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Teleconferencing with a Greater Calling; Christian Company Provides Technology for Global Day of Prayer and Beyond.

SANTA ROSA, Calif. -- Greater Calling, Inc., a non-profit Christian teleconferencing ministry that helps believers pray, teach and reach beyond their immediate geographic area with cost effective teleconferencing technology, today announced its partnership with the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) organization.

In this exclusive partnership, Greater Calling teams with the GDOP organization to provide access via teleconferencing services for a record 2 million people to join in a worldwide prayer event on May 15, 2005. This will be the largest teleconference effort of its kind.

In an unprecedented application of teleconferencing technology, Greater Calling will connect thousands of telecommunications ports around the world, which would otherwise remain idle on any other Sunday, and utilize them to create far-ranging networks of linked callers for the GDOP. The highly automated system, backed by a team of telecommunications industry veterans and ministry leaders, will give GDOP participants the ability to join a call with minimum effort.

"Our mission is to build up and unify the global body of Christ by innovatively and cost effectively using telecommunications technology," Dana Bruttig Simons, co-founder of Greater Calling and CEO of Audio-Ex, Inc. "The power of prayer is undeniable and now, with the ability to link believers via teleconferencing, united global prayer is available in a real and personal way."

Greater Calling combines audio conferencing services with online registration and payment, making hosting or attending a prayer call, such as this historic event, simple and cost-effective.

"Providing a link for 2 million people to join in prayer is an incredible opportunity combining my years of professional technology experience with a personal passion for serving other Christians," said Mark Jackson, co-founder of Greater Calling and chairman and CEO of Moreson Conferencing, Inc. "Our technology allows people to connect with the other believers throughout the world quickly and easily so they can experience the power and joy of praying with others."

Together Jackson, who guided Moreson Conferencing to become one of the largest teleconferencing services in North America, and Bruttig Simons, whose Audio-Ex, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated wholesale audio and web conferencing services, bring nearly 20 years experience in teleconferencing to Greater Calling. This faith-based company offers low cost telecommunication services, full service support for teleseminars and regularly scheduled prayer calls serving an interdenominational community of believers.

Besides the GDOP, a range of customers, from international relief agencies to individual believers across the globe, utilize Greater Calling's services. In the wake of the December 2004 tsunami disaster, Greater Calling supplied Christian relief organizations, such as World Vision, with teleconferencing services to help facilitate meetings and provide prayer calls with their members in Asia. Missionaries use Greater Calling to host calls with supporters allowing them to more efficiently give updates to an entire group, discuss their work and mention current prayer requests. Greater Calling also hosts prayer calls focusing on different topics for individual believers from all walks of life.

A greater awareness of the importance of prayer has been growing within the Christian community. According to a recently published survey conducted by LifeWay Christian Resources, the need for consistent and passionate prayer is the number one issue facing churches today.

"People know prayer is important and the value of praying with others, but there are a multitude of reasons that keep them from physically getting together in groups," said Bruttig Simons. "Busy schedules, health issues and geographical boundaries are just a few of the barriers to face-to-face group prayer. Greater Calling's teleconferencing options provide a solution to attending an event in person."

About the Global Day of Prayer

In 2001, through the vision of Christian businessman Graham Power, one stadium in Cape Town, South Africa, was filled with 45,000 people to pray on Pentecost, a festival celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter commemorating the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the apostles. The annual event has continued to grow.

Last year more than 22 million people rallied in prayer at more than 2,000 sites throughout all 56 nations on the continent of Africa. Now African leaders are inviting Christians around the world to pray with them. And leaders from most major traditions of Christian faith are calling upon their followers to join this historic act of united prayer on May 15, 2005, for the first GDOP.

Organizers expect 200 million people, including 2 million via teleconferencing, to participate in prayer events worldwide. Greater Calling will provide the link for people to easily and conveniently join in prayer with a global community of believers.

How to use Greater Calling for the GDOP

Participants must register for the GDOP teleconference prayer call by May 14 by going to

For a donation of $10, paid online through the PayPal system, participants will receive a toll-free number and a unique participant code to use anytime during the 24 hours of the GDOP. Calls can be dialed from mobile or landline phones and internationally via local dial-in numbers or by dialing the U.S. toll number. Participants will be placed in a group of no more than 100 people with one designated person serving as the moderator. Participants can dial in as many times as they like on May 15.

This experience will allow believers worldwide to come together in unison and pray, regardless of geographical boundaries.

"In the context of global prayer, voice communication will remain the preeminent communication medium for the foreseeable future because telephones are simple to use and ubiquitous," said Bruttig Simons. "Compared to more advanced technologies, telephone communication's low cost makes it accessible across even the most sharply defined socioeconomic boundaries."

About Greater Calling, Inc.

Greater Calling, Inc. is a non-profit Christian teleconferencing ministry that allows people worldwide to unite in simultaneous prayer through an innovative and cost-effective use of teleconferencing technology. Greater Calling combines audio conferencing services with online registration and payment services so users can easily and inexpensively talk and pray with others via the telephone. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Greater Calling was started by business veterans with a vision of helping believers use technology to pray, teach and reach beyond their local community. On May 15, 2005, Greater Calling will partner with the Global Day of Prayer organization by providing access for a record 2 million people to join in this event via teleconferencing. This will be the first and largest teleconference effort of its kind in the world. Please visit for more information.
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Date:Apr 26, 2005
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