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Telecip's Dercourt: my two cents.

Jacques Dercourt, director general and executive producer of Telecip, is not complaining about France's difficult marketplace, stating, "we are still managing to maintain a high level of activity." However, he does offer some advice to producers:

"We need to economize in every way, by bringing production costs down. However, we must continue to sophisticate the distribution process, so that we don't kill the quality of the product. Every co-production partner brings in their own influence-but too many opinions can rearrange the idea of the show as well."

Dercourt added that producers should choose subjects that have a global appeal. "Would Gone With the Wind fly in Germany or Sweden? Co-producers should find an issue that combines their interests to fit their goals."

In production is a new series,24 Heures Pour Survivre (24 Hours for survival), which is a co-production between antenne 2, M6, RAI Uno, R.T.P. (Lisbon), T.S.R. (Geneva), Telefiction (Montreal) and the BBC in Belfast. In each TV feature film, a vital emergency will function as the driving emotional force. Also scheduled for shooting in the summer is the four-episode detective series, La Mondaine (Vice Squad).

At MIP, Telecip is offering the two-part 90-minute program, Princesse Alexandria, which i s a co-production of Antenne 2, RAI Uno, Betafilm and Brussels' R.T.B.F.; La Guerre Blanche (White War), which tells the story of one French cop and one Spanish cop who are involved with a European and South American network of "white powder"; and the melodrama, Adieu Mon Fils (Goodbye Forever, Dear Son), which is directed by Italian director, Sergio Sollima. Alexandria is scheduled for broadcast this year on Antenne 2.
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Title Annotation:Jacques Dercourt
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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