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Teesside Quiz.

Question one: Terry Smith has grown a monster pumpkin at Beechwood Allotments in Easterside. Can you guess the weight? Question two: Teesside pop star Amelia Lily is to appear in which West End musical for Children In Need? Question three: A three-bedroom house in Port Clarence went to auction valued at PS750. How much did it sell for? Question four: Which local museum made use of the costumes from Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony? Question five: Britain's Got Talent dancer James Hobley from Redcar returned from New York with a Genius of Autism award. Which award did the 13-year-old win? Question six: Some 35 years after its closure the staff and band members of Club Fiesta are having a reunion at Marton Country Club this month raising money for Help the Heroes. What were the waitresses known as? Question seven: Still at Marton Country Club after 11 years, John Wilson is calling it a day on Methuselah Auctions. What kind of memorabilia did John's auctions specialise in? Question eight: Hollywood actress Evan Rachel Wood has recently tied the knot with which one of Billingham's most famous sons? Question nine: What is the name of the oldest part of Middlesbrough, recorded as early as the 7th Century as a crossing place across the Tees for pilgrims travelling between Durham and Whitby? Question 10: Thornaby Aerodrome closed in 1958. The site had a brief and popular spell as what? ANSWERS: Q1 822lbs; Q2 Shrek The Musical; Q3 PS14,000; Q4 Preston Park; Q5 Outstanding Artist; Q6 Fiesta Fawns; Q7 Sporting; Q8 Jamie Bell; Q9 St Hilda's; Q10 Motor Racing Circuit


QUESTION ONE: Terry Smith's son Lee and grandson Byron with the pumpkin, left but can you guess the weight? Picture by DOUG MOODY
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Nov 10, 2012
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