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Teenager at center of school drug bust.

Byline: Chelsea Gorrow The Register-Guard

A 17-year-old South Eugene High School student is at the center of an investigation involving several students, an alleged sexual assault and drugs of all kinds, including LSD and cocaine.

The alleged drug buyers? Girls, some as young as 14.

The teenage boy was taken into custody and housed at the Serbu Juvenile Detention Center in Eugene but has since been released, Lane County spokesman Jason Davis said. He has been charged, but because of his age, authorities will not release details, Davis said.

The Register-Guard generally does not name juveniles.

It is not clear what grade the teenage boy is in. It's also unclear what school or schools all the alleged buyers attend, although some attend South Eugene High School. The search warrant affidavit outlining the allegations was written by the Eugene Police Department police officer who is stationed at South Eugene High School.

According to the affidavit, filed in Lane County Circuit Court last month, the Eugene police investigation began after a Eugene mother on May 2 went to police accusing the teenage boy of sexually assaulting her 16-year-old daughter, a student at South Eugene High School. The daughter told an interviewer later at the Kids' First center in Eugene for child abuse victims that she had bought marijuana from the 17-year-old boy on three different occasions and he gave her some "fake Xanax" pills for free. She then also purchased "fake Xanax" pills from him, but declined when he offered to give her LSD and cocaine, she said. Xanax is a prescription anti-anxiety drug. The so-called fake Xanax might have been a mix of other drugs, some of the youths interviewed by police said.

Details of the sexual assault are not outlined in the search warrant affidavit; however, it appears the girl accused the boy of sending a photo of the sexual assault to his 14-year-old ex-girlfriend by text message.

The 14-year-old told police she had known the male teenager for two years and knew he was selling marijuana. She said he started selling cocaine six months ago, which led to the two breaking up, according to the affidavit.

She said she had been at parties with the boy when he sold Xanax, and he began selling cocaine after he met a man who provided the drug and who lives in a downtown Eugene apartment. That man, she said, also gave the teenage boy an automatic rifle; the boy made SnapChat social media postings of the gun.

Police interviewed a number of girls, according to the affidavit. All are 14 to 16 years old.

In total, eight girls and one teen boy were named in the affidavit as people who bought drugs from the teen suspect.

Some recalled going behind a Safeway store and getting LSD "tabs" on their tongues from the boy - who drives a BMW - while others recalled getting cocaine from him at his home in south Eugene, where he lives with his mother. A tab is a small, rectangular piece of paper that has absorbed a drop of LSD liquid.

According to the ex-girlfriend's mother, the boy's mother was rarely home because she "spends most of her time with her boyfriend," so the boy is often on his own.

One of the girls interviewed said she had seen him with what she believed to be cocaine in an amount the size of "half a ping pong ball" at his home.

Other girls said there were rumors in school the Xanax the boy allegedly sold is fake and is a mixture of other drugs.

She said many people at South Eugene High School know he is the go-to person "to get alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and 'fake Xanax.' "

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Title Annotation:Crime; A 17-year-old at South Eugene High School is accused of selling LSD, cocaine and other drugs
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Jun 4, 2016
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