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Tel Aviv Pub-Goers Nominate Clinton for Israeli PM.

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Reuters says if President Bill Clinton doesn't know what he will be doing Saturday afternoon, some Israelis do. They are offering him the prime ministership of Israel.

"He's a pensioner. He will be looking for a job and he won't want to lower his standards," said Edik Ehrlich, 38, a part-owner of the Abraxas Pub in Tel Aviv, who launched the "Clinton for Prime Minister" campaign. "To be prime minister of Israel is better then president of the United States."

Ehrlich said that if Clinton accepted the job offer, he would be granted honorary citizenship -- at least by his drinking establishment's constituency. "That he's not Jewish, doesn't matter," he said.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Jan 17, 2001
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