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Teenager James caught in the act.

AS MOST 17-year-old boys will testify, it's really embarrassing going into a chemist's to buy condoms.

The old bloke who usually works behind the counter is inevitably on his lunch break when you walk in, only to be replaced by his beautiful blonde niece which means you'll undoubtedly leave with a new toothbrush, a tub of Brylcreem and an invigorating organic strawberry face peel instead - AGAIN! Pity poor teenager James

Marino then, who ended up getting himself arrested after trying to walk out of his local drug store just as the $50 stash of johnnies he'd surreptitiously stuffed up his sleeve spilled out onto the floor in front of everyone, including the undercover police officer who happened to be standing next to him at the time. What a klutz! Maybe next time he should stick strictly to the amateurphylactics and leave the pro-phylactics to those who know what they're doing..
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 3, 2009
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