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Telecom Industry Calls for Increased Federal Funding for Basic Research to Assure Long-Term Competitiveness; TIA Holds Press Conference at GLOBALCOMM(TM) 2006.

CHICAGO -- Increased U.S. government funding is imperative for basic research in communications technologies and applications to assure the United States remains a leader in the fiercely competitive global market. That was one of the messages delivered today at the new GLOBALCOMM(TM) exhibition and conferences organized by the 600-member Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

"Research is the backbone of the communications industry, a critical national resource and the fuel that keeps America's innovation engine running," says TIA President Matthew J. Flanigan. He opened a press conference panel with seven top executives from TIA's Communications Research Division (CRD) during the association's new five-day information and communications technology trade show at Chicago's McCormick Place.

Calling basic research "the building block for the future development of advanced telecommunications products and services," Flanigan urges "more focused funding and new partnerships between industry, government and universities..."

The trade association created TIA's CRD last year to advocate for more federal funding for communications-specific, pre-competitive, basic research and to ensure that the U.S. communications industry remains a world leader in advanced research.

The chief technologist panel represents ANDA Networks, Bechtel Telecommunications, Bell Labs - Lucent Technologies, Global Consultants Inc., Qualcomm, Telcordia Technologies and Westell. They all call for dedicated federal research funding in broadband technologies, interoperable mobile communications, networking architectures, network and homeland security, and nanotechnology.

The industry's view is basic research has a 20-year horizon, but publicly traded corporations are vulnerable to market pressures and the desire of shareholders to improve short-term profitability; hence, basic research often is deemphasized resulting in the critical need for federal funding.

To learn more about TIA's CRD, visit

TIA's new GLOBALCOMM(TM) trade show concludes here on Wednesday at 3 p.m., and is expected to attract 20,000 industry and government attendees from 100 countries.

TIA is the leading trade association for the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. As owner and producer of GLOBALCOMM(TM), TIA serves ICT suppliers to global markets through its leadership in standards development, domestic and international policy advocacy, and facilitating member business opportunities. TIA is accredited by ANSI to develop American National Standards used by the industry domestically and globally. TIA represents the communications sector of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA). Visit us at

GLOBALCOMM(TM) is a trademark of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). The Next-Generation Communications Marketplace and Summit will take place June 4-8, 2006, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 6, 2006
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