedy, Joyce Lain 498
Hurley still leading Greenbrier. 559
Ian Kim; Algonquin Regional Freshman, Singles. 117
Ignoring wedding dress code shows disrespect for hosts. 602
Investors with foreclosed homes in bulk look to sell. Goldstein, Matthew 1038
Jack Chuma; Westboro High Senior, Pole Vault. 138
Jack Riley; St. Peter-Marian High Senior, Pitcher-First base. 250
Jackie Healy; Algonquin Regional Junior, Attack. 114
Jackie Planchet; Bromfield School, Senior, Midfield. 143
Jaclyn Cortese; Nipmuc Regional Senior, Pitcher. 132
Jacqueline Matthews; Auburn High Senior, Third base. 130
Jake Foster; Westboro High Junior, Midfield. 117
James A. Wood; President, Wood's Ambulance Service, Gardner. 796
James Bowler; Worcester Junior, Attack. 125
Jamison Koeman; Whitinsville Christian Junior, 2 Mile. 138
Jason Dimmick; Sutton High Senior, Multi-Event. 160
Jessica Perkins; Shrewsbury High, Senior, Singles. 208
Jessie Cardin; Sutton High Senior, 2 Mile. 144
Jillian Winer; Nashoba Regional Sophomore, Singles. 139
Joe Buduo; Shrewsbury High Junior, Attack. 134
Jonathan Dupre; St. John's High Junior, Doubles. 138
Jonathan Maciel; Marlboro High, Junior, Outside hitter. 137
Julia Ford; Shrewsbury, Sophomore. 125
July Fourth picnic from the past. 753
July means a longer gardening to-do list. 432
Kane quiets Paul Mitchell; Northboro, Tatnuck enjoy big offensive outbursts. 396
Kara Brown; Shrewsbury High Junior, Left field. 129
Kate Gobi; Wachusett Regional Sophomore, 800. 142
Kelly Norton; Quaboag Regional Senior, Singles. 129
Kelsey Leigher; Notre Dame Academy, Senior, Discus. 135
Kelsey Saucier; Holy Name High Senior, Pitcher. 149
Kendal Roy; Grafton High, Senior, Pitcher. 193
Kendyl Finelli; Algonquin Regional Junior, Midfield. 122
Kicking Hertz's tires. 174
Kishore Rao; Westboro High Senior, Doubles. 142
Kittel victorious in first stage. Keaten, Jamey 509
Kristina MacLure; Nashoba, Sophomore, 400-Long Jump. 148
Kristof wrong on Islamic extremists. Letter to the editor 248
Kurt Robakiewicz; Nipmuc Regional Junior, Triple Jump-Long Jump. 243
Late boomer; City celebrates Fourth after rain-swept delay. Foskett, Steven H., Jr. 394
Lauren Almy; Westboro High Sophomore, Doubles. 133
Lauren Fantaroni; Notre Dame, Sophomore. 116
Lauren Ineson; Shrewsbury High Junior, Attack. 141
Leonardo Ramirez; Fitchburg High Junior, Shot Put. 146
Liberals blind to Obama's faults. Letter to the editor 224
Lies, damn lies, and dark pools -- with a nod to Twain and Disraeli. Cohan, Peter S. 951
Love and $$ from Granny, Gramps; More saving to help grandkids meet rising costs of college. Schweiger, Sara 1476
Luke Brennan; Doherty High Senior, Pitcher. 145
Madison Parmeter; Assabet Valley Regional Tech Junior, Pitcher-Second base. 130
Maria Monje; Holy Name Sophomore, Singles. 139
Matt Howard; Burncoat High Senior, Pitcher-Infield. 141
Michael Antonellis; Milford High, Senior, Middle hitter. 163
Michael Niemi; North Middlesex Regional Senior, 110 Hurdles. 141
Michael Owusu; Wachusett Regional Senior, 100. 145
Midyear exam will test your patience. Collins, Gail 818
Militant stronghold crushed in Ukraine. Lovetsky, Dmitry; Karmanau, Yuras 754
Military Notes. 273
Misjudged Apple. 153
Mitch Earley; St. John's High Junior, Javelin. 136
Molly Terry; Notre Dame Academy Sophomore, Shortstop. 135
Monday/7. 191
Movies for Sunday, July 6. 1261
My favorite summer activity. 603
Nam Lam; South High Senior, Outside hitter. 143
Nathan Lookwhy; Westboro High Junior, Singles. 138
NATO 'satellites' in orbit; Ukraine fallout puts would-be members on hold. Dahlburg, John-Thor 419
Neil O'Connor; Leominster High Senior, Pitcher-Second base. 256
Netherlands goes to limit; Penalty kicks needed to oust upstart Costa Rica. Corder, Mike 690
New life for Elm Hill; Farm home of Elsie, Elmer changes hands. Ring, Kim 965
New TV show 'Tiny House Nation' explores small-house living. Green, Penelope 696
Newtown loss to give animals better lives. Haigh, Susan 634
Nicholas Beaudry; Tantasqua Regional Senior, Defense. 115
Nick Hallal; St. John's High Freshman, Doubles. 132
Nick Wiles; Wachusett Regional Senior, Singles. 138
Nicki Wilkinson; Groton-Dunstable Regional, Junior, Midfield. 134
No mercy for barren visitors. Williamson, Dianne 663
Not enough time for conviction. 256
NY house provides a recharge for longtime Big Apple dweller. Keenan, Sandy 759
Off the beaten path of Cape Cod; Some lesser-known spots worth a visit. Bilis, Madeline 700
Olivia Durocher; Wachusett Regional Sophomore, Doubles. 134
Olivia Hart; Wachusett Regional Sophomore, Doubles. 128
Olivia Reinold; Sutton High Junior, High Jump. 142
On poker -- Chuck Blount. 559
Owen Gibbons; Wachusett Regional Senior, Pitcher-Designated hitter. 136
P.J. Browne; St. John's High Senior, Pitcher-Outfield. 124
Paige Benoit; St. Peter-Marian High Junior, Singles. 126
Patrick Morse; Monty Tech, Senior, Middle hitter. 143
Patryk Tusinski; Shrewsbury High Senior, Singles. 134
Performer ignites firecrackers on body. 129
Prendiville leaving long Pioneers legacy. 1604
Price Day; Bromfield School Junior, Mile. 147
Prince returns to Essence Festival. Johnson, Chevel 297
Quintin Forbes; Groton-Dunstable Regional Senior, Midfield. 114
Rachel Hetu; Nipmuc Regional Senior, Midfield. 150
Rachel Litchfield; Northbridge High Senior, Singles. 128
Racism's days are numbered. Letter to the editor 280
Rei Pojani; Doherty High Junior, Outside hitter. 126
Rino Tonelli; Shrewsbury High Senior, High Jump. 140
Rodriguez brings passion to NBC's 'Night Shift'. Crowder, Courtney 743
Rosemary-Peach Chicken Kebabs With Orange Glaze. Recipe 238
Routine call morphs into compelling photo op. Peterson, Christine 411
Running calendar. 937
Ryan King; Algonquin Regional, Senior, Midfield. 125
Ryan Lever; Leominster High Junior, Shortstop. 129
Sadly, a penny saved is a penny spurned. Hitch, David 616
Samantha Kehoe; Westboro High Senior, Doubles. 121
Samantha Weckwerth; Westboro High, Junior, Midfield. 115
Samuel Ganem; Doherty High, Junior, Setter. 145
Sarah Foster; Algonquin Regional Senior, Javelin. 145
Sarah Militano; Nashoba Regional, Junior, 100-200. 146
Saturday/12. 423
Scams continue to lure in people. 349
Scott Leveillee; Worcester Tech, Junior, Outside hitter. 132
Seniors learn 'parkour,' sport of daredevil youths. Cheng, Maria 655
Shelby Stracher; Shepherd Hill Regional Senior, Catcher-Third base. 144
Sheriffs balk at detention policy; Omama wants noncitizens held longer. Medina, Jennifer 479
Skylar Wolfe; Wachusett, Sophomore. 112
Sloppy defense in opener; Bogaerts makes error, then doesn't start nightcap. Ballou, Bill 713
Small-business owners learn recession lessons. Rosenberg, Joyce M. 794
Soldier's grave restored; Ultimate sacrifice for adopted land. Cleveland, Ken 537
Sophia Turchetta; Bromfield School Sophomore, Midfield. 222
Spreading the Word; Catholic radio growing. Boynton, Donna 1671
Stella Worters; Shepherd Hill Regional Senior, 2 Mile-800. 140
Step ahead, back; After sweep against Cubs, Sox get split. Ballou, Bill 712
Stevan Luna; Milford High, Junior, Setter. 151
Steven Kerr; St. John's High, Senior, Goalie. 155
Steven Rivela; Hudson High Senior, Catcher. 121
Success boosts soccer in US; Sport's growth is 'miraculous'. Setterlund, Carl 948
Sumukh Pathi; Westboro High Freshman, Singles. 149
Sun shines on Leicester's prospects; Solar projects give town a boost in tax revenue, cost savings. Gonsalves, Susan 854
Sunday/6. 233
Sweet idea: Chicken kebabs with a fruity twist. Keeler, Janet K. 347
Taylor Farland; Tantasqua Regional Senior, Attack. 126
Technical or fundamental? 269
The controversial Hayes-Tilden vote. 448
The court's indisputable role on display for all. Will, George F. 758
The New America's Line. Brown, Steve 113
This day in history. 344
Thomas Sperino; Nipmuc Regional Sophomore, Pitcher-Outfield. 119
Thursday/10. 205
Tocqueville's perspective; Voices of American Liberty. Editorial 428
Tom Bishop; Wachusett Regional Senior, Longstick midfielder. 125
Tony Tatar; Algonquin Regional, Junior, Outside hitter. 132
Tuesday/8. 120
Twins win in 11th on throwing error; Tampa Bay's Archer stifles Tigers. 1327
Tyler Galimi; Northbridge High Senior, Shortstop. 119
UK entertainer Harris sentenced. Cowell, Alan 249
UMass Memorial in top 15 for heart surg. 605
Victoria Petrie; Marlboro High Junior, Catcher. 134
Wednesday/9. 105
Wes Arnold; St. John's High Senior, Singles. 135
William Roberts; St. John's High, Senior, Defense. 121
Wrong coffee joint down in D.C. Letter to the editor 162
WRTA in high gear; Meetings will invite public's feedback. Editorial 276
Wyatt Boelens; Nashoba Regional Sophomore, Discus. 150
Yes, you can: 5 tips to fatten up your savings. Veiga, Alex 966
Young adults need to use finesse and persistence to prepare for career start. 777

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