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Teesside Trivia.

GERTRUDE Lowthian Bell, daughter of Sir Hugh Bell and resident of Red Barnes House, Redcar, was one of the first women to get a degree from Oxford. Her knowledge and experience of the Middle East was so sought-after that she was part of the Expeditionary Force in Basra and Baghdad in the First World War. She was responsible for the mapping of Iraq, an expert on foreign policy and a trusted adviser to Winston Churchill.

UP until November 9, 1923, travelling back and forth between Redcar and Marske meant using Redcar Lane and the sands, but the opening of the new coast road by the Marquis of Zetland changed all that. 1569 saw the Rising of the North when Catholic noblemen attempted to replace Elizabeth I with Mary Queen of Scots. The failed rebellion resulted in executions in Billingham, Bishopton, Elwick, Hart and Wolviston villages.

IN July 1994, Hartlepool Historic Quay was opened as part of Hartlepool Marina. The aim of the displays is to capture "the essence of lives of the men who manned Nelson's wooden ships, how they worked, ate, relaxed, fought and died, both on land and sea".

THE Furness Shipyard was established at Haverton Hill in 1918. Workers were housed in specially constructed homes known as Belasis village.


QUAY ATTRACTION: Maritime history at Hartlepool Marina
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