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Telecom venture complains of cell phone firms' fee-setting.

TOKYO, Sept. 5 Kyodo

Telecommunications venture Heisei Den Den Co. said Thursday it has filed a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) that mobile phone operators' right to set charges for calls from fixed to cell phones violates the antimonopoly law.

The action follows the telecom operator's request for the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, and Posts and Telecommunications to arbitrate in its stalled negotiations with mobile phone operators.

Heisei is complaining that it is unable to launch a planned service of connecting calls from fixed to cell phones for 60 yen per three minutes because mobile phone operators have the right to set charges.

Commenting on Heisei's move, Keiji Tachikawa, president of NTT DoCoMo Inc., Japan's biggest mobile phone operator, told reporters that cell phone companies should keep the right because they spend more to realize calls from fixed to cell phones.

Noting that charges for such calls have dropped to one-third of those a decade ago, Tachikawa also said they ''cannot be compared with temporary rates'' planned by Heisei.

Heisei, meanwhile, said it is considering starting the service in October for 66 yen per three minutes using overseas telecom lines.
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Publication:NTT Topics
Date:Sep 9, 2002
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