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Tehuti Networks Secures $4.2 Million in Series A Funding; Investors Support Tehuti Networks' Unique Approach to TCP/IP Acceleration.

HERZLIYA, Israel -- Tehuti Networks, a semiconductor company providing TCP/IP acceleration processing for enterprise IT environments, today announced the completion of a $4.2 million Series A financing round led by Alice Ventures, a new investor in the company. Previous investors Alice Lab and ProSeed Venture Capital Fund made follow-on investments. In addition, the Chief Scientist of the Government of Israel contributed funds. The capital will be used to support customer traction by expanding the engineering, marketing and sales activities.

In recent years, the speed in Ethernet networks has increased faster than computer processor speeds. As more data flows through companies' networks, the performance of servers and network appliances has declined because the central processing units (CPUs) cannot keep pace. As a result, TCP/IP processing is quickly becoming a bottleneck in 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks.

"Tehuti Networks has developed a unique approach to solving the TCP/IP processing problem that is becoming critical for many large enterprises," said Miki Granski, chairman of the board for Tehuti Networks and CEO of investment firm Alice Lab, a partner in Alice Ventures. "The company's unique value proposition combined with the executive team's proven leadership and operational experience will enable Tehuti Networks to capitalize on a significant market opportunity."

"Tehuti Networks is delighted to have the support of such strong investors," Tehuti Networks' CEO Arie Brish commented. "The addition of our lead investor, Alice Ventures, shows a tremendous vote of confidence in Tehuti Networks and they will substantially extend our perspective and reach as we ramp our business from a development to product phase."

Tehuti Networks' Network Traffic Accelerators

Tehuti Networks' Network Traffic Accelerator (NTA) chips increase system performance up to five times while enabling quick and simple integration into both new and existing platforms. In addition, with Tehuti Networks' NTAs, there is virtually no cost-adder over conventional, lower performance implementations. These very low power chips are transparent to the operating system and move specifically selected TCP/IP processing functions from software onto hardware, redistributing functions to remove TCP bottlenecks and reducing latency. This dramatically speeds up enterprise communications, adds flexibility and allows applications to take advantage of the high-speed, high-performance bandwidth that could not otherwise be realized.

About Tehuti Networks

Tehuti Networks is a fabless semiconductor company that develops solutions-on-a-chip (SoC) for accelerating TCP/IP processing. The solutions improve processing performance and provide significant cost benefits to original equipment manufacturers and IT users. The company has received funding from Alice Ventures, Alice Lab, Technion R&D Fund, ProSeed Venture Capital Fund, and Lachman Goldman Ventures and the Chief Scientist of the Government of Israel. Tehuti Networks has offices in Austin, Texas and Herzelia, Israel. More information is available at

About Alice Ventures

Alice Ventures is a multinational team of highly professional and motivated partners and investment managers, backed by an extensive network of relationships. Based in Milan, Italy, total funds currently advised by Alice Ventures are 170 million euros. Alice Ventures helps in selecting, monitoring and liquidating investments in dynamic high growth companies throughout Europe and Israel.

About Alice Lab

Alice Lab is a technology incubator investing in the innovative technologies in Europe and Israel. Alice Lab looks for stemming opportunities in the Information and Communication Technology and Telecommunications sectors, providing them with technical support, hosting marketing and business counseling services. Additionally Alice Lab directly contributes to the seed investment either alone or with other seed investors or business angels, to provide the financial resources needed to grow a sustainable. Alice Lab assigns each new project funds generally ranging 500,000 and 1 million euros. The company supports innovative technologies in Israel and Europe and maintains offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Milan, Italy.

About ProSeed Venture Capital Fund

ProSeed Venture Capital Fund is an Israeli public (non-traded) company dedicated primarily to investments in start-up companies. ProSeed targets investors who have limited avenues for participating in VC funds or for those who want to invest small amounts at the seed stage. ProSeed offers a wide range of investments not available to such investors under any other investment arrangements.

Tehuti Networks and Network Traffic Accelerator are trademarks of Tehuti Networks. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.
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Date:Jun 6, 2005
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